Hottest Chef Round 1, Day 4: SF’s Mark Dommen vs Dallas’ Jill Bates

Left: Mark Dommen (One Market, SF) [Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux]; Right: Jill Bates (Fearing’s, Dallas) [Photo: Rose Baca]

2012_1_hotlogo.jpgHere’s the final Round 1 competition in Eater’s Hottest Chef in America contest. In a very close contest, yesterday’s Western Division contest was won by Las Vegas’ Olivier Dubreuil, knocking out Vanessa O’Donnell (Houston) and Mary Nguyen (Denver).

Right now, some serious hotness: chef Mark Dommen of One Market in San Francisco and Jill Bates of Fearing’s in Dallas. Vote here:

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Note: Poll closes at 1PM EST, Monday Feb 27th. To keep track of the Hottest Chef competition, see the brackets.

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