The web design trick… and how to avoid falling for it

It’s a well-known fact that smaller businesses are far more susceptible to costs arising from poor web design than their deeper-pocketed competitors.


Because if an issue does arise with their website, unlike larger business, they are less likely to have either the financial power to overcome the issue or the time taken to properly research and manage a solution to it.

As a result, many smaller business operators “put up” with a dated or ineffective website simply because they can’t afford the time or money to rectify it. You only need to conduct a search of a smaller business category to witness the number of sites that fit this description.

A website is more than meets the eye

One of the reasons that small business operators find themselves in this bind is because they may well have selected a web designer on the strength of their design skills alone or close to it, at the expense of the more, well, expensive components of a great website.

This isn’t to say that the appearance of a website isn’t important. Quite the opposite. Your website’s visual design is a critical factor in both enticing visitors to explore your website further and help provide credibility to a business they may know nothing about.

Where the “trick” lies is that presentation is the most obvious component of your website. It’s the first aspect of the website that you are greeted with and in most cases determines whether or not you will continue exploring it.

But there is far more to your website than just its appearance, as this diagram shows.


As you can see, appearance or “presentation” is one of the core components of the website. But there’s no point having a great looking website if it falls down on the other five aspects illustrated, because from a “whole of website” perspective, they are just as, or in some cases more important, than presentation.

Communication refers to your website content, or “what it tells me”. It’s the words and pictures that are essentially the bulk of the reason you are visiting the website in the first place.

If presentation is the first thing that hits you when you visit a website, communication is the second.

But as you may well have found, some websites look terrific, but communicate terribly. They may be poorly written, include insufficient information or fail to guide you to your next steps or “calls to action”.

So it’s important that your web professional can assist you with the communication aspects of your site.

Next is technical features or “what the website does”. Some technical features that website visitors would be familiar with are secure shopping carts to enable an online purchase or an email sign-up, which adds your details to a database at the back-end of the website.

This back-end also contains a range of features not visible to the visitor such as editing features (Content Management System), Email Marketing System, Customer Relationship Management System, form builders and many others.

These features are vital to the ongoing management of your website and if well planned and established, will minimise the assistance you need from your web professional, thereby saving you a significant sum on what can over time mount up considerably.

Next are three relatively new, but important terms to the smaller business operator – usability, maintainability and scalability.

Usability refers to the ease in which visitors can achieve their objective on your website, or “how easy it is to use”.

There have been volumes of studies and reports detailing a litany of usability errors web designers can make, including everything from hidden menus to sites built in technology that few people can access.

So it’s important to understand that while a website can look good, it may fail dismally in its usability.

Maintainability is one of the most underrated website attributes there is – “how easy it is to maintain”.

A good website will turnover its appearance and content on a regular basis to keep visitors coming back to the website, as well as attract the attention of search engines.

But if the design does not accommodate these changes, it will again require the intervention of your web professional and again lead to further costs.

Again, great appearance will not indicate this vital factor to keeping your web presence affordable.

Finally a great looking website will not indicate scalability or “ease of adding new features”.

A scalable (or extensible) website platform will save you a very considerable sum on the technology features you will require as your requirements and visitor demands grow.

A good web professional will build or provide your website in a way to be able to add new features very affordably as you need them. But others might conveniently neglect this capability and charge what can be large amounts to add them “after the fact”.

Of the six website attributes, this is the one that will keep your website affordable as your needs grow and avoid the issues raised above.

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Brand Development Through Efficient Web Design

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Java Leads Programming Language Popularity – Measured by Book Sales

Mike Hendrickson, O’Reilly’s vice president of content strategy, has been taking a deep dive into the state of the computer book market in a series of posts beginning on March 29th. The most recent is a look specifically at programming language popularity related to sales.


Note that the figures come from Bookscan’s reports on the top 3,000 titles sold, not just O’Reilly’s sales data. Thus, the data includes sales for books by publishers other than O’Reilly as well.

The RedMonk figures from GitHub and Stack Overflow provide a lot of insight because they reflect real-world usage. But they’re also limited. Measuring GitHub language popularity includes both older and newer projects, so if a language was really popular two years ago, it’s going to continue to weight more heavily even if the projects are no longer actively developed and fewer new projects are started in that language.

Likewise, Stack Overflow is a decent indicator of the overall market, but perhaps not a perfect mirror of the larger developer population.

Measuring book sales is not perfect either, but at least it’s relatively current. It’s not measuring all mentions or projects over time, but sales over a one-year period. Additionally, it measures a broad population of developers, not just the users of GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc. It’s also an indicator of what people are willing to spend money on.

One disadvantage is that book sales miss developers who plunge into a language without buying a book. It also gives false positives, because you can’t assume that everyone who buys a book about a programming language will actually use it on a real project.


Java and JavaScript Lead

All that said, let’s look at the numbers. According to O’Reilly’s figures, Java is the top dog in unit sales and in overall dollar sales. In total, Java book sales were up by more than 13%, selling more than 250,000 units in 2011. Java’s market share comes in at 14.45% of the overall programming book market.

JavaScript doubled Java’s growth rate, though. Last year, JavaScript titles were a trifle more than 10% of the market; now they’re more than 13%. More than 228,000 JavaScript books were sold last year, up from nearly 166,000 in 2010. That’s a growth rate upward of 27%.

Objective C and C# dropped in 2011, with C# moving to the third spot and selling 23% less units than in 2010. Objective C sold 7% less (140,679 units in 2011, 151,229 in 2010) last year.

It’s worth noting that the lower sales of Objective C and C# come despite the fact that each of those languages had more individual titles on the market in 2011. There were 271 C# titles in 2010 and 305 in 2011. Objective C jumped from 89 titles to 138 in 2011. Java and JavaScript also fielded more individual titles in 2011. JavaScript had 180 in 2010 and 243 in 2011. Java had 374 in 2010 and a whopping 420 in 2011.

Despite the drop in Objective C titles, the Apress book on “Beginning iPhone 4 Development” was the fourth top-selling book in 2010.

O’Reilly breaks the languages into several tiers by sales. “Large” languages are those with between 50,000 and 200,000 units; “major” have between 10,000 and 49,999 units. This goes all the way down to languages that sold fewer than 100 units in 2011. This last category includes things like Prolog, Pascal and Octave.

Hendrickson also breaks out languages that sold no titles at all, which includes Google’s Go and Squeak. No surprise on Google Go, as the language doesn’t have any titles on the market yet. However, given the release of Go 1, we should be seeing a book any day now.

Looking at the top 20, though, the gap between the most popular and the bottom of the list is pretty staggering. The growth in Java language sales from 2010 to 2011 is more than Perl books sold altogether. That is, Java sales increased by about 30,000 books, but Perl didn’t even move 17,000 books.

By the way, if you look at the latest TIOBE index for April, you’ll see a lot of disagreement with O’Reilly’s numbers. TIOBE ranks Python above JavaScript, C above Java and Perl at a respectable number 9 instead of 19.


So what do all these rankings tell us?

For one, the folks who thought that Java was in trouble after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun (including me) called it wrong. Despite Oracle’s mishandling of the Java community process, developers are not fleeing Java. The success of Android also plays into Java’s continuing popularity, but the trend seems larger than that. Java is doing better than ever.

JavaScript is also doing quite well, which should come as no surprise. The rankings may not agree on exactly where JavaScript stands, but all indicators point to “up.”

PHP, though, is down considerably. So are C# and “.Net languages.” Microsoft doesn’t seem to be driving developer interest quite so much as it used to.

The fact that SQL is holding steady indicates that, despite all the NoSQL talk, there’s plenty of interest in traditional SQL skills.

Though Ruby doesn’t make the top 10, its growth year-over-year is impressive. It seems likely that Ruby is being used in more Web development projects. It might also be gaining in popularity thanks to Puppet.

Even with all these different measurements, we don’t have a perfect picture of language interest and use, but combining the different sources provides a more detailed picture. What do you think of the figures from the book sales? Is this an accurate picture of the market, or is something missing? What are you using, primarily?

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Clarkie’s round eight preview

Rob Horne

Thumped … Will the Force upset the more-fancied Waratahs again?
News Limited

Fox Sports rugby commentator Greg Clark previews round eight of Super Rugby, including the two Australian local derbies.

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Sitting back watching a feast of Super Rugby over the Easter weekend made me think of a couple of things. Firstly, throw away the form book.

Take the Hurricanes. The previous week they gave up a 21-point lead over the Cheetahs at home and ended up losing by nine points. Then, they came out and thumped the Sharks by 24 points in New Plymouth.

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Melbourne Rebels were thrashed by 31 by the Highlanders in round six and then bounced back to beat the Blues.

Admittedly, the men from Auckland haven’t been going too well, but this is the team many thought would win the New Zealand conference and maybe go all the way in 2012.

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The Brumbies had the better form going into the clash with Queensland Reds last week but again it didn’t mean a great deal, because the Reds returned to the winner’s circle after three disappointing losses on the road.

The unpredictability is making it a close and exciting tournament, but there’s not a lot to get excited about when it comes to the Aussie conference.

The other thing I wanted to point out is the fact that our leading team, the Brumbies, have lost three of their last four games but still sit on top of the conference ladder.  This is not a criticism of the Brumbies as they are just going about their business. It just doesn’t say a lot about the other four Aussie teams.

So I hope that this week’s two local derbies produce a vast improvement in the standard of play and we can at least have some optimism that an Aussie team will come through and challenge for the title.

The Stormers are the benchmark at present and remain the only unbeaten team. Another win or two on tour will have them in the box seat to host a semi-final. Their clash this week with the Crusaders should be a cracker.

The Reds, Highlanders and Hurricanes have a bye so we have just six games.

Blues v Sharks, Eden Park, Auckland, Friday 5.30pm (EST)
Clarkie says:
“Another loss by the Blues might be catastrophic. With just one win from six outings they’re ahead of just one team on the ladder (Lions) and they certainly haven’t looked like a title contender in recent weeks. They were poor against the Rebels in Melbourne last week and I hope they’ve been doing plenty of soul-searching because that playing roster should be doing much better. After the close loss to the Tahs and the win over the Brumbies I expected the Sharks to be more competitive against the Hurricanes last week, but they were outclassed. This is a great chance for them to bounce back and pick up some more valuable points on the road. They have a wonderful record against the Blues winning the past seven encounters, including two on Kiwi soil.”

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Clarkie’s tip: Sharks

Agree/disagree with Clarkie? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Western Force v NSW Waratahs, nib Stadium, Perth, Friday 9.10pm (EST)

Clarkie says: “The Force are still looking for consistency and until they manage to string some good performances together they’ll always be in the bottom half of the draw. They have a very good pack but it’s not a backline that strikes fear into the minds of their opponents. They’ve been hit hard by injuries and there’s a chance that a couple of stars might be returning this week to add some more potency out wide. The biggest problem they have though is not being able to close out games on a regular basis. They did it in Sydney against the Tahs last month so they should draw some inspiration from that victory when the going gets tough on Friday night. The Waratahs are coming off a bye and they head to Perth with a very good track record having never lost in the west.  Last month’s loss to the Force in Sydney hurt more than any other defeat this year, so they’re seeking some pay-back. They’ve also had trouble winning the close games, as three of their four losses this year have been by four points or less.  They also know that if they are to win the Aussie conference they need to improve their dismal away record. They’ve won just one of their past eight away from Sydney. Neither side can really afford to drop this one.”

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Clarkie’s tip: Waratahs

Agree/disagree with Clarkie? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Crusaders v Stormers, Rugby League Park, Christchurch, Saturday 5.30pm (EST)
Clarkie says:
“This has all the ingredients to be one of the classics. The Stormers still haven’t been beaten this year and their win over the Highlanders was top-shelf, considering they had what is surely the worst road trip in the comp from Cape Town to Dunedin. Their defence is incredible, and while they don’t pick up too many four-try bonus points, they tend to take most of their try scoring opportunities and they bagged a couple last week. They also have two very good goal kickers in Peter Grant and Joe Pietersen. They’ve also won five of their last six games on Kiwi soil so they’ll be feeling pretty good about their chances again this week. The Crusaders return to their new stadium in Christchurch, coming off a narrow loss to the Bulls in Pretoria. I still rate their chances very highly this year despite the fact they’re sitting on a 50 per cent success rate (3/6). Expect Dan Carter to be more dominant now he’s had a couple of runs under his belt. Tries will be hard to come by and discipline will be the key with some sharp shooters on both teams. The thing that is helping me lean towards a home-town victory is the fact that the Stormers have never won in Christchurch and the Crusaders have won 10 of the last 12 games against the men from Cape Town, including five of the last six.”

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Clarkie’s tip: Crusaders

Agree/disagree with Clarkie? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Brumbies v Melbourne Rebels, Canberra Stadium, Saturday 7.40pm (EST)
Clarkie says:
“This is the second of the Aussie derbies and one the Brumbies desperately want to win as they try to stop the rot. They’ve lost three of their last four and this is one they simply have to win if they’re to maintain top spot on the Aussie conference ladder. They had their chances against the Sharks and Reds over the past two weeks but didn’t take them. They’ve won four of their last five in Canberra and all of their games this year have been decided by seven points or less. They’ll be hoping it’s not that close in the dying minutes, but if they take the Rebels lightly they might come off second best again. James O’Connor has been in great form this season and with Kurtley Beale running back into form after his injury break, anything is possible from the Rebels’ backs. But will they get enough ball to play with? The pack has had their moments but they’ll have their hands full against the Brumbies’ forwards who’ve been well drilled by Jake White and forwards coach Laurie Fisher. It was great to see the Rebels chalk up back-to-back wins in Melbourne when they upset the Blues, but this will be much tougher. They’ve lost their last seven away from home and that won’t give them a great deal of confidence.”

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Clarkie’s tip: Brumbies

Agree/disagree with Clarkie? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Cheetahs v Chiefs, Vodacom Park, Bloemfontein, Sunday 1.05am (EST)
Clarkie says:
“This is a game that should be worth staying up for. They’re both playing some attractive rugby and the Cheetahs know they have everything to gain from this one, so expect them to throw the ball around again. They are fourth in the South African conference while the Chiefs are on top of the Kiwi ladder. However, these two teams are much closer than they’ve been in recent years. In fact, the Cheetahs have exceeded expectations and gained competition points from six of their seven games to date. The Chiefs weren’t all that impressive against the Force but they got the job done and they’ve now won five games on the trot, including their last three on the road. They’ve won three of their last four in the Republic so travel hasn’t been a major issue for them. They’ve had three wins and two draws in their last five outings against the Cheetahs and I’m expecting another close one this time. Four of their last five games have been decided by seven points or less.”

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Clarkie’s tip: Chiefs

Agree/disagree with Clarkie? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Lions v Bulls, Coca-Cola Park, Johannesburg, Sunday 3.10am (EST)
Clarkie says:
“These might be near neighbours in South Africa but that’s about the only thing they have in common when it comes to Super Rugby. The Bulls have won three titles while the Lions have been perennial under-achievers. The Bulls haven’t lost to the Lions since 2005, making it seven on the trot for the men from Pretoria.  The Lions have just two more games at home before embarking on their Australasian trip, so time is running out to clinch another win in front of their long-suffering fans. They’ve been hit hard by injury and this looks like it’ll be a big ask for them. The Bulls held on to beat the Crusaders in a sometimes spiteful match last week in Pretoria, their fourth win from six matches so far.  They’re averaging the most points per game (33) and they have the best for-and-against differential.  They’ve won the last seven against the Lions and two of the past three in Johannesburg. The stats stack up and they should be able to win this one and stay in the top six.”

Clarkie’s tip: Bulls

Agree/disagree with Clarkie? Tell him, in 100 words or fewer, why your team will win this match by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

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  • Blinky Bill
    of Bellingen NSW Australia

    Today at 10:14 AM

    On a Tahs win – I read why the Tahs should beat the WA boys and there was zero there to give me confidence. We lose one week we win the next. Maybe this week it’s time to win again. But the Force at home with players returning?


  • Paul HJ
    of Sydney

    Today at 10:30 AM

    I agree except I pick the Stormers to continue their winning ways. Unfortunately following these tips don’t translate to points when tipping. Paul


  • RewaHard

    Today at 11:05 AM

    I’ll go for my beloved BLUES against the SHARKS – I knew they’ll lose against the REBELS last week (which i called) but playing at home with all the pressure will lift their game. I think they’ll score line will be a blow out. BLUES by 25 points.


  • Davo

    Today at 12:06 PM

    Agree that the Australian Derbies will be tight matches. I would go the Rebels to end the away drought, and the Force to upset the Tahs at home. The Australian finalist is far from settled.
    Crusaders at home are not clear favourites so Stormers, Bulls, Cheetahs, Sharks to win.
    Should be a good weeks rugby.


  • SA Rugby Supporter
    of London

    Today at 12:31 PM

    Agree. Except Stormers to smash the Crusaders. The boys from Cape Town are next level cant see any other team competing with them this year. Youve got to be very brave to put your money on the chiefs to win the cheetahs at home. The cheetahs are pure class Cheetahs for a win!!!! I believe in them so much I back them for a semifinal spot this year. Brumbies also going well thanx to Jake White what a good coach, best in the world for sure! Come on Sharkies, Stoooomers and Cheetahs. Smash those kiwi and Aussies make it a weekend to remember. #SARUGBY


  • Jimmy
    of Melbourne

    Today at 12:36 PM

    On the rebels V brumbies, it all depends on wether Weekes can get back from his injury. If we go in with Rodzilla and another second string prop were going to get hammered pretty badly up front and our backs wont have the chance to show how good they are.
    With that said, I think confidence in the rebels camp is increasing as is their coherency. Their defence last week was outstanding. I know a lot of people are saying the Blues are under performing and watching the game last week, the blues threw everything at the rebels in the second half, including the kitchen sink, and they held.
    The next step in progression is consistency!
    I’d say the rebels by less than 7.


  • Correction Clarkie

    Today at 12:53 PM

    I just watch your very interesting season video and thought I would just correct you, if the system was by points the brumbies would be sitting 8th not 7th as you insisted because the brumbies and crusaders have both won the same amount of games but the saders have a better points difference.


  • Shane D
    of Perth

    Today at 5:02 PM

    The Blues will either win by 15 or be thumped. Its hard to tell how they will play lord knows the most surprised person each week is Pat Lam. I will however sit down support them but will have a few refreshments handy to get myself through. The only saving grace is my neighbour who I often watch the rugby with is flying back to Durban to live on Thursday.


  • Wayne
    of Sutherland

    Today at 5:57 PM

    The Tahs have ALWAYS been craop, they talk themselves up every season and bad mouth everyone else that is why the Tahs are my 20th team in the Super 15. Go Brumbies and Force!!!!!


Carlton aim to topple Pies

Carlton aim to topple Pies

Wed Apr 11 18:11:27 EST 2012

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Ban the shoulder charge?

Ban the shoulder charge?

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The NRL community is divided over whether to ban the shoulder charge.

Black Caviar's sibling sells

Black Caviar’s sibling sells

Wed Apr 11 17:53:24 EST 2012

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The half sister of Champion Race horse Black Caviar sells for a cool $2.6 million, at the Australian Easter Yearling Sale in Sydney.

Waerea-Hargreaves re-signs

Waerea-Hargreaves re-signs

Wed Apr 11 17:48:47 EST 2012

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Sydney Roosters enforcer Jared Waerea-Hargreaves ends speculation about his future, by agreeing terms on a new contract with the Bondi based club.

Wipeout awards!-162143

Play Video: Wipeout awards!-162143

Wipeout awards!

Ever thought about giving surfing a go? Get ready to hold your breath…

Play Video: News in a Minute

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Full TV Guide

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Weather cooperates as ‘Barnes Totem’ is installed

Shortly before 8 on Tuesday, with the long morning sunlight coming in low over the city, Ellsworth Kelly’s The Barnes Totem finally settled into its permanent home outside the new gallery of the Barnes Foundation on the Parkway.

The slanting sunlight caught the bead-blasted steel surface of the 40-foot sculpture, brightening its matted gray and propelling geometric shadows onto the limestone panels of the new Barnes building nearby.

Gusty wind Monday had delayed the installation a day – no one, and certainly not the 88-year-old artist, wanted an eight-ton artwork swirling uncontrollably high above 20th and Callowhill Streets.

Tuesday was breezy, but calmer, and the crane-hoisted artwork smoothly settled into place.

At midmorning, with dozens of the city’s cultural community and moneyed elite looking on, Kelly mounted a small stage in front of his newest work and told his listeners that the totem, sitting at the head of a long reflecting pool lined with red maples, was in an ideal spot.

“It was obvious to me that it should be presented this way, against the sun,” he said. “It’s reflecting the sun.”

And in that reflection, the totem is “affirmative” and full of warmth.

“I want you to look at it and feel what you feel about it,” he said. “I’ve done a lot of totems and this is the last one and it’s my favorite now.”

The Neubauer Family Foundation acquired the piece for the Barnes. Jeanette Neubauer told listeners that the acquisition came during a visit she made with her husband, Joseph Neubauer, head of Aramark Corp. and vice chairman of the Barnes Foundation, to Kelly’s Upstate New York studio more than a year ago.

Kelly, she said, was in the midst of preparing for a major show in Europe and was finishing a suite of paintings.

“His studio was a beehive of activity,” she said.

But in the midst of this hubbub, she saw her husband quietly scrutinizing black tape laid out on the floor.

“What’s that?” she heard him ask Kelly. The artist then brought out a small model of what became The Barnes Totem.

Jeanette Neubauer looked at her husband and “saw that gleam in his eye.”

That was the moment that climaxed in the installation of the piece Tuesday, she said.

Joseph Neubauer said his association with Kelly on the project gave him a true appreciation of the intellectual and aesthetic decisions that go into the making of a work of art.

How should the piece be set? Where should its stepped element be located? What direction should it go? The decisions, he said, were countless and critical.

Neubauer said the placement of the Kelly work outside the Barnes Foundation gallery – soon to open with Albert Barnes’ early modernist collection relocated from suburban Montgomery County – is a continuation of Barnes’ rigorous aesthetic vision.

“Dr. Barnes wanted to create art for everybody,” said Neubauer. “This was the inspiration for Jeanette and I in commissioning this piece and bringing it here.

“The installation,” he continued, “is for us a dream come true.”


Contact Stephan Salisbury at 215-854-5594 or, or follow in Twitter @SPSalisbury.

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NY Marriott Stops Wi-Fi JavaScript Ad Injection Wasn’t Aware of the Practice …

As soon as we learned of the situation, we launched an investigation into the matter. Preliminary findings revealed that, unbeknownst to the hotel, the Internet service provider (ISP) was utilizing functionality that allowed advertising to be pushed to the end user. The ISP has assured the hotel that this functionality has now been disabled.

While this is a common marketing practice with many Internet service providers, Marriott does not condone this practice. At no time was data security ever at risk. We will continue to look into this matter and find opportunities to remind our hotels of Marriott’s high-speed Internet policies.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

Let’s not beat around the bush: Most graphic design professionals use the very expensive powerhouse pack of apps known as Adobe Creative Suite (about $1,700 street, 4.5 stars, and our Editors’ Choice) for editing images, designing pages, creating new graphics, and building websites. But Adobe isn’t the only option for design professionals, especially those who don’t need the whole kit and caboodle. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 ($499 direct; $199 upgrade) is a viable option for anyone who doesn’t need the heavy-duty Adobe package, and isn’t a Mac user. CorelDRAW is Windows-only. But it has a few new tools and features in this most recent version make it more versatile than ever before.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 comprises seven parts, all told. Within the suite, you’ll find two major applications—the namesake CorelDRAW, a vector and illustration program, and Photo-Paint for image editing—and a handful of utilities: bitmap converter PowerTrace, site designing tool Website Creator, screen-capture utility Capture, full-screen browser utility Connect, and an export plug-in utility called PhotoZoom Pro 2.

View Slideshow
See all (10) slides

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

Version 6 brings new features and several spruced-up tools that enable CorelDRAW to be used for new purposes, especially text-heavy designs (light page design, that is) and websites. Perhaps the two most significant changes for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 are that it now supports 64-bit and multi-core machines. However, as mentioned, it’s only built for Windows, with no Mac version available, which is a major drawback for many artistic professionals.

Overall Enhancements
Aside from the added support for 64-bit and multi-core machines (which effectively makes the program faster and more responsive), Corel has added a number of new tools for designers, those dealing in both print and online materials. There are hundreds of video tutorials that are very good at showing off what’s new while also teaching you tricks and tips.

Across a few of the apps in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a tray for storing images you may want to use in your work, which has been spruced up nicely for version X6. The tray now includes little checkboxes that let you search Fotolia, Flickr, iStockPhoto, and other online sites, to find images for use. When you find an image, you can drag it to the tray to save it for later. X6 also now supports multiple trays, which appear neatly at the bottom of the screen as tabs. You can name the tabs, letting you organize your searches more effectively. Another great option here is the ability to drop a URL into the search bar and see all the graphics assets that appear on that page. Web designers in particular will find this tool handy.

A few more additions on the Web design side, in Corel Website Creator X6, help non-coders build pages with ease. Dozens of templates and Site Styles remove much of the programming pains of Web design.

What’s New in CorelDRAW?
CorelDRAW has a slightly more streamlined look, now that the object docker has been cleaned up to group tools together when appropriate.

A few new features make CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 more multi-functional by turning it into a light page design program, which it hasn’t really been before. For example, CorelDRAW now has a page-numbering feature, better abilities to change page layout sizes, a new Lorem Ipsum tool to insert placeholder text, and a button that lets you align and lock text to the baseline grid. These are necessary features for page designers and digital artists anytime they’re working on text-heavy designs, such as marketing materials and brochures.

Corel has added more fonts, too, which again increases the value of the product for print designers by a shot.

For artists who are less concerned with text, the vector drawing program includes a few new shaping tools as well that “smear,” “twirl,” “attract,” and “repel,” objects or points on lines to transform their shapes. The twirl tool lets you quickly spin an object into something new simply by selecting the object and pressing the mouse. The attract tool pulls together points that you select, while repel does the opposite. The smear tool is surprisingly unsmudgy, creating even and symmetrical contours in whichever direction you pull the shape, rather than adding blurry edges. I can easily imagine graphic designers using these tools to make quick iterations on their artwork, without having to adjust every point by hand. They’re quick, produce clean results, and are fun.

My favorite new feature is Color Harmonies, which let you set a color palette, then “spin” it on the color wheel so that all the relationships between colors stay intact while changing the actual output. See the slideshow to get a better look at some of these features.

What’s New in Corel Photo-Paint?
The second of the two major apps in Graphics Suite X6, Photo-Paint, has fewer noticeable changes, although one new tool called the smart carver does stand out. The smart carver lets you select an object in an image and remove it, then tighten up the space left behind and patch up the area formerly covered by the object with the right background. It’s a real wizard of a tool, but certainly not the first of its kind, similar to Photoshop’s “content-aware fill.”

The difference with Corel’s tool is lets you not only delete an object, but the space taken up by that object as well without otherwise changing the proportions in the rest of the image. It works great if the image you have is too wide or tall for the space you need, and the part of the image you’d like to cut out in the middle.

The Underdog
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 turns Corel’s vector art app and image editing tool into programs with much greater functionality. New features upgrade the suite to make it more usable for graphic designers who work in a number of different mediums, including page design and Web design. Because Corel is still an underdog to Adobe, it’s rather mind-boggling why the company made Graphics Suite X6 for Windows only, which is a major drawback for many artistic professionals who might otherwise consider using the tool. If you’re a dedicated Corel user, X6 adds enough to warrant the upgrade, but if you’re looking for a reason to ditch Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 isn’t it.

More Photo, Video, and Graphics Software Reviews:
•   CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6
•   Instagram (for Android)
•   Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
•   500px
•   Tube HD (for Mac)
•  more

Article source:,2817,2402819,00.asp

Denver Business Journal Recognizes Webolutions as Top Website Design Agency

Webolutions, The Strategic Marketing Agency

Webolutions, The Strategic Marketing Agency

Being recognized as a top Website design firm every year since 2002 is a proud accomplishment for our company.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Denver-based strategic marketing firm Webolutions was recognized as a top three Website Design and Development Agency in March by the Denver Business Journal. This is the eleventh consecutive year Webolutions has made the newspaper’s list.

In 2012, Webolutions generated 57 percent of its revenue from Web design and development, launching 160 Websites. Webolutions Web design and development clients include Public Service Credit Union and Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care. Founded in 1994 by John Vachalek, who still serves as the firm’s CEO, Webolutions is in its eighteenth year of serving Denver and Colorado businesses with Internet marketing solutions.

“The Denver Business Journal is an important barometer of what is important for Denver businesses to know,” said Vachalek. “Being recognized as a top Website design firm every year since 2002 is a proud accomplishment for our company.”

Additional recent achievements for Webolutions includes its selection as Corporate Sponsor of the Year by the South Metro Denver Small Business Development Center and its monthly Social Marketing for Business – Join the Conversation! group becoming the largest Business and Social Networking meetup in Colorado and ninth largest in the world.

About Webolutions

Founded in 1994, Webolutions is a full service strategic marketing agency. Additional services include branding, public relations, experiential marketing, Email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, graphic design and content development including blog writing and video production for Web, TV and events. Contact Mike Hanbery, Director of New Media Strategies MHanbery(at)Webolutions(dot)com (303) 300-2640.


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Last Chance To Grab The Responsive Web Design Course [Deals]

Last Chance To Grab The Responsive Web Design Course [Deals]

Josh Payne (10:56 am PDT, Apr 10)

Last Chance To Grab The Responsive Web Design Course [Deals]
When it comes to web design nowadays, responsiveness is the key. We’re no longer looking at computer screens alone when we’re surfing the Internet. We’re looking at the web on screens that can fit in your pocket, and desktop screens are getting larger and larger. So if you’re building a website, you need to think about this: What screen sizes do you need to concern yourself with? Frankly, you need to think about all of them.

Cult of Mac Deals has got a great deal that’s set to expire that will help you learn responsive design. It’s a course that uses a step-by-step process for creating a design that rearranges content, resizes elements, and adapts itself based on the size of your visitor’s screen size. And this video course wis only $49 – 67% off the regular price!

In this course – put together by Chris Converse, a designer, photographer, and web developer at Codify Design Studio – you’ll learn the secret ingredients of CSS3. CSS3 will give you precise control over how your design adapts to different screen sizes. The course contains over 11 lectures and 1.5 hours of content, ranging from topics such as reviewing project files, optimizing web graphics, adding HTML for layout and content, creating base CSS rules and creating screen-based CSS rules.

There’s a lot more to learn about this fantastic responsive web design course over at our Cult of Mac Deals page. But if you’re looking to up your web design skills and bring them into the modern (and mobile) era, pick up this offer before it’s gone — which is in less than 24 hours.

At such a great savings, it’s a deal that deserves your “response” today!

Subscribe to Cult of Mac

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‘Asteroids’ goes multiplayer with HTML5 game

One of the key differences between classic arcade games and modern titles is the ability to play with others online — but a new version of Asteroids manages to bridge that gap. The HTML5 game is a massively multiplayer version of the influential Atari hit, letting you control a tiny triangular spaceship alongside other players in identical crafts. But in spite of the name, the game differs from the original in that there aren’t actually any asteroids — instead, you’ll spend your time trying to destroy other players. It’s a relatively simple arcade-style game in which you attempt to rack up as high a score as possible before running out of lives, and you can sign in with Twitter to put a name to your score. It might not be quite as addictive as the original, but at least you’ll save a lot on quarters.

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Tylted Looks to HTML5 for the Future of Mobile Gaming

Tylted, formerly Cellufun, is planning much of its future development strategy around HTML5 and the idea of users going web-first as opposed to apps for their mobile devices.  The NY-based mobile gaming company, which harnesses elements of both casual and competitive gaming, as well as social interaction, attracts around 10 million monthly unique users covering 33 different games.

Tylted wants to remain attractive to users — and to compete with titles such as Angry Birds, as CEO Lon Otremba said to TechCrunch, “when we wanted to take the company to the next level, we thought people might think ‘Cellufun’ looked backward.”

Today, Tylted has launched a new game, CuBug, to coincide with its virtual goods and advertising push.  Otremba said to TC that, “the company is looking to sell more virtual items, the kinds of things a more casual user might buy without taking away from the interest in virtual currency for more avid users.”  Additionally, Tylted plans to increase its involvement with Facebook this year.



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Ericom and nGenx Enable HTML5 Access to Cloud Based Windows Virtual Desktops …

Companies to provide DaaS and application access solutions to the small and mid-market

Closter, NJ and Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Ericom Software, a global leader in application access and desktop virtualization solutions and nGenx, a top provider of hosted virtual desktops and applications, today announced a partnership to provide their customers and partners with an HTML5 browser-based access solution to hosted Windows desktops and applications. This bundling of technologies is designed to offer a cost effective and flexible desktop as a service solution to small and mid-sized organizations.

nGenx is deploying Ericom’s connection broker, PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView, in combination with AccessNow, Ericom’s HTML5-based zero-client RDP access solution, to provide centrally managed flexible and cost effective access to hosted Windows desktops. The service will be deployed across the nGenx network of autonomous and highly available data centers. The combined solution provides users with fast and flexible access to their hosted desktops and applications from almost any end-point device including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones, RIM Blackberry/Playbook, Google Chromebooks, locked-down workstations, etc.

“We’re very happy to partner with nGenx and offer our innovative technologies together,” said Ilan Paretsky, Vice President of Marketing at Ericom. “Using Ericom AccessNow and PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView, nGenx is able to deliver cloud enabled Windows desktops and applications to a wide variety of end-user devices and with a superior end-user experience.”

“Augmenting our existing product portfolio with Ericom’s technologies enables nGenx to provide small to midsized organizations with simple and cost effective access to their desktops using any device, anywhere” says Robert Bye, President and CEO of nGenx. “Providing small, medium, and enterprise customers with their critical apps on a cloud based, hosted desktop is our ultimate goal. With strong technology vendors, a leading partner program, and robust distribution channel, we feel that our product suite can meet the needs of almost any organization”.

For more information about Ericom AccessNow, visit:

For more about Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect, visit:

About Ericom

Ericom Software is a leading global provider of Application Access, Virtualization and RDP acceleration solutions. Since 1993, Ericom has been helping users access enterprise mission-critical applications running on a broad range of Microsoft® Windows® Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops, legacy hosts and other systems. With offices in the US, UK, EMEA, India and China, Ericom also has an extensive worldwide network of distributors and partners. Our expanding customer base is more than 30 thousand strong, with over 7 million users. For more information about Ericom and its products, please visit:

About nGenx

Since its founding in 2000, nGenx has been a pioneer in cloud computing, working with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Citrix, Intuit, Rackspace and others to develop hosted desktops and applications from the cloud. nGenx solutions include nFinity® Desktop, nFinity® Cloud, and nFinity® Apps which provide access to core line of business and Microsoft Office productivity applications. nGenx markets its solutions through a highly robust channel partner program supported by its nGenx Control Panel, a single pane-of-glass provisioning system that provides Partners and enterprise customers with complete control over their IT environments. Please visit

Ericom US Contact

Ilan Paretsky


201-767-2210 x9718

Ericom UK Contact

Ian Platt


+44 845 644 3597

nGenx Contact

Brooke Huling


Austin, Texas


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Usablenet HTML5 Mobile Upgrades Lead to 28% Increase in Usage – Virtual

Sample Data Shows Upgrade to HTML5 via Usablenet Mobile 2.0 Leads to Increased Pageviews Per Visit and Decreased Bounce Rate

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 10, 2012

Usablenet, the leading global technology platform company for mobile and multichannel customer engagement, found that brands that upgraded their mobile sites to leverage next-generation HTML5 features via Usablenet Mobile 2.0 experienced a 28% increase in overall usage, as well as a 11% increase in pageviews per visit and 15% decrease in bounce rate.

Mobile Internet usage is continuing to increase at a rapid rate. In fact, global mobile data traffic in 2011 was over eight times greater than the total global Internet traffic in 2000. Usablenet CEO Nick Taylor noted, “brands must embrace this rapid evolution in customer behavior, and provide them with the same experience and capabilities on mobile as the desktop Web.”

“As customers increasingly turn to their smartphones and tablets to browse, shop and buy, it’s now more important than ever for brands to offer an engaging and easy to use mobile experience,” Taylor continued. “It is evident that upgrading your mobile site with HTML5 leads to greater customer engagement and more time spent on your site.”

“ShopNBC has been very pleased with how customers have responded to our mobile site since the HTML5 upgrade,” said Tom Kraus, VP of Commerce and Content for “We have seen substantial growth in our mobile site’s overall traffic as well as an increase in the number of page views per visit. In addition, our customers have been quick to adopt live streaming of our broadcast channel as yet another way for them to engage with ShopNBC whenever and wherever they choose.”

Usablenet is a driving force behind mobile commerce globally, enabling brands to offer their customers all website features and functionalities, on-the-go. In April 2011, Usablenet introduced the industry’s first HTML5 platform to help brands deliver a richer and more intuitive user experience within the mobile browser. Currently used by numerous clients including Expedia, ShopNBC and ASOS, Usablenet Mobile 2.0 enables next-generation mobile features such as advanced checkout pages, expand-and-collapse menus, high-resolution image galleries, location-aware features, scrolling promotions, and more.

About Usablenet

Usablenet is a global technology leader for mobile and multichannel customer engagement that works with 20% of the Fortune 1000. Usablenet’s transformative technology platform allows leading companies in all sectors to extend their brand to consumers across multiple channels, including mobile phones, mobile applications, tablets, Facebook, in-store kiosks, and other platforms — with minimal impact to the client’s IT resources. Usablenet customers include ShopNBC, Amtrak, Delta, Expedia, FedEx, Hilton, Marks Spencer, Sprint, JCPenney, Victoria’s Secret, and others. Founded in 2000, Usablenet is a private company headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, Italy and London. For more information, visit us at or on Twitter @Usablenet.

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Yahoo CEO Outlines Reorganization Plan to Revive Growth

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Enlarge image
Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson

Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

Scott Thompson, Yahoo CEO.

Scott Thompson, Yahoo CEO. Photographer: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

Enlarge image
Yahoo Reorganization

Yahoo Reorganization

Yahoo Reorganization

Tony Avelar/Bloomberg

The Yahoo! Inc. headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

The Yahoo! Inc. headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Photographer: Tony Avelar/Bloomberg

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) Chief Executive Officer
Scott Thompson, addressing staff today, will outline a
restructuring aimed at reversing sales declines and stepping up
the pace of product innovation at the largest U.S. Web portal.

Yahoo, after saying last week that it will eliminate 2,000
jobs, is reorganizing businesses around three areas: consumers,
geographic regions and technology. The consumer division will
focus on media, commerce and so-called connections, which
include Web search and e-mail, Thompson said in a memo.

Thompson, CEO since January, embarked on the turnaround to
reverse a three-year revenue slump and shore up a stock that has
lost 10 percent of its value in 12 months. Yahoo’s failure to
keep up with Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. in online advertising
led to the ouster of former CEO Carol Bartz and prompted
Chairman Roy Bostock and co-founder Jerry Yang to depart. Now
the company faces a proxy fight with investor Third Point LLC.

Ross Levinsohn, currently executive vice president in
charge of the Americas, will head the media group, which will
include the home page, sports, news, entertainment and other
media properties, Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo said.

Shashi Seth, who now runs Yahoo’s Web search products, will
oversee connections, which will include search as well as e-
mail, the Flickr photo-sharing service, Yahoo’s question-and-
answer feature, and other communications and social tools.

Regional Overhaul

The head of Yahoo’s commerce business, which spans jobs,
autos and personal ads, is yet to be named.

“Over the last 60 days, we’ve fundamentally rethought
every part of our business,” Thompson said last week in a
letter to employees that was obtained by Bloomberg News. “We
will continue to actively consider all options that allow Yahoo
to put maximum effort where we can succeed.”

Yahoo is also revamping how it handles regions. The company
will bring together varying functions, such as media and
advertising, under a given region, rather than having those
tasks handled by different divisions within the same area. Rich Riley, who currently oversees the area that includes Europe, the
Middle East and Africa, will be in charge of the Americas, while
Asia-Pacific operations will continue to be run by Rose Tsou.

Christophe Parcot will serve as acting head of EMEA while
the company seeks a permanent head of that area. He’s currently
head of sales for the region.

Mark Morrissey will be in charge of core platforms, which
includes Yahoo Labs and user data and analytics, while David
will handle central technology, including Yahoo’s data

‘Eliminating Bureaucracy’

Third Point, which wants investors to elect a slate of
directors of its choosing, faulted Yahoo last week for embarking
on the job cuts without having articulated a more complete

Thompson said he delayed the all-hands meeting until after
the job cuts — which affect 14 percent of the workforce — out
of respect for the employees slated to lose their jobs.

“There’s a lot to do and that’s why I can’t stress enough
that we all need to focus on getting stuff done,” he said.
“Getting stuff done is short hand for eliminating bureaucracy
and barriers so we can all innovate as fast as our customers and
the industry require. That’s pretty fast.”

To contact the reporter on this story:
Tom Giles in San Francisco at

To contact the editor responsible for this story:
Tom Giles at

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DevUp HTML5 developers conference comes to Barcelona on 27 April

HTML5 is hot, hot, hot right now, and that’s why there’s another HTML5 developer conference happening.

This one is being held in Barcelona, at the Diagonal 00 Tower on 27 April.

Organised by tools company and content developer Ludei, the day-long event will feature talks on all aspects of HTML5 development, including discussions focused on mobile apps and games.

Lots to learn

The conference will feature a half-day main track, before it breaks into three strands

Speakers include Bocoup’s Darius Kazemi, who’ll discuss how to join the gap between web developers and game developers, and Opera’s Patrick Lauke talking about HTML5 multimedia.

Meanwhile, Ludei’s Ibon Tolosana will be extolling the virtues of its HTML5-to-smartphone CocoonJS development tool.

After a day of talks and workshops, an open-bar cocktail party will provide attendees with excellent opportunities for networking.

Tickets for the event are available now, with prices ranging from €99 to €169.

To purchase tickets, or find out more about the event programme, take a look at the DevUp website.

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Loku Brings Local Aggregation Engine to Mobile With HTML5 App

Austin-based startup Loku is bringing its “big data for local” pitch to mobile. After five months in a web-only beta, the company launched an HTLM 5 app this morning that brings together local content from across the web in a Flipboard-like interface.

Loku is essentially half local content aggregator, half personalization tool. The company data mines local information – everything from reviews to editorial articles – then matches the content with a user based on location, preset preferences (gender, age, hipster etc.) and learned likes and dislikes.

The decision to go with HTML5 over a native app was as much about traction as it was about product, Dan Street, CEO of Loku, told Street Fight in an interview: “With a native app, you have to play Apple’s App Store game and you have to play all the different games of getting downloads. [In HTML5] we can use all of the various web marketing techniques, which have already been built that are essentially nascent on the mobile phone.”

Gaining traction outside of the early-adopter community is a big problem for location-based services and though Street would not comment on specifics, the idea of leveraging web-based marketing techniques could plug Loku into the same customer acquisition streams already used by online media.

On the product side, Loku has picked up on a growing trend among LBS plays away from the map as the go-to interface. “We tested a map-based app for a couple months – men loved it and women hated it,” said Street about the decision. “In general, the early-adopter types like to know as much as they can about each piece of content – and maps help with that; but the average user just wants the best information as quickly as possible.”

With the launch of the app, Loku is also rethinking its revenue model, which, until now, has been built largely on syndicating deals. “We were making a fair amount of money on deals, but it’s just not what consumers want to see – people are fatigued,” said Street who also pointed out that deal fatigue skews across gender as well with women tending to be more receptive than men.

Loku’s new model aims to complete the purchase loop by partnering with mobile payment processors to enable the company to track consumers from impression to payment and offer discounts and other incentives accordingly. Street says the company is in talks with two mobile payment players already, as well as “a local media group” to resell its product.

As local information on the web becomes increasingly ubiquitous, look for a wave of aggregators like Loku to sprout up with personalization-focused products. In many ways, the local information ecosystem is following the trajectory that the deals space has taken over the past year: as the signal creation game consolidates with a few dominant players coming out on top, a new wave of aggregators arise to build products on top of the information layer offered by the original players.

What will differentiate Loku is its focus on local editorial content – a nut that is yet to be cracked in the local space. Between the nationally scaled Patch and Topix, and indie-plays like West Seattle Blog, hyperlocal content is more abundant than ever.  From a data and location perspective, however, this content is far more complex than reviews or check-ins, which are small bytes of information tied to a signal location.

Steven Jacobs is an associate editor at Street Fight.

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U.S. Soybean Inventories to Shrink as Export Demand Climbs

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U.S. soybean inventories before the
next harvest will be 9.1 less than forecast a month earlier as
smaller crops in South America boost export demand, the
government said. Futures in Chicago were forecast to open

Supplies will total 250 million bushels (6.81 million
metric tons) by Aug. 31, the end of the marketing year, down
from 275 million projected in March, the U.S. Department of
said today in a report. The average estimate of 32
analysts surveyed by Bloomberg was 242 million bushels. Combined
output in Brazil and Argentina will fall 3.5 percent this year
to 111 million tons, the USDA said.

“The large decline in South American production has
allowed U.S. soybeans to be competitive,” boosting the pace of
exports, Dan Cekander, the director of grain research at Newedge
USA LLC, said in a report on April 5.

On the Chicago Board of Trade, futures may advance 8 cents
to 10 cents a bushel at the 9:30 a.m. opening on the supply
data, Mark Schultz, the chief analyst at Northstar Commodity
Investment Co. in Minneapolis, said in a telephone interview.
The contract for May delivery rose 0.7 percent to $14.41 at 7:14
a.m.. The commodity has gained 19 percent this year.

Smaller inventories may boost prices for a range of
products including livestock feed, a key expense for meat
producers such as Tyson Foods Inc. (TSN) and Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD)

Exports Increase

U.S. soybean production in 2011 was 3.056 billion bushels,
unchanged from last month’s estimate, the USDA said. The USDA
raised its projection for U.S. exports in the current marketing
year to 1.29 billion bushels from 1.275 billion in March. That
compares with 1.501 billion shipped in the previous year.

World soybean production will total 240.15 million tons,
down from 245.07 million tons forecast a month ago, the USDA
said. That’s a drop from last year’s production of 264.22
million tons.

Brazil’s crop will be 66 million tons, down from 68.5
million projected in March and less than the 75.5 million
harvested a year ago, the USDA said.

Argentina’s (US38PRAR) production was estimated at 45 million tons,
down from 46.5 million forecast in March and less than last
year’s harvest of 49 million tons.

Brazil’s exports will reach 35.7 million tons, down from
36.9 million forecast in March and 29.95 million a year earlier,
according to the report. Argentina, the biggest shipper of soy-
based cooking oil and animal feed, will export 8.6 million tons
of soybeans, down from 8.9 million forecast last month and 9.21
million a year ago.

World inventories on Sept. 30 will be 55.52 million tons,
down from 57.3 million forecast in March and down from a record
69.12 million a year earlier, the USDA said. The average
estimate of 19 analysts surveyed was for 55.34 million tons.

Soybeans are the second-biggest U.S. crop, with a 2011
value of $35.8 billion, behind corn at $76.5 billion, government
figures show.

To contact the reporter on this story:
Jeff Wilson in Chicago at

To contact the editor responsible for this story:
Patrick McKiernan at

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Google Play Music gets desktop notifications, HTML5 player, with new Labs tweaks

In an effort to help spruce up its new emphasis on media, Google has rolled out a new set of tweaks today for its Google Play Music player.

The company already has Labs, or a collection of customizable tweaks, for other popular web services such as Gmail and Maps.

The Google Play Music’s Lab is a bit sparse when it comes to selection, listing only three new lab features. It now gives users the option of adding track notifications that pop up when a new song begins playing (but only for Google Chrome). You can also rate each song on a scale of 1 to 5, which is hardly a huge addition considering how many other music players already do this.

But the last and most notable feature in the Music Labs is the ability to enable HTML5 Audio playback. This works in any browser that supports HTML5 Audio, including the mobile Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad. Basically, this feature makes the Google Play Music site work without the need for Flash, and it’s also a decent upgrade to the previous mobile web version of Google Music.

It’ll be interesting to see if Google will be able to grow interest in the service with new labs features in the same way it has done for Gmail.

Test tubes photo via Africa Studio/Shutterstock; via Engadget

Article source: Announces Web Hosting Comparison Section announces new Joomla Web Hosting Comparison section to inform potential customers of the differences between web hosts by creating comparison guides and charts.

Atlanta, Ga (PRWEB) April 10, 2012, created this new section to help people make a decision between hosting companies. The comparison guides are written to give the customers a summary of the company, features and rating on which is of them is better. By releasing this section the website owners hope to inform people and encourage them to make an educated decision when buying web hosting.

The Joomla hosts compared ( section offers a new perspective to potential buyers. Those who are looking for two or three particular companies and want to see differences between them, will find easy to follow details in these guides.

Editor and Joomla host expert, David Blane, says to send in requests. He said, “Some comparison guides have already been complete, but I want to make this section as complete as possible. This is why we are asking the community of users to submit companies they would also like to see compared. It’s exciting to see the knowledgebase grow and we enjoy making it easy and fun while users are on our site”.

A few of the guides on the site put up heavy-weights like GoDaddy vs. 11. They are are excited to expand the guides to include new companies that have not had that much exposure but might offer great services. They hope to grow the compare section so that it helps potential customers.

About JoomlaHosting.Co — JoomlaHosting.Co was established in 2011, is owned by Intown Web Design and managed by David Blane Studios both located in Atlanta, GA. The site was created as a place for Joomla! users to post reviews and learn about the best Joomla hosting companies. It is a website that helps to the Joomla hosting community.

About Intown Web Design ( and David Blane Studios ( — Located in Atlanta, Ga, they are web design and development companies with a focus on creating functional websites for business. Clients range from startups to corporations traded on the NYSE. They specialize in open source technologies including PHP, Joomla and WordPress. They have continued to expand their expertise into improving site performance, usability and search engine rankings.


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Jettisoned: Tinkler faces $80m fight

Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer 7, 8 9

  1. Open the Internet Browser
  2. Click Tools Internet OptionsPrivacyAdvanced
  3. Check Override automatic cookie handling
  4. For First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies click Accept
  5. Click OK and OK

Enabling Cookies in Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox browser
  2. Click ToolsOptionsPrivacyUse custom settings for history
  3. Check Accept cookies from sites
  4. Check Accept third party cookies
  5. Select Keep until: they expire
  6. Click OK

Enabling Cookies in Google Chrome

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser
  2. Click Tools iconOptionsUnder the HoodContent Settings
  3. Check Allow local data to be set
  4. Uncheck Block third-party cookies from being set
  5. Uncheck Clear cookies
  6. Close all

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