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WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Clutch published new research on Top WordPress Developers and Top WordPress Designers. Accompanying this updated research are companion directories highlighting additional WordPress Designers and Developers. Each directory offers a range of filtering tools that help buyers identify qualified firms that best fit their project needs.

Photo –
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Listed below are the top firms inaugurated into the WordPress Developers Leaders Matrix:

Dotcomweavers, Wholegrain Digital, Human Made, Moove Agency, Level Level, Endertech, Alley Interactive, Exygy, Envision Creative Group, Westwerk, CMS Advertising Group, and TimeForCake.

Listed below are the top firms inaugurated into the WordPress Designers Leaders Matrix:

Big Drop, Level Level, Bright Bright Great, Wholegrain Digital, TimeForCake, Illusio Design, CMS Advertising Group, Moove Agency, Spigot Design, and WebTek.

“The WordPress ecosystem can be confusing because of the variety of firms that offer seemingly comparable services,” explained Joshua Margolin, Senior Analyst at Clutch. “Our updated research mitigates some of this buyer uncertainty by segmenting vendors based on their relative strengths in visual design and technical development.”

Clutch’s efforts to identify leading WordPress designers and developers will remain ongoing, and they encourage proven firms to apply to participate in future research updates. Upcoming publications include Magento Ecommerce Developers and Python/Django Development.


About Clutch:

Clutch is a Washington, DC-based research firm that identifies top services firms that deliver results for their clients. The Clutch methodology is an innovative research process melding the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services. Clutch utilizes a proprietary framework, the Leaders Matrix, which maps firms’ focus areas and their ability to deliver on client expectations. To date, Clutch has researched and reviewed 500+ companies spanning 50+ markets.

Joshua Margolin


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Michigan website design firm sues client over comments on Google site, in …


  • Legal proceedings (3263)
  • Law and order (4733)


  • Michigan (860)


HARTLAND TOWNSHIP, Michigan — A Hartland Township marketing and Web design firm is suing a former client for comments it made about the company online and in a letter to a business networking group.

The Livingston County Daily Press Argus of Howell reports ( ) Five Sparrows filed the defamation suit against James Beasley and his business, Spot Shooter Archery. Five Sparrows created a website for the Holly-based company last year.

Beasley is quoted court in documents as saying his business had “zero return on our investment” on Google’s networking site. He warns people not to work with Five Sparrows.

A Five Sparrows attorney says it’s protecting its reputation against false and misleading statements. The company is seeking damages of more than $25,000.

Beasley says the dispute has been “blown way out of proportion.”

Information from: Livingston County Daily Press Argus,

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7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image c92cc7da5077ec9ca6043d0c8c346796

Trends come and go, whether you’re talking about fashion, music, or web design. When it comes to having a great website, it’s important to keep it up to date with the latest design. Even looking at a website that seemed amazing a few years ago, it can now seem dated and out of step with today’s best sites. Worse yet, it might not even function properly on the mobile devices more of us are using for browsing on the go.

Here are seven of the big web design trends that are already out of date, and why you should avoid them on your site:

1. Unwanted popups

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image unwanted popups 600x274

Whether you are inviting visitors to like you on Facebook, join your newsletter, enter a competition, or chat with a live representative, nobody wants to see your popup. They can be very annoying for visitors, and can detract from the great website they do want to see.

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2. Stock photos

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image stock photos 600x398

It used to be a given that any image was better than no image, so lots of sites started filling up with stock photos. However, this is no longer the case. Every visitor can spot a stock photo a mile away and they’ve learned to ignore them, knowing they don’t represent what you really do. Instead, ditch the overused and unoriginal stock photography and replace it with real images of your company’s work.

3. Flash intros

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image flash intros 600x302

Although Flash used to be the big web design trend, it’s rapidly becoming an internet dinosaur thanks to smartphones. Some of the most popular mobile devices simply don’t support Flash. It’s also not Google friendly, so a Flash intro can hurt your search engine optimisation efforts.

4. Autoplay videos

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image autoplay videos 600x353

Including a video on your website is fine; having it start playing automatically is not. Whether you have it on your homepage or any other page of your site, you should never force visitors to watch your videos. Like popups, it can cause major annoyance and even send a potential customer running to your competition.

5. Huge banners on the homepage

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image huge homepage banners 600x277

The huge banner trend is the bell bottom trousers of web design. A few sites might be able to pull them off, but for most it’s just not a good look. Many visitors can feel they’re overbearing and take up valuable space that could be used for content.

6. Long winded text

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image long winded texts 600x312

Visitors want you to get to the point clearly and quickly. Bullet points are a great alternative to long paragraphs, especially as they make it easy to skim your content on a mobile device.

7. Animated sidebars

7 Web Design Trends That Are Outdated image animated sidebars 600x337

Like popups, these can make your visitors very annoyed and distract from the content you want them to focus on. Whatever you have included, whether it’s social feeds, promotions, news, weather, or a photo gallery, don’t animate it. It will be eye catching, but for all the wrong reasons.

This article originally appeared on Conetix Blog and has been republished with permission.

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Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. Presents Introduction to WordPress Workshops – Virtual

Propel Marketing Design, Inc., a South Florida based Marketing Agency, has announced an upcoming WordPress Workshop on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

Boynton Beach, Florida (PRWEB) September 30, 2014

Propel Marketing Design, Inc., a South Florida based Marketing Agency, has announced an upcoming WordPress Workshop on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

This WordPress seminar is designed for people interested in mastering the basics of WordPress. In these workshop participants will learn how to use WordPress to create and manage their website.

Propel Marketing Design will cover the following topics in the WordPress class:

  • How to install WordPress
  • Key components of a WordPress website
  • How to adjust WordPress settings
  • How to set up a WordPress database and how it operates
  • Why we use Permalinks
  • How to add a Theme
  • How to add and activate Plugins
  • Review of suggested Plugins
  • Setting up a sidebar
  • How to create a post
  • How to create a page
  • How to set up menus and change navigation structures
  • An overview of HTML editor
  • How to include Social Media into your WordPress website
  • Additional customization features available with WordPress

In addition to material covered at the event, attendees will leave with a workbook that accompanies the materials in class.

“We love WordPress, and unless our client has a specific need to use a different platform, we stick to WordPress,” commented Darcy Sullivan, President of Propel Marketing Design. “When a business can maintain full control of their web presence, they have the best chance to win over their clientele. Life and business happen fast and we need to be able to adapt quickly or miss out or even get left behind. That’s why we are so excited about training our clients and even those that already have a WordPress site, but need a little extra knowledge to get them where they can create and be creative.”

To find out more information about the classes listed here, visit or call 800-943-2346.

About Propel Marketing Design, Inc.

Propel Marketing Design, Inc. is a full-service internet marketing agency, located in Boynton Beach, Florida, that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, website design, email campaigns, search engine marketing, public relations, graphic design, and marketing workshops. Propel works with clients to create effective and unique marketing strategies to help raise their online profile and support their business objectives. For more information please visit


Propel Marketing Design, Inc.

Darcy Sullivan


533 E. Ocean Ave. Suite #2

Boynton Beach, Florida 33435


For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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[Philippines] Form Function & Class 5 Web Design Conference

formfunctionclass-webdesignconference-8november2014-feat –>

Web Design Superheroes including John Allsopp and Eric Clark Su are landing in Manila for Form Function Class 5 web design conference



John Allsopp, Jina Bolton, Eric Clark Su, Sacha Greif, other web design superheroes are landing in Manila, Philippines for the 5th Form Function Class web design conference.

Form Function Class is an annual gathering that imparts essential knowledge to the web design community. FFC will be held on November 8, 2014, marking its fifth year as the pioneering grassroots event for web designers in Asia.

FFC is open to all web practitioners, designers developers, professionals students, freelancers hobbyists, makers of web mobile sites/interfaces/apps. Whether you’re just starting to learn web design or are a veteran of the industry, you should make sure that your skills in design, front-end, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, UX are up to date up to par.

Are you doing web design right? Are you doing it well? Are you making the Web a better place, or are you going to destroy it?

Event details:


The Early Bird rate of PhP 3,000 will end on September 26 – with limited tickets available.

Student discounts worth 20% off are available in schools of the partner organizations: UST TomasinoWeb, Ateneo GRIDS, and La Salle Computer Society.

Interested in attending both FFC and UX Philippines? Grab the FFC+UXPH Superpass for only PhP 8,000.

The conference is supported by OLX, Microsoft, Punchdrunk Panda, Canva, Code School, Offscreen Magazine, Elance-oDesk, Foodpanda, Campaign Monitor, Adobe, Google Developers, A Book Apart, Packt Publishing, UX Philippines, UST TomasinoWeb, Ateneo GRIDS, La Salle Computer Society, DLSU College of Computer Studies, Developers Connect Philippines, Katy’s Puto Flan, Adobo Magazine.

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Web SEO Master, a Division of SH Web Design & SH Web Commerce, Inc., Now …

Web SEO Master, a Division of SH Web Design SH Web Commerce, Inc., Now in Partnership with ViralWeb LLC, Delivers Cutting Edge Search Engine Optimization Services

PRWEB.COM Newswire

PRWEB.COM Newswire(PRWEB) September 29, 2014

Web SEO Master’s affiliation with SH Web Design ViralWeb LLC will enable them to provide consumers with search engine optimization ( techniques currently not offered by any other company.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

The most effective way to drive visitors to a website at the lowest cost, is to build your website’s organic search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization ( is an effective tool for improving the volume quality of traffic to a website. SEO Optimization involves a combination of “on page” “off page” strategies designed to support a company’s business goals. Visibility in the search engines will improve a company’s online brand exposure while increasing site traffic, time on site, conversions.

Great search engine optimization ( starts with in-depth analysis of the business, competition, web design, and most importantly, the keywords. Then, a considerable amount of work is done both on the web site and off the site. The experience and intelligence of Web SEO Master’s highly trained SEO consultants, along with this new affiliation with SH Web Design ViralWeb LLC, is invaluable.

First Page Rankings

The most important reason why to get first page rankings is to be visible to everyone that will need your product/service. Google, for example, is the #1 search engine and it provides for almost 12 billion searches a month. Approximately 1.17 billion unique searchers use it every month. It’s the number 1 search engine used in the US. It gets 67.5% of the US search market, and a whopping 87.1% of the mobile search market.

And for a business should also know that 93% of all buying decisions start with an online search.

And the key to receiving traffic through Google is to gain first page rankings, because first page websites get 91.5% of Google traffic. Most people just don’t really bother going beyond the first page. If a website’s on the second page then it only gets to share 4.8% of the traffic along with all other websites on the page. With page 3, it shrinks lower to 1.1%.

About Web SEO Master

Web SEO Master is a website software integration and solutions company that performs Website Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization ( and Search Engine Marketing to enhance your sales. We incorporate state of the art design and development tools, and proprietary software and marketing techniques to market your website to your customers and clients on the World Wide Web. Web SEO Master has combined its unique features to make your website development and marketing experience “Faster, Cheaper and Better” than what you might encounter with other website development companies.

Tel.: (206) 335-6401 (9:00am to 5:00pm PST)

Email: team (at) webseomaster (dot) (com)

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Bay Area Web Design Company Wins Cardboard Boat Race

Bay Area Web Design Company Wins Cardboard Boat Race

PRWEB.COM Newswire

PRWEB.COM NewswireSanta Cruz, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2014

Launch Brigade, a Bay Area web design firm, recently entered the inaugural Santa Cruz “Cardboard Kayak Regatta” and their boat, “Too Big To Fail,” was first to cross the finish line. The boat was built and piloted by Launch Brigade, and the race was held on Sept. 14.

“Not only does this show we have a great team, but that we pay a lot of attention to the details,” said Launch Brigade CEO Chris Miller.

The rules were strict and the competition was fierce. Nine teams competed in the “Build at Home” class with less than three weeks to complete their boats. Materials were limited to corrugated cardboard, glue, tape and water-based “paints.”

“The main consideration for our boat was utilizing the optimal hull shape which provided maximum stability and buoyancy with a slight sacrifice in speed. Beyond those basic design requirements, everything else was really engineered on the fly,” said Miller.

Competitors included the UC Santa Cruz Community Boating Center, which was rumored to have used computer models to create their unique boat design.

“We knew we needed to create a rigid structure with reinforcements in just the right places in order to distribute the load (600+ lbs of team members),” said Miller. “That and the right choice of water-based coatings to prolong water saturation were key to making it through the race.”

After the team crossed the finish line, Miller joined the team in a victory lap further stressing the now soaking hull, but the boat held up as expected. The team invested over 100 person hours into the build, working nights and weekends.

“I entered Launch Brigade into the race as a fun team building exercise, and after many hours of hard work that ultimately paid off, I realized how much the boat build represented the work our team does every day,” said Miller.

Event organizer Liz Croft said, “The sportsmanship, ingenuity and energy were truly ones for the books, and we cannot wait to bring the event to life a second time and beyond.”

Miller added, “We build websites with the same passion, accuracy and professionalism.”

About Launch Brigade:

Launch Brigade is a premier web design and development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Known for their attention to detail and unique mobile-friendly website designs, Launch Brigade also offers custom e-commerce solutions, web application development and marketing services.

Read the full story at

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WPScan Vulnerability Database a New WordPress Security Resource

WordPress’ popularity as a content management system (44 percent of CMS market share) is matched in parallel by the number of security vulnerabilities afflicting the open source platform, as well as its versatile plug-ins and themes.

It’s not unlikely that a developer may be at a loss as to the security of a particular plug-in, or the disclosure of a devastating flaw in the core WordPress code that could expose a website to attack. During last weekend’s BruCon in Belgium, U.K.-based security researcher Ryan Dewhurst released the WPScan Vulnerability Database, a one-stop shop for the latest WordPress, plug-in and theme vulnerabilities that he hopes becomes an indispensable resource for pen-testers, administrators and WordPress developers.

Dewhurst told Threatpost that the genesis for the databases was the creation of WPScan, a Ruby-based WordPress vulnerability scanner he wrote in 2011. WPScan, he said, filled a gap because at the time there were no automated tools that scan for security issues in the context of the platform. WPScan is at version 2.5 as of this weekend and scans in the background for bugs, outputting any issues it finds, Dewhurst said. Around the time he built WPScan, Dewhurst said he began working on the vulnerability databases as well. That part of the project was this year pushed over the top by £5,000 in funding from BruCon’s 5by5 Project.

“As WPScan detected WordPress versions, plug-ins and themes installed on a WordPress blog, it was easy enough for us to then output any vulnerabilities associated to that version, plugin or theme if we kept the issues in a database,” Dewhurst said.

Originally, the database—actually three databases, one for the core code and one each for plug-ins and themes—was populated manually by one of the four people on the WPScan team. Someone would manually edit the XML files and commit them to the team’s Github repository, Dewhurst said. Now the vulnerabilities are entered into a Web interface as they’re reported from a number of online sources, including mailing lists, contributors or researchers.

“The new database helps us manage the vulnerabilities much easier too as we can view the data from a high level overview if we wish,” Dewhurst said. “This should also increase the quality of or database entries.”

The database is a potential gold mine of WordPress vulnerability information collected in a centralized location.

“I think the audience is broad but I hope that the database is useful to security professionals during penetration tests. For example, if they come across a particular WordPress plug-in during an audit, they can quickly check if we hold any vulnerabilities for that particular plugin. They can even do this via our API,” Dewhurst said.

He hopes WordPress administrators find the database useful to check the security of blogs and sites based on the platform, or to check the security of a plug-in or theme. WordPress developers, he said, can also benefit.

“I hope that some developers make use of the API to create new ways for users to access the data; maybe a WordPress plug-in that can warn users if they are running a vulnerable plug-in or theme,” Dewhurst said. “Any commercial usage of the data would require a commercial license though. But it is free to anyone who wants to use it in their own open source software or projects.”

Dewhurst said the databases can affect some changes improving the overall WordPress ecosystem.

“I hope that WordPress users will be more aware of the security issues which can affect older versions of WordPress, Plugins and Themes. Hopefully this will result in the increase of security in self-hosted WordPress blogs,” Dewhurst said. “Maybe WordPress themselves might take some further action in ensuring that some Plugin and Theme developers don’t share vulnerable code. One example might be using automated static code analysis on the Plugins and Themes submitted to them before they are released to the public. This is not a perfect solution but it could be workable.”

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Boosting Viral Credibility With Persuasive Digital Design

The idea of great digital content design often varies from person to person. Ask a graphic designer, and you might get an answer involving color theory or golden ratios. Programmers might go into the details of SEO, structured metadata, or page loading times. All of these things are certainly important, but what about content that requires action from visitors? Creating content with a purpose means that the design of said content requires a different thought process. You have to pay attention to the desired behavior or action, and how the content persuades consumers.

When you are looking to get a specific action out of your audience, you are looking for a behavioral change. In content and web design, research from Stanford University and the University of Arizona has found that various design choices can influence behavior. Researchers have termed this “credibility-based design”, but the idea goes well beyond the issue of credibility. You can design to promote or restrict certain actions. The first trick is to know what actions you are targeting.

All successful market, content, and web designers have an end goal in mind for their audience. This might be a specific call to action or general purpose of some digital content. If you are creating digital content for marketing purposes, then chances are this overall purpose involves purchasing a good or a service. An action might also include registration or subscription, or sharing some kind of information through social media.

Whatever the action(s) may be, you need to have a clear idea of what the action is, and how your users can successfully take such action through the content design. A user journey can help with this: map out step by step where users have to go; what they have to do; and what they must read/share from the time they encounter the content, to the point of reaching the specific action. Once you have this general map laid out, you will have some helpful information in planning out the persuasively designed elements in your content/site structure.

With an end goal in mind, you now have enough information to figure out how to persuade content consumers to behave in accordance with that goal. Dr. BJ Fogg from Stanford University states that several things can influence the likeiness of a certain behavior. First, the skill level to do the behavior, and the motivation to do the behavior, both play a shared role. For example, if someone has the skills, but lacks motivation, then a behavior is unlikely. The same is true in the reverse. If, however, the person has a high degree of skill and motivation, then the desired behavior is more likely.

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Second, Dr. Fogg argues that specific triggers are required to “seal the deal” with the behavior. These triggers are specific things that may directly or indirectly encourage a user to act. Together, along with specific methods of increasing user motivation, these persuasive elements can be designed into the content.

  1. Call to actions and other direct triggers within content can be effective for desired actions.
  2. User incentives can increase user motivation.
  3. The functionality of your website, or the user journey you setup for a desired action can naturally increase a user’s skill level.
  4. For a more detailed walk through of persuasive design, use Dr. Fogg’s “Behavior Wizard” for step by step guidance.

An other form of persuasive design is meant to boost the credibility of the business, person, or cause that might have a social media presence, website, or branded content. Researchers from the City University of Hong Kong, and the University of Arizona tested a variety of logos and web designs to determine what design factors would psychologically increase the credibility and trustworthiness of a fictional company. From their research, they came up with several design principles you can apply in logo, website, and content work:

  1. Incorporate elements of a company’s expertise into the logo/web design.
  2. Incorporate traits of trustworthiness into the logo/web design.
  3. Follow design principles that lead to clear and simple logos websites.
  4. Have the logo, website, and any other branding/digital material follow a same unified design style.

Between boosting your credibility and designing your website or content to persuasively encourage/restrict certain behaviors, you can take control of your digital viral presence in a smart, strategic way.

Article originally published on Viral.Works

This article is an original contribution by Austin Fracchia.

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CAD/CAM Connect Launches Web Design/Digital Marketing Services for the …

Online CAD/CAM manufacturing resource now offers manufacturing companies and suppliers/vendors a more affordable way to increase visibility and revenue on the Internet.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 29, 2014

Industry-leading information hub CAD/CAM Connect announced today that it is now offering web design, SEO, and marketing services catering exclusively to the manufacturing industry through its partnership with

“With competitive pressures and more people making buying decisions online, manufacturers and CAD/CAM software suppliers must figure out ways to differentiate themselves online to win new business,” says Ken Wilson, Founder of CAD/CAM Connect. “This applies to those who manufacture products, as well as the vendors who supply the hardware (Computers-Scanners-3D Printers) and software (CAD-CAM-CAE) to design and make those products.”

“After 20 years in manufacturing (primarily computer aided design and computer aided machining) I have seen a lot of websites, from machine shops to supplier/vendor sites, that can use some help,” said Chris Corbell, President of eWebcrafters. “Through our experience in almost every corner of manufacturing, we help companies improve their image, be more visible to search engines, ultimately helping them win more business” Corbell added.

“Small to midsize manufacturing businesses don’t always have the resources or finances to have a great website or marketing plan, and this is where we can really make a difference,” says Corbell.

“We’re excited to be a part of what CAD/CAM Connect is building, since their audience is our audience. Most importantly, we share the same passion for manufacturing. It’s what drives us to ensure that every website we design exceeds customer expectations while creating an incredible user experience,” stated Corbell.

“Few digital media companies fully understand the manufacturing industry and the user-buyer mentality as thoroughly as they do,” says Wilson. “With the addition of eWebcrafters for website design and digital marketing to our portfolio, this will further add value and differentiate us from the other Manufacturing Media Companies who may only offer advertising programs.”

About CAD/CAM Connect:

With over 100 years combined experience in the CAD/CAM manufacturing industry and thousands of contacts, CAD/CAM Connect hosts an online network of trusted hardware-software vendors and subject matter experts — connecting buyers to suppliers via their site. They also provide educational content, trending news, forums, product reviews and digital marketing-advertising programs.


With 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and digital media industries, eWebcrafters offers a fresh approach to design, has a deep understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) analytics and is able to deliver results.

For more information please visit the company website at, or contact Ken Wilson at 844.CADCAM1 (223-2261) or ken(at)cadcamconnect(dot)com and

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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Aquafadas Announces New Digital Publishing Feature for HTML5 WebReader …

Aquafadas Announces New Digital Publishing Feature for HTML5 WebReader Creation

MONTPELLIER, France, September 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/

Aquafadas, developer of digital publishing solutions, now offers publishers the ability to create HTML5 WebReader content by adopting the groundbreaking alternative to Flash that is quickly taking over the digital publishing scene. A WebReader gives publishers the potential to increase content visibility while readers benefit from the same great user experience as a tablet. The newest version complements the previous Flash WebReader. Therefore with both Flash and HTML5 versions, users have 100% web compatibility with all browsers, including mobile.

An HTML5 WebReader brings more people into the loop. It targets users on other platforms such as Windows PCs and mobile devices, Mac desktop systems and any other device with a web browser, promoting conversation among a wider array of outlets. HTML5 makes the content SEO-friendly and easy to optimize for search engines like Google and Bing. Publishers can easily export their publication as a WebReader using the InDesign plugin and embed it on a website for greater traffic, benefiting from complete content distribution from one tool. Publications can be exported to every platform in multiple formats, including ePUB files for eReaders, AVE files for creating native tablet and smartphone apps and now, HTML5 WebReader for browsers.

In 2013, mobile traffic rose 81%. Many mobile browsers no longer support the outdated Flash format. HTML5 is filling the void where users need it most, by supporting the transition from Flash with an optimal service every step of the way. HTML5 was created in anticipation of a more innovative future with the flexibility to expand with the market. It is the most efficient way to embed animations, video clips, multimedia tools and other interactive content. It also offers superior performance on platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X for a sleek, lightning-fast interface.

“By providing an HTML5 WebReader to publishers, we are not only giving access to the most powerful and highly compatible web technology,” explains Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas CEO. “We provide a complete digital system that lets you distribute to each platform in the best format: native apps for iOS, Android and Amazon; HTML5 WebReader for browsers and new challenging platforms such as Windows Mobile, Linux; and Flash for former WebReader versions. Because publishers just have to create once to publish everywhere, they are saving time and money, while providing the best reading experience.”

Integrating an HTML5 WebReader into a publication’s distribution strategy is not just the next step – it is the best step. The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System now offers the largest scale of export format: iOS, Android, Amazon, ePUB, and Flash and HTML5 WebReaders.

To try the new HTML5 WebReader for free, simply download the Aquafadas’ plugin for InDesign here.

See an example

Download images

Page 2

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Justhost is Named as Best Cheap WordPress Hosting by – Virtual

Justhost was named as the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting for its outstanding WordPress quality, reliability and supports.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2014

According to the announcement of, known as one of the leading sites that provides webmasters with free and comprehensive PHP resources, Justhost was named as the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting for its outstanding WordPress quality, reliability and supports. indicated that as the company who specializes in Linux hosting, Justhost has a good reputation of offering feature-rich and affordable hosting solution to help WordPress users create successful personal blogs and small business websites. To know the detail, please check out

Actually, Justhost hosting solution is optimized to ensure complete WordPress compatibility, and customers can make full use of its included features.

In addition to unlimited disk space, bandwidth and website hosted, Justhost offers customers one free domain name. Its PHP feature comes with dual 5.2.x and 5.3.x versions, along with the latest MySQL database, default enabled mod_rewrite module, suPHP support as well as enough PHP memory_limit value at 64MB, Justhost ensures customers very smooth WordPress environment.

No matter for WordPress beginners or professionals, the integrated cPanel and SimpleScripts 1-Click Script Installer allow customers to create and manage their WordPress sites easily. said that it is hard for customers to find another great WordPress hosting which is cheaper than Justhost. This is also an important factor that makes it is awarded.

Through Justhost promotional link, customers could get its WordPress hosting at only $2.50/mo, up to 64% off the regular price. Even better, Justhost guarantees full money back within the first 30 days. If customers cancel their accounts after the period, they can ask for prorated refund at any time.

Meanwhile, Justhost WordPress hosting is also backed up by the industry-standard 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 US-based supports via telephone, live chat and email. All of these advantages are guaranteed to provide one of the best WordPress hosting experiences.

As one of its main missions, focuses on searching the best cheap WordPress hosting for people. And Justhost WordPress hosting is quite good that recommends to all of customers.

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HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Has Been Enhanced with New Functions

HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Has Been Enhanced with New Functions

FlipHTML5, a digital software publishing company that provides users with software to produce digital magazines, is pleased to announce several new upgrades to FlipHTML5.

“We’re constantly enhancing FlipHTML5 to provide users with the highest level of productivity and quality,” quoted Jacky Peng, Customer Care for FlipHTML5. “With the new enhancements, users of FlipHTML5 can use our software more efficiently to produce beautiful flip page magazines for business or personal use. I personally encourage all users to upgrade, and if you have never tried FlipHTML5 – to try it and see the benefits our software provides in your flip page making experience.”

Enhancements Include:

PDF to PNG Conversion Engine – The new PDF conversion engine allows users to select a suitable render engine for the flip magazine conversion. Users can convert PDF to PNG while retaining the highest color quality possible at a fast conversion speed.

Highlight Issue while PDF Content Searching – Accuracy of the search function has been improved by fixing a highlight issue while PDF Content searching. The built-in search function of FlipHTML5 enables users to find information quickly.

Failure Upon Importing Multiple Large PDF’s – Issues arose when users would try to import multiple large PDF’s; the issue has now been fixed to allow flawless importing of multiple large byte size PDF files.

Preview Issue in IE8 – While previewing in IE8, FlipHTML5 users encountered issues trying to preview their finished work. The preview issue was diagnosed, fixed and tested.

New FlipHTML5 Video – FlipHTML5 has released a new informative video on Vimeo to help users better understand the capabilities of how powerful FlipHTML5 is and what they can achieve for business or personal use.

To view a video on the powerful benefits of FlipHTML5, please visit:

To find out more information about FlipHTML5, or to try it free,please visit:

About FlipHTML5: FlipHTML5 offers a wide range of solutions for illustrated book publishers to produce digital website content, online user manuals, digital annual reports, e-magazines, PowerPoint presentations and flip photo albums. The company works diligently to provide consumers with the latest styles to showcase their products and services to the world.

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WordPress vulnerability database

Back in 2012, the fine folks behind the BruCON conference announced that from the 2013 edition of their popular event, a special budget will be allocated for supporting creative minds to come up with projects that will benefit the infosec community. The project was named 5by5 and in its first year four ideas were funded with 5000 EUR each.

This year Ryan Dewhurst and the team behind the popular WPScan open source black box WordPress vulnerability used the funding from the 5by5 project to setup the WPScan Vulnerability Database, an online version of WPScan’s data files used to detect WordPress core, plugin and theme vulnerabilities.

Each vulnerability item in the database specifies the affected versions, provides external references with more details on the bug in question, as well as provides a vulnerability classification (in-house WPVDB ID, CVE, CWE and OWASP Top 10 reference). The database also has an API available for non-commercial usage.

The idea behind the project is to leverage existing depository of WordPress security vulnerabilities built in WPScan and making these issues more visible and accessible to WordPress administrators, users and the overall security community.

Author: Berislav Kucan, Director of Operations at Help Net Security.

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Javascript / angularJS OO and Code Separation Techniques

Hey All,


I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about javascript programming but I did use it to create my entry of the week of awesome 2  competition. Now that competition is close I’d like to continue developing my game but before I continue to build on to what I’ve already got I’m looking for advice on how to better structure my code base. As how things currently stand I have one js file consisting of a 1000+ line controller.


Its made up of several sections:

  • Game Data – Holding all the variable related to the current game state.
  • Actions Lits – These are list of all the available actions in each room, along with descriptions of the actions, whether they are enabled, how many times its been called and a maximum number of times it can be called, not relevant to every action.
  • Story Data – This is just arrays containing text displayed at different times to the user, and any accompanying image data to go with the text.
  • Action Methods – There is a set methods that deal with performing an action, enabling, and disabling actions, and resolving the action and whatever the success and failure results.
  • Popup methods – These methods deal with displaying and handling input from popup boxes displayed to the user.
  • Combat methods – The methods that deal with combat.
  • Stat Change methods – This is set of methods that wrap the common functionality around changing any of the main character stats.


If I was doing this c# or java I’d be able to break all of those into different classes or spread the functionality across multiple partial files without a problem.  But when using them inside an angularJS controller I haven’t go a scooby as to how to go about it.


Any good tips on how to proceed?  I don’t want to end up with one file that’s over 5000 lines long.

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DotComWebDesign Announces New Healthcare Website Design Services – Virtual

DotComWebDesign Announces New Healthcare Website Design Services

(PRWEB) September 28, 2014

DotComWebDesign, the premier digital marketing agency, is pleased to announce the addition of medical website design services to its wide array of diverse healthcare services. With experience doing B2C marketing, DotcomWebDesign can help healthcare providers connect with their target audience.

With this new service, DotComWebDesign can assist healthcare professionals get a better website, and improve daily patient conversions. By creating a new website, medical professionals can improve their ROI on all other forms of marketing and advertising investments.

To learn more about DotComWebDesign’s medical web design services, decisions makers are encouraged to take advantage of the new, complimentary, consultation.

DotComWebDesign can assist with virtually any form of marketing associated with medical branding and advertising.

About DotComWebDesign

DotComWebDesign has over 10 years of combined experience doing design and development for small, medium, and enterprise sized companies. With an eye for detail, and an emphasis on lead generation, DotComWebDesign understands the needs of the every day business owner, and CEO, alike.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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September 28th, 2014AWM: Does AllWebMenus Pro works on WordPress …

Knowledge Base support case for AllWebMenus Pro, abstracted and stripped of all user’s private info.

Initial Email From:
Initial Email Subject: Presales question
Support Case Month: February 2014


I may be interested in likno All Web Menus Pro, but have a question first. Will it work on a WordPress Multisite installation? I saw the question posted on the site, but no response. I also searched your knowledge base and found no such information.

Please advise,

Reply From: Likno Customer Support

Hello Julie,

First, thank you for your interest in our Likno products.

The answer is yes, AllWebMenus WP Plugin can work on a multisite WP installation.

While you are in your WP Network Admin Panel go to Plugins, choose the AllWebMenus and click on Install Now.

install AllWebMenus WP plugin

While this is installed, click Network Activate. Then, AllWebMenus WP plugin will be activated in your WordPress Site on that WordPress network installation.

WordPress Network Activate

AllWebMenus WordPress Menu Plugin

So, you can go to each site’s dashboard panel and you will find AllWebMenus WP Plugin in Settings – AllWebMenus WP Menu.

AllWebMenus WP plugin administration panel

AllWebMenus WordPress plugin administration

Please, let me know if you need further help.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,  

Aggelos Tsakonas
Powerful javascript menus (CSS menus/drop-down menus/sliding menus), web trees, buttons, tabs, modals, tooltips, accordions, scrollers, designs for your websites!


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Minified JavaScript Games

What sort of games experience could you deliver within a 13K limit? The results of this year’s js13kGames competition provide a demonstration of what is possible.



Organized by Andrezj Mazur, CEO of Enclave Games, this competition is for

“HTML5 game developers and JavaScript programmers who want to test their skills in battle with other developers, follow the rules, stick to the deadline, and win some prizes.”

The distinguishing features of this contest is that gives devs a whole month to code and submit their entries which must fit into 13 kilobytes of a ZIP package and no external libraries or resources are allowed. The competition is free to enter but the source code has to be hosted on GitHub so that others can learn from it in the future. 

The js13kGames competition site states:

The 13 kilobyte limit is very restrictive, but limitations often spawn creativity: you have to carefully think about how to implement your ideas, as every byte really counts.

If you want some pointers about how to minify your HTML code to fit within the limit, Andrez Mazur has provided an article in the Games Development section of the tutorial site that is intended to help keep your resources light not only for the competition (which is now over for this year) but also more generally day-to-day projects.

This year’s contest attracted 129 entrants and loads of prizes – subscriptions from sponsors, ebooks, games etc – have been awarded. The winning games are listed in order and all the entries are available to play.

Organizing a contest like this is a lot of hard work and you don’t just get thanks. As Mazur put it yesterday in a tweet:

If having dedicated haters is the measure of success, then I’m finally on the right track with

What the detractors on reddit seem to be complaining about is the lack of feedback from the judging process – which relied on a team of seven seemingly well-qualified experts including  Mazur himself. Let’s hope that the difficulties and criticisms he has faced this year doesn’t deter him from continuing as this contest, which is intended to be fun, does seem well worth the effort.



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DotComWebDesign Announces New Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design Platform

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email article



September 27, 2014 —

DotComWebDesign Announces New Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design Platform

(PRWEB) September 27, 2014

DotComWebDesign, the premier lawyer marketing agency, is pleased to announce the addition of bankruptcy lawyer website design service it’s array of lawyer marketing services. Prospective bankruptcy lawyers, interested in creating a new website, or learning more about the plethora of marketing services available by DotComWebDesign, are encouraged to visit the Bankruptcy web design subpage on DotComWebDesign. With over 10 years of experience, marketing lawyers, DotComWebDesign can help Bankruptcy lawyers in all 50 states, thanks to DotComWebDesign’s new proprietary legal platform.

DotComWebDesign can assist prospective bankruptcy lawyers with all marketing, including: creative, PR, social media, SEO, copywriting, and more.

About DotComWebDesign
DotComWebDesign has over 10 years of combined experience doing design and development for small, medium, and enterprise sized companies. With an eye for detail, and an emphasis on lead generation, DotComWebDesign understands the needs of the every day business owner, and CEO, alike.


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