HTML5 Page Flip Software for Mac Is Released by Recently

FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd, based in Hong Kong, China and a prominent digital software provider company across the globe, has launched its new Professional Mac Version of page flip Software for the Mac users.

Hong Kong — (SBWIRE) — 04/17/2014 — Flip Html5, a China based company, today announced the release of its HTML5 page flip software for Mac. With the same, Mac users would be able to create amazing flipbook from PDF files, insert a range of media and upload the same on web for thousands of users to go through.

Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “We are extremely excited to launch the new Professional Mac version of our Flipbook Software. Today a huge number of Mac users are present in the market. With the new release, we will be able to cater to them as well.” He further added, “This new flipbook software is filled with new exciting features. You can add a range of media types in your flip book. Users can change the background and the cover page as well.”

With this new launch, the company now provides software for both Windows and Mac users. The Mac version is powerful as compared to PC version. FlipHTMl5 provides Flipbook Software in different price ranges for users to view and select from.

The new flip book software is based on advance HTML5 technology. Besides the PDF files it also support various office formats such as .doc, .ppt, .xls and .odt. Users can add multimedia elements to the flipbook such as video player, music player, video slideshows, shape, image and flash. They can also add and delete new pages and multimedia elements.

FlipHTML5 allows the users to create an online digital magazine based on jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 technology. With this feature readers can enjoy the digital magazine on Kindle, Android phone, iPad and tablet. By using page flipping animation effects users can also convert the PDF into digital flipbook. It is incorporated with Google AdSense that help the users to earn profits by putting on view the HTML5 flipbooks created advertisements.

About FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd
FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd is a business software company based in Hong Kong that offers digital publishing tools for business as well as individuals.

For more interesting features of the Mac version of flipbook software, go to .

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Blogging: 7 Common WordPress Mistakes

Although WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging platforms, it can be confusing for newbie bloggers. Here are 7 mistakes most commonly made by WordPress users:

1. Forgetting to change the default tagline. As a default, WordPress uses the tagline “Just another Blog” on every WordPress install. This is very poor optimization. Be sure to change the tagline to something different, memorable, and applicable to your blog’s theme.

2. Creating too many categories. WordPress allows users to organize content into categories. This makes content easier to find and the website easier to navigate. However, if you add too many categories or create multiple categories with multiple subcategories, it is going to be confusing. It will also make the website difficult to navigate.

3. Forgetting to add a contact form. There are dozens of reasons a reader may want to contact you. Regardless of the reason, it is important to provide a way for them to contact you. WordPress allows you to add a contact form, which allows users to email you directly through the website.

4. Not taking advantage of WordPress Updates. The WordPress team of developers is constantly working to improve the platform’s speed, user experience, and options. When WordPress offers an update that means there is a better version of the platform available, and it is important to take advantage of those updates.

5. Not optimizing images. WordPress makes it fairly easy for you to optimize all images published on your blog. Optimizing images helps tremendously to increase your overall SEO.

6. Not Paying Attention to Your Traffic. Google analytics allows you to monitor how many visitors go to your website, exactly when they go, what pages they visit, and how long they stay on your site. This is all valuable information that will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t.

7. Not choosing a responsive WordPress theme. WordPress offers responsive themes, which automatically resize to fit mobile devices. This makes your blog readable on any device. Not doing this is tantamount to simply ignoring smartphone and tablet users, which is the largest growing demographic.

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Content Marketing & WordPress: 2 peas in a pod

 WordPress is the content management system of choice for marketers because it's easy to customize and optimize for SEO.

WordPress is a developer’s dream come true. As a Content Marketing Strategist, I’ve seen the benefits first hand. Its open source platform allows for maximum customization of any pre-developed theme, it gives developers the ability to use various APIs and plugins without having to build them from code and it provides the foundation for SEO best practices.

As the number-one CMS (Content Management System) in the world, WordPress has a very robust development community that makes achieving almost any functionality possible. Because it’s an open-source platform, WordPress saves developers time by giving them tools to build a comprehensive content marketing without spending endless hours of custom development work. For marketers, this translates into dollars saved.

Open source for the win

According to the Open Source Initiative, “Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. Open source software is made by many people, and distributed under licenses that comply with the Open Source Definition.” And as WordPress so eloquently puts it, the platform is “created by and for the community.” 

The most important takeaway here is that once created, all other developers must have access to a feature’s source code, and they must also be able to share and distribute that code, thus extending the reach of the open-source element.

Many of these open-source features present themselves in the form of plugins and widgets, which are available for download through WordPress. Almost any and all functionalities marketers would wish to include on their sites already have matching plugins and/or widgets to accomplish the task.

What in the world is a widget?

Widgets and Plugins are programs/functions created by other developers that website owners can download and apply to their sites to customize pages with little or no coding whatsoever.
Content marketing management systems are aided by widgets to customize functions.

WordPress widgets allow users to control the look at functionality of their content management systems.

So, when marketers are consider their goals and how to make their sites user-friendly, I often advise first searching for a widget. More often than not, there will be a solution ready for download.

Holy Plugins, Batman

“You want to do what to your site? Oh, there’s a plugin for that.”

WordPress Plugins: These are elements that webmasters can add their WordPress blogs to implement specific features and services. They exist for nearly any and all website features. The best part? The majority of these plugins are free for download!

Here’s a list of WordPress’ most popluar plugins:

  •  Akismet: Checks comments for spam
  • Jetpack by Upgraded WordPress features
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: Provides feedback about each article’s optimization

Thousands of Themes

A WordPress theme encompasses the aesthetic and functional components of a site. Most themes come with a set color palette and certain features designed into the theme that are specific to the needs of the user, such as a gallery for displaying media or a calendar for scheduling events. Think of a theme as a template – it’s almost like a blank canvas for front-end developers to customize.

When choosing a theme, it’s important to select one that meets users’ core needs, but don’t get hung up trying to choose the perfect solution. The reason being, all WordPress themes are customizable and developers can apply their own CSS and styling to meet brand-specific guidelines. 

Some themes cater to specific user needs, such as portfolio sites or ecommerce platforms. Sites like ThemeForest let webmasters search by category or user need to find the theme with the best solution for the website’s purpose. As an added perk, many of the most-recent themes are built with a responsive design (meaning they adapt to the size of the screen on which they’re being viewed), which is important to consider now that more traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Want more inspiration? Here are additional WordPress themes.

The basic back end and the wonderful WYSIWYG

WordPress Screen CaptureIt’s nice to know a site contains all the desired features and functionality, but at the end of the day, it’s important that the CMS itself is easy to maintain and navigate. Otherwise, it could become difficult to publish fresh relevant content on a consistent basis.

Luckily, the WordPress back end is very user-friendly. Marketers will find it’s simple to create new posts, attach media, tag to appropriate categories and even schedule posts for future publication.

If necessary, any good developer will create a variety of custom post types to aid in making a
WordPress Ecommerce Post examplesite dynamic. If the chosen theme doesn’t support a photo gallery, a developer can create one and separate it out from article content by creating custom posts unique to the gallery.

Need to enter a new item for sale on an ecommerce site? Use a custom post type.

Inside an individual post: Formatting and layout

WordPress Post example

WYSIWYG (wiz-ee-wig) is a phonetic acronym that stands for: What You See Is What You Get. The WYSIWYG is not unique to WordPress; in fact, most content management systems have their own WYSIWYGs. You’ll notice that many of the icons in the toolbar are similar to those you’d find in Microsoft Office. In most all cases, the icons have the same purpose in the WordPress WYSIWYG as they do in Microsoft Office.

Here’s are some of the basic WYSIWYG features:

Wordpress buttons for content publication

Note the ability to switch between text views: “Visual” provides the WYSIWYG view, while “Text” provides the HTML view that enables users to insert additional content formatting.

This is all peachy, but how does using WordPress impact my site’s SEO?

The SEO God himself, Matt Cutts, endorses WordPress as an SEO-friendly platform ideal for bolstering content marketing efforts. In a Webmaster Help Channel video, Cutts explains that “Wordpress takes care of 80-90 percent of (the mechanics of) SEO.”

With much of the technical requirements out of the way, marketers can focus on what they do best: Executing strategies that bring target audiences to the site and drive conversions.




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3 Web Design Landing Page Examples Critiqued

3 Web Design Landing Page Examples Critiqued image tumblr inline n3tpmuwRrD1rur54v

Looking to create or optimize your web design firm’s landing pages, lead generation pages or sales pages?

Want to see some examples with reasons why some of the elements work and don’t work?

In this article, I’ll go over the notable points and downfalls of 3 landing pages advertising web design services.

Let’s go over some quick reminder points first on the purpose of a landing page. This will help provide a bit of context to remember as we critique these landing pages.

You have a website, right? Well that website has different parts of it – different pages visitors click-through.

Well, when we use one of those pages in a marketing context (like we are now), we refer to it as a landing page – a page within your website that exists for a single purpose. This purpose is usually either lead generation or a step in your sales funnel.

Are we on the same page now? If you’re feeling a bit out of your league, check out this article for a guide to landing page terms. Okay, let’s get to it.


oDesk is an online job marketplace where freelancers create profiles and businesses go to find job candidates.

3 Web Design Landing Page Examples Critiqued image mY7xVEpmeXU5cr0lqEXugED3i015gxt YNEkitn LwyseUApIH0nzerK59B3Bk lvlxBwHg18LsQDJQtjWyA9Q5hGvPpCSTzEWtRr1ihQNFbnuqh4vMBPwpxrUuAqoikQg

What I like:

The Call-to-Action button: I like that it contrasts with the background of the landing page. The word “free” makes the risk vs reward ratio favorable, and it also works well as a value proposition.

The customer testimonial: I love how it cites a real company and person, not just “Marjorie.” This makes you trust the legitimacy of the customer testimonial, as it’s more specific.

Top client’s logos as trust symbols: If a successful business such as Pinterest uses oDesk to find web designers, why am I not using oDesk? This works in the same type of way as a brand saying that a celebrity uses their products.

3 Web Design Landing Page Examples Critiqued image l7 H3pKTZkZkE46BhTcCKWdECqKPKTGaks834n8lxZk0ZSb F8RRKYGLiADABInQ2XZFoWOQPJ IDm0jo92ua2SSH3QvVMsdGsevWOGZ dhw7D5vrBX7OdwevoYf3eJXA

The social endorsement: Mentioning that one million people use oDesk doesn’t hurt. Social endorsements are known as another type of value proposition. It’s an assumed value that we place on things because others have.

The Guarantee: It’s a promise that you will be compensated fairly. This provides a sense of assurance and trust with the fact that they track the time you worked so you don’t get screwed.

What I’d change or test:

Make the Call-to-Action more noticeable: Yes, the CTA button contrasts with the background, but not the whole landing page. I would suggest testing purple or red for the CTA button.

An image: This landing page doesn’t have a focal, visually appealing image to draw users in. Images should flow nicely with your page yet not stand out too much. Check out this article to read about image psychology and how it can increase your conversion rate.

Using their social endorsement alongside a form: Having one million businesses using their platform is a total win. I would capitalize on this by using a form with it. It could still say “More than 1 million companies use oDesk with the client’s logos”, but beside it have a form saying something along the lines of “Get access to over 100,00 web designers.”

Unique Web Development

Unique Web Development is a web design company in Vancouver. Let’s check out their landing page.

3 Web Design Landing Page Examples Critiqued image 92bu8X5nOBahYqYs5Vbh kowQXIchzLYv0WGEP gh HqN7K3rirj6Kz3rTmvRrtrn7G8u1m Za ev07TaZbtWSjbQxsnIkjmwgHxwHmXwwAXqGp75747i1c MhrhGJOGYA

What I like:

The benefit list: Unique Web Development is focusing on the benefits as opposed to just listing the features. This is a good tactic because it hones in on true value for the client.

The customer testimonial: It’s succinct and compliments their benefits. Plus, it also details the exact person they quoted, so you know it’s legitimate.

The encapsulated form: This form stands out but doesn’t overwhelm the page like many forms do. It’s clear that the purpose of the page is to get the visitor to download their pricing and features.

The length of the page: This landing page was among one of the few that didn’t drag on with distracting links and too much text. Instead, it gets straight to the point – a great tactic for landing page optimization.

The price: People looking for web designers are likely comparing your business with others. Price points are definitely going to be a deciding factor for some businesses. Making their price point large and noticeable is a big plus.

The free consultation: We all know that free is best. What is better than free?


What I’d change or test:

The visual: As much as the photo of Vancouver is captivating, it’s not about to encourage a lead to download your form unless they have a soft spot for Vancouver. I would test using a photo that would be more useful, or even featuring an example of one of their more visually appealing landing pages they’ve designed for a client.

The form’s offer: I’d recommend offering contact about designing a lead’s website as opposed to offering only pricing and features. This could be featured in a lightbox on the landing page.

Making the customer testimonial more obvious: It’s hiding in italic font tucked below the focal pricing and features form, which means your attention won’t be on the customer testimonial. I would test placing it in a more obvious space, making it larger and changing the font color to something that contrasts more with the gray.



Wix is another web design company, providing easy-to-use templates. Let’s take a look at their landing page.

3 Web Design Landing Page Examples Critiqued image Ya Cjf q10HMB05caD45kzIqFz63IS2c1jd OVziP0nvwSpXR9brqxVedwpGwQsG6S0TLsFySKf2tiVlUW7l568TlEaKh36hOJ1yGomnY2faQTv7u6vgDlofhTyBd nRaA

What I like:

The modern aspect: This page has a very current look to it. It’s not outdated like some web design websites are. And since this is your field of expertise, you should keep with the trends.

The flow of the page: The page clearly has distinct sections that it walks you through, making the information on it easy to consume. The page also doesn’t give you any irrelevant information.

The clean font: It’s a great size and easy to read. The color of the header text isn’t overwhelming but it still stands out well because of the large font.

The benefit list: It’s really simple and requires very little effort to realize what’s in it for you.


What I’d change or test:

This landing page is actually pretty solid. Here are a couple things they could try to further optimize conversions:

A customer testimonial: Perhaps since they’re a widely used tool they don’t think they need one. But I would consider at least testing it for the people that haven’t heard of the tool.

A more obvious CTA: There are a lot of places you can click on this landing page. I would focus on just one, such as their “Sign up for free to browse all templates.” I would also make the call-to-action a bit larger and change the color to contrast with the page (give orange a try).



How are you feeling about your landing pages now? Are they close to perfect or are you going to be testing everything ASAP?

I hope this article at least sparked a few good ideas for some good ol’ optimization, because there’s always something to test when it comes to landing pages.

Do you have tips or tricks when it comes to marketing your web design service online? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

By Cara Tarbaj

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This article originally appeared on Wishpond | Easy marketing apps and has been republished with permission.

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Social Media Spotlight on WordPress

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Continuing with the social media-centered series of posts dedicated to popular and up and coming social media sites, let’s talk about WordPress.

What is the idea behind or purpose of WordPress?

Known best for its blog hosting capabilities, WordPress “started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes. WordPress is limited only by your imagination (and tech chops).”

How many current WordPress users are there and/or how popular is WordPress?

Compared to sites like Tumblr, Joomla, or Sharepoint, as of April 2014, WordPress holds 60.3% of the content management system market. 409 million people view more than 14.7 billion WordPress hosted pages each month. Companies and celebrities with WordPress hosted sites include The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, ebay, UPS, GM, The Rolling Stones, Best Buy, Samsung, Jay-Z, Sony and Katy Perry.

Why should you care about WordPress?

Online marketing resource site Marketing Access Pass discusses the benefits of WordPress and why you should pay attention:

  1. WordPress is FREE – one of the best reasons why you should use WordPress is simply that it is FREE.  It is an open source software so anyone can use it.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for personal use or business, it is available for anyone.
  2. Easy to Install – A lot of website hosting services like Hostgator offer a one-click install of WordPress.  So you don’t have to worry about FTP transfers or anything technical.
  3. Easy to Use – when I first started blogging I had ZERO technical background with computer programming.  I didn’t understand HTML, CSS, or any of the other computer terminologies.  However, I was able to start using WordPress and published my first article the very first day.  It is so user-friendly and easy to navigate through.
  4. Lots of Available Resources – as mentioned above there are tons of resources online for WordPress tutorials.  YouTube has over 436,000 results when I searched the phrase WordPress Tutorials.
  5. Easy to Customize – WordPress offers a variety of free themes and you can also purchase premium themes like Studiopress to really give your website blog a polished professional feel.
  6. Lots of Plugins – WordPress is a great platform because of all the various “plugins” that are available.  You can do almost anything you want with your design and functions with just plugins.  There are a lot of free plugins available in the WordPress directory.  Right now there are over 29,351 plugins and growing.
  7. Professional Designers – If you don’t have time to customize your site and you rather pay someone else to do the job, then WordPress is the perfect platform.  There are also tons of people on ElanceOdesk, or Craigslist that you can hire to help you design your WordPress site.
  8. Search Engine Friendly – Your WordPress website is properly coded for search engines.  This is important because you want people to be able to find your site on Google and Yahoo.
  9. Constant WordPress Updates – technology is constantly changing and thus you want to use a platform that is keeping up with it.  WordPress offers 1-click updates so that your WordPress is always running efficiently.
  10. Full User Protection – WordPress requires a login in order to access and modify your content.  Thus, you’re website and content can be protected.  There are backup services like Backup Buddy.

WordPress for recruitment?

WordPress usability for recruitment, unlike other sites, does not lie in gaining candidates from their user base, but rather from utilizing WordPress to host your own recruitment site. There are options to purchase an already built design/theme (here is one example) or, as mentioned briefly above, you could hire a freelancer to build one at a low cost through sites like Elance, Odesk, Craigslist, or Freelancer.

Traci Kingery, PHR is an HR Professional and freelance writer based in the Midwest, specializing in immigration and talent management. When she’s not improving unemployment, she keeps busy with her husband and four children.

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Smartphones Vulnerable to App Attack

Now that you’ve changed all your passwords because of the Heartbleed Bug (right?), here’s something else to worry about—your smartphone might be susceptible to one of the Web’s most common hacks, something called a cross-site scripting attack.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you scan a 2-D bar code with your phone. The bar code contains information—including, perhaps, a string of malicious JavaScript code. If your bar code reader is a native iPhone or Android app, no problem. But if it’s an HTML5 app, which works across platforms, you might be in trouble. Because HTML5 apps run on JavaScript. And some are designed to detect JavaScript in a jumble of data—like that bar code—and execute it.
Researchers found five bar code–scanner apps with that vulnerability in the Android marketplace and three in the iPhone app store. They’ll present the results at the Mobile Security Technologies workshop in San Jose in May. [Xing Jin, Tongbo Luo, Derek G. Tsui, and Wenliang Du, XDS: Cross-Device Scripting Attacks on Smartphones through HTML5-based Apps]

HTML5 apps are forecast to dominate half the market by 2016. And since bad code can hide in mp3s, photos, texts, even the names of wi-fi networks, researchers say it’s time for developers to wise-up to this glitch before it goes viral.
—Christopher Intagliata
[The above text is a transcript of this podcast.]

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Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Review: Headway Themes

( — April 17, 2014) Brooklyn, NY – As more businesses are moving the bulk of their sales to the web, it’s becoming more important for small business owners to become tech savvy. The advent of do-it-yourself friendly theme frameworks like the Drag and Drop WordPress theme called Headway, is helping many smaller companies create a successful web presence for themselves. 


The cost of getting a website designed by a web developer can range from $5000-$10,000. With a versatile platform like WordPress as the base, and using a simple drag and drop designer can cut down marketing budgets significantly – down to a few hundred dollars including the purchase of a domain and hosting account. 


Headway Themes owners knew that getting their software in the hands of more motivated entrepreneurs who are attending the Off The Charts Live conference would be beneficial for both parties. 


When asked why they approached Headway Themes to become a sponsor, Nathalie Lussier said: “I believe that Headway Themes is a pioneer in the WordPress theme space and I’m honored to have them on board as our sponsor for this avant-garde business event.” 


One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many business owners is the technology side of running a business in the modern world. Taking a full Headway Theme Review into consideration is helpful before undertaking any new big technology change.


With the curriculum being offered at the in-person 2-day event in New York City, Off The Charts aims to take the mystery and confusion out of the technical side of running a business on the web. Attendees will learn how to attract more customers to their websites, how to increase their sales conversions, and how to manage their time as a growing business owner. 


Headway Themes is a drag and drop WordPress theme company that is dedicated to helping website owners develop custom looking sites without the headaches that most theme frameworks create.


Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur who has been making web sites since she was 12 years old, and graduated with a degree in Software Engineering and a job offer from Wall Street. 


In a gutsy move, she turned down this job to start her own business right out of college. Now running a multi-six figure consulting company with her husband Robin Li, Nathalie helps thousands of people all over the world get techy with it, and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Venture Beat, Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Under 30 CEO.

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Smartphones Vulnerable To App Attack

Now that you’ve changed all your passwords because of the Heartbleed Bug (right?), here’s something else to worry about—your smartphone might be susceptible to one of the Web’s most common hacks, something called a cross-site scripting attack.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you scan a 2-D bar code with your phone. The bar code contains information—including, perhaps, a string of malicious JavaScript code. If your bar code reader is a native iPhone or Android app, no problem. But if it’s an HTML5 app, which works across platforms, you might be in trouble. Because HTML5 apps run on JavaScript. And some are designed to detect JavaScript in a jumble of data—like that bar code—and execute it.
Researchers found five bar code–scanner apps with that vulnerability in the Android marketplace and three in the iPhone app store. They’ll present the results at the Mobile Security Technologies workshop in San Jose in May. [Xing Jin, Tongbo Luo, Derek G. Tsui, and Wenliang Du, XDS: Cross-Device Scripting Attacks on Smartphones through HTML5-based Apps]

HTML5 apps are forecast to dominate half the market by 2016. And since bad code can hide in mp3s, photos, texts, even the names of wi-fi networks, researchers say it’s time for developers to wise-up to this glitch before it goes viral.
—Christopher Intagliata
[The above text is a transcript of this podcast.]

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RepEquity Develops New Adobe Analytics for WordPress Plugin

— RepEquity, an industry-leading online brand management company, announced today the release of its new analytics plugin, Adobe Analytics for WordPress. Adobe Analytics for WordPress makes it easier to integrate custom Adobe Analytics metrics into WordPress-powered websites. Today, WordPress supports nearly 75 million websites worldwide.

Adobe Analytics for WordPress provides a highly customizable tool for PageCode management. The plugin places default PageCode values site-wide and allows for page-level and post-level custom values. Support is provided for all tracking variables including props, eVars and events. The plugin also provides several shortcodes to support breadcrumbs, categories, page types and other variable values. Adobe Analytics for WordPress was created in response to the need for better support of custom variables, and is best suited for those familiar with the analytics platform.

“Analytics play a critical role across all our digital solutions and we believe this showcases our capabilities in analytics to a global user base,” said RepEquity CEO and founder, Tripp Donnelly. “This new Adobe Analytics plugin for WordPress will ensure that every WordPress user has the ability to shape analytics metrics for granular customization.”

Within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics helps create a holistic view for companies by turning customer interactions into actionable insights. RepEquity will provide support and regular maintenance for the plugin, and plans to roll out additional features. Adobe Analytics for WordPress is available for free in the plugin directory.

For more information, visit

About RepEquity

RepEquity delivers digital strategies and business solutions that transform the way brands are defined, connected and protected. RepEquity serves some of the most recognized brands and leaders in entertainment, finance, retail, real estate, energy, trade associations and non-profit organizations. The company specializes in brand engagement and brand protection services that include online reputation management (ORM), search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM), social media management, and Mobile/Web/Application development. For more information, visit

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Atlanta’s Best Web Design Firm Wins Gold Horizon Interactive Award – The …

ATLANTA, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – The Creative Momentum, a full-service creative and digital marketing agency specializing in custom website design and development, has been named a Gold Level winner in the Horizon Interactive Awards Competition. This international competition highlights the “best of the best” in interactive media production.

“It’s always an honor to receive a Gold award like this for our portfolio,” says Carl Widdowson, CEO of the Creative Momentum. “Our focus is taking a client’s vision, making it a reality, and breaking the stereotypes of previous web design experiences.”

A distinguishing feature of the Horizon Awards is the judges panel—volunteer judges are interactive media industry professionals—the peers of the nominees. End users and non-designers also judge the entries because winning criteria include providing outstanding user experiences and effective solutions to real business problems.

The Creative Momentum won the top honor in the self promotion/portfolio category. Entries were judged on solution creativity and effectiveness, originality, technical merit, overall aesthetic design, and communication of the message. “Winners in this year’s competition highlight the best blend of technology, cutting-edge thinking, outstanding user-experience and overall aesthetics,” said Mike Sauce, founder of the Horizon Interactive Awards.

The best web design firms were chosen from over 1600 entries from more than 24 countries. This is the 12th year of the Horizon Interactive Awards. The 2013 winning entries showcase the industry’s best interactive media solutions including web sites, mobile applications, print media, interactive displays, public exhibits, online advertising, video, email and more.

About The Creative Momentum
The Creative Momentum is an Atlanta-based, full-service creative and digital marketing agency, specializing in custom web design and development for businesses. The Creative Momentum provides custom Web/Interactive, Marketing, SEO, Custom Graphic/Logo Design, Branding, Advertising, Media, Mobile Design and Strategic Planning to clients in high-tech B2B, B2C, consulting, security and non-profit industries. Learn more at or call 678-648-1445.

SOURCE The Creative Momentum


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GoldFire Studios officially launches HTML5 casino game CasinoRPG


Oklahoma City-based GoldFire Studios has announced the official launch of its Kickstarter-funded, HTML5 powered social casino game CasinoRPG. The game released in beta on the web in September 2013, and combines elements from multiple game genres, like roleplaying and tycoon games, into one experience.

While GoldFire acknowledges the existence of the multitude of other social casino games available on Facebook and mobile devices, the company’s release of CasinoRPG aims to give players something to do with the virtual money they win.

In CasinoRPG, players use their winnings from games like poker, blackjack and slot machines to build casinos and apartments. The more winnings players earn, the more they can focus on the interior designs of their buildings, or how their overall casino appears.


As a massively multiplayer online experience, all casinos in the game are owned by other players. As such, gamers start out as janitors in a casino, and must work their way up and out into the game’s world, buying a plot of land for their own casino. During the game’s beta release period, over 17,000 players joined the experience.

CasinoRPG can be played on a variety of devices, thanks to HTML5. This means gamers will have the same gameplay experience whether playing on a desktop or a smartphone or tablet, as examples. Instead of launching on Facebook, GoldFire has announced its own GoldFire Network, which will host the game on the open web.

More information on CasinoRPG is available on the game’s website.

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Ten Best Web Design Companies in Egypt Proclaimed in April 2014 by egypt …

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Ten Best Web Design Companies in Egypt Proclaimed in April 2014 by

(PRWEB) April 17, 2014 has awarded the 10 top web design services in Egypt providing services in the search marketing industry for the month of April 2014. Businesses looking for competent web design services turn to the recommendations provided online in order to identify web design services which have been analyzed by an independent third party. The recommendations are adjusted monthly to account for the latest accomplishments of top contesting search marketing services and to highlight the top producers of competent services.

The 10 top web design firms in Egypt for April 2014 are:

1. Traffic

2. El Motaheda Jordan

3. EGO Solutions

4. Clix Plus

5. El Motaheda Web

6. NUBIX Information Technologies

7. IWebalize

8. Seo Egypt

9. Egypt Web Solutions

10. NetEdges

The independent research team spends time researching web design agencies in Egypt by taking a thorough look at key strengths and competitive advantages of contesting search marketing agencies. The rankings are created through the use of a set of evaluation criteria. The five criteria used to benchmark and compare web design agencies include visual appeal, consistency, download time, navigation, and compliant code. Search marketing agencies are put to the test to ensure the best agencies are featured to assist businesses in selecting the absolute best web design agencies to meet their specific needs.

ABOUT is an established independent research firm in Egypt focusing on the analysis and recommendations of internet marketing services all around the world. The recommendations are produced by the independent research team each month to highlight the top web design services based on their accomplishments and their rating achieved through the proprietary analysis process.

For the recommendations of the best web design agencies visit:

Web design services interested in being evaluated can visit:

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Developer’s Spotlight on ‘Responsive Web Design’

Responsive design gives users a streamlined experience on all devices, from mobile to desktop to tablet. But how streamlined and responsive is the web development process itself?

What is responsive design?

Most developers know what responsive design is. But most websites don’t have it—and few clients ask for it by name. People do know they want a website that works on any device–phone, tablet, desktop. They also want better search engine optimization. That’s what responsive design gives them.

Is responsive design just another trend?

Mobile is increasingly becoming a very big deal for developers. Smartphone internet access is actually outpacing desktops. So responsive design is much more than just a trend. It’s a business imperative. It’s crucial to clients that their sites be accessible on a variety of devices. Besides giving clients better SEO and customer engagement, responsive websites also save money on development and maintenance. Rather than paying for a separate mobile site, responsive design makes it all-inclusive. Updates are easier because you’re updating one site, not two. We expect responsive design to continue to play a major role in our client projects.

What’s in it for the developer?

The big advantage as a developer and content manager is there’s only one theme to worry about. You don’t have a separate mobile site or theme. It’s all one, consistent piece of code. You’re using the same data in different sizes, but it’s all in one place. You don’t have to do the same thing twice.

When do clients ask for responsive design–or a site that works on all devices?

Most of our clients get responsive design when they get a new website. We’re getting a lot of people who are either on another CMS or on Drupal 6, and want to upgrade to Drupal 7. This is the perfect time to do a major redesign, and we recommend responsive design at that point. You’re already building the site. You might as well refresh the design at the same time.

What’s stopping everyone in the world from having a responsive website right now?

A common misconception about responsive design is you have to build it from scratch. Actually, you don’t. Not always.

What’s the fastest way to get a responsive website?

Drupal distributions are the responsive design secret weapon. Pantheon makes it easy to get up and running with a responsive website. If you’re creating a new site on the Pantheon platform, you can choose from a number of Drupal distributions that give you responsive websites out of the box. For example, Panopoly and Commerce Kickstartallow you to save time and money and get up and running quickly. It gives you the option of which Drupal distribution you want to install, and it sets up the git repository. If we were doing this otherwise, we’d be doing a lot more manual work. Downloading it, setting up the git repository.

How responsive is your responsive design process?

Pantheon makes us more efficient in two ways. Sometimes we’re able to use a Drupal distribution to get up and running quickly. And most of the time we also take advantage of the separate development environments.

How does having three separate environments make you more efficient?

When we’re doing a migration, having the live site in one version of Drupal and the dev in another is definitely beneficial. We can do the migration and show it to the client on dev. Then we can continue migrating additional pieces if they’re adding things to the live site. We’ve done that recently. If we realize after the fact that there’s another piece to migrate, we can do that fairly easily.

Can you build a responsive website on your own mobile device?

That would seem to be the next step, right? You’d be surprised how much site admin I do on my phone already. I did an entire initial setup on my phone sitting in a bar one day.

This article is an original contribution by Sean Robertson.

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6 Steps to Effective Web Design Planning

Welcome back to another installment of “90 Seconds of Design with The Beard,” featuring me, Spencer P, Lead Graphic Designer at Synecore.

One of the toughest challenges that comes along with designing or redesigning a website is the planning. In order to make sure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end, you’ll need to put together a solid strategy to achieve your goals.

Never fear, #TheBeard is here! Today I’ll take you through six easy steps that will allow you to set up an effective planning strategy.


To check out all the episodes of #TheBeard, make sure to subscribe to the Synecore Tech YouTube channel! 6 Steps to Effective Web Design Planning image b92e0ff9 58b3 466d ad38 e19a87f4515b7

This article is an original contribution by Spencer Ploessl.

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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics 6 Steps to Successful Lead Nurturing Social Selling: An Overview for Sales Executives

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javascript capabilities

The question is too vague to answer.


Programming is not trivial, game development is not easy, so with “just a little knowledge” you’ll end up doing “just little things”. Also, “just a little” could mean anything, what do you know? What have you done already? Maybe you only know the syntax of the basic loops, or maybe you’ve made some generic excercises, or maybe you’ve done a basic calculator… You should be more specific.


Also, you need to learn programming concepts too (paradigms, patterns, and A LOT more), not only languages. Languages are just tools, ideally you can do the same thing using any language with more or less work.


Maybe you can learn to use Unity (it supports C# or JavaScript) and you’ll have a lot of stuff already solved, but even then you need to learn more than the basic.

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10 WordPress Design Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress is one of the most popular open source programs available in the world. Many programmers have made the program what it is, with a wide variety of themes and plugins available. Unfortunately, not all of these are good for your site. Some can cause conflicts, a slow site and could make you vulnerable to hackers. In this article we look at ways to keep you safe and to build a site that’s both functional and attractive.


1.      1. We’ll begin with a quick look at security issues. When setting up access to your blog, ask your ISP to enable SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). As for software, there are many programs available, including: WinSCP, WS FTP or Filezilla.


With a WordPress site it’s important to regularly update your passwords. Use a minimum of 16 characters and a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Never use the default “admin.” If you have, it can be changed after the fact in the database. Keep your blog updated with the latest version of WordPress and make sure you make regular backups. One way is to use a plugin, like WordPress Database Backup. Another option is to make backups with cPanel in the database section.


2.      2. Not Using Themes and Plugins from Trusted Source: There are many themes and plugins available and a great number are free. The trouble is some of these don’t come from a reliable source. Worse, it’s easy to install malicious code into them, which can wreak havoc with your installation, send out spam, etc. A good idea is to read up on the theme or plugin you want to install and see what others have to say. If you have any doubts, don’t install it. Another way to avoid this problem is to buy commercial themes, such as Thesis, Themeforest, Genesis, OptimizePress, or Headway Themes.


3.      3. Too Many Plugins: One of the great advantages of WordPress is its ability to use plugins, but if you use too many, some plugins can conflict with each other. Possible consequences are a slow site and sections of the blog that will no longer operate. To find the problem, deactivate all plugins and test each one until you isolate the problem


               4. One Long Blog Post after Another: This is a common mistake, where you make many posts that appear, one after another on an endlessly scrolling page. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix. Use the !–more– tag in your post. Only the text prior to the !–more– tag will be displayed, allowing you full control over previews.


5.      5. Editing WordPress Files without Knowing How to Code: This can create havoc for your site. If you don’t know how the coding works, don’t touch it – unless you have direction from an expert or you turn your site over to a programmer who can make the changes for you. Ignoring this can break your site; lock you out from the interface, etc.


6.      6. Lack of Contrast between the Font and Background: This is a common design mistake which makes your text difficult to read. When setting type against a background, there should be a strong contrast. i.e. Black on white. Also, avoid using reverse type, such as white or yellow on black. It’s hard to read. If you do use it, keep it to a minimum. DO NOT use it for full pages at a time.


7.      7. Font Size and Type: With many sites, the designer uses a small font that’s hard to read. Don’t do that. It’s a great way to turn off your audience. It’s also wise to keep the use of fancy fonts to a minimum, if you use them at all. One major reason is that they could be hard to read. When building a site you want to make it as easy as possible for the user to consume your content.


8.      8. Having Many External CSS Files is a Mistake: This will slow down your page load times. It’s much better to have one large CSS file.


9.      9. Overuse of Images and Animation: While it’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, too many images in your posts can really suck up the bandwidth and slow your site down to a crawl. Before you post any images or animations, make sure that they’re relevant to your layout and not just “eye candy.” If these are the latter, eliminate them.


     10. Using the Wrong Image Formats: PNG is a great format but it creates files sizes up to 5-10 times larger than JPEG. In general, I recommend JPEG for images, and PNG-8 or GIF for thumbnails and/or text. Another option is to make use of CSS for creating images as a way of reducing bandwidth.  



WordPress Rookie Mistakes

8 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

WordPress Mistakes and Myths


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Working with the Battery Status API in HTML5 Web Applications

Web pages today aren’t just static files. There is increased client-side processing in today’s rich web apps. This has resulted in increasing power consumption by browsers. As internet gets increasingly consumed through mobile devices, it is important for web developers to design their web pages with the consideration that the device rendering the HTML might be power constrained.


If the web application can be made aware of the battery status of the device, the web developers can author the web application such that it can stop or reduce the power-intensive processing if the device is low on battery.

With this scenario in mind, the HTML5 specification has provided API for determining the battery status. With the knowledge of the device’s battery status, the web application can effectively craft the content and optimized experience.


  • Email applications can reduce the frequency for polling for email updates if the determine that the device’s battery is low/critical.
  • Client-site JavaScript processing can be reduced when battery is low.
  • A word processing web application can increase the frequency of automatically saving the content if it determines that the batter us low.
  • Switch to a less power-hungry CSS theme for the styling of the web page.
  • Avoiding network calls for downloading images.
  • Offline storing of web application data.


The HTML5 specification for battery status is available at


BatteryManager Interface

The BatteryManager  interface is specified as below.


interface BatteryManager : EventTarget {

    readonly attribute boolean   charging;

    readonly attribute double    chargingTime;

    readonly attribute double    dischargingTime;

    readonly attribute double    level;


             attribute Function? onchargingchange;


             attribute Function? onchargingtimechange;


             attribute Function? ondischargingtimechange;


             attribute Function? onlevelchange;



The BatteryManager interface exposes 4 properties

chargingboolean – represents if the system’s battery is charging

chargingTime – double – represents the time remaining (in seconds) for the battery to be fully charged.

dischargingTime – double – represents the time remaining (in seconds) for the battery to be completely discharged and the system is about to be suspended.

level – double – represents the current battery level, min 0.0, max 1.0.


It also specifies 4 events.

onchargingchange – Event fired when charging activity changes.

onchargingtimechange –Event fired when the time remaining to completely charge the device changes.

ondischargingtimechange –Event fired when the time remaining to completely discharge the device changes.

onlevelchange – Event fired when the level changes.




The HTML5 specification  outlines that all kinds of Navigator type implement the NavigatorBattery interface, which is defined as below.


interface NavigatorBattery {

    readonly attribute BatteryManager battery;



This means that access to the battery is made by calling “navigator.battery”.


Here is  a snippet which shows how we can use the battery API in HTML5 web pages. Note that the API is not currently implemented by any modern browser, so these samples might not work.









        h1Battery API demo/h1

        pDemo showing battery API in action (does not work on all browsers)/p




        pHTML Goodies/p





    div id=”charging”(charging state unknown)/div

    div id=”level”(battery level unknown)/div

    div id=”chargingTime(charging time unknown)/div

    div id=”dischargingTime(discharging time unknown)/div





        // Get the battery object

        var battery = navigator.battery;


        //Trap the charging change event and update the element “charging” with whether the device is charging or not.

        battery.onchargingchange = function () {

            document.querySelector(‘#charging’).textContent = battery.charging ? charging : ‘not charging’;



        //Trap the level change event and update the element “level” with the current device level.

        battery.onlevelchange = function () {

            document.querySelector(‘#level’).textContent = battery.level;



        //Trap the discharging change event and update the element “dischargingTime” with the time remaining to completelt discharge the device.

        battery.ondischargingtimechange = function () {

            document.querySelector(‘#dischargingTime).textContent = battery.dischargingTime / 60;





        //Trap the charging change event and update the element “chargingTime” with the time remaining to completely charge the device.

        battery.onchargingtimechange = function () {

            document.querySelector(‘#chargingTime).textContent = battery.chargingTime / 60;






If the browser supported battery API, it will show the battery information.

Some browsers have implemented the support for battery API differently. To work with this, you can declare the battery object as below as use it today.

var battery = navigator.battery || navigator.webkitBattery || navigator.mozBattery || navigator.msBattery || null;




In this article, we learned about the battery API. I hope you have found this information useful.


Vipul Patel is a Program Manager currently working at Amazon Corporation. He has formerly worked at Microsoft in the Lync team and in the .NET team (in the Base Class libraries and the Debugging and Profiling team). He can be reached at



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Web Designer – KLAS

8 News NOW has immediate opening for a Web Designer.

The Web Designer is responsible for the design, production, and implementation of creative elements for 8 News NOW online and mobile products.

Responsibilities include:

  • Design display ads, custom sections, email newsletters and other creative for clients.
  • Design and implement various projects for 8 News NOW websites.
  • Use internal workflow systems to communicate and facilitate ad campaign launches.
  • Implement advertising insertion orders using DART for Publishers.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues, ad serving errors, broken creative, etc.

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PSD To HTML5 Conversion @CSSChopper to Get Substantial Visibility

PSD To HTML5 Conversion @CSSChopper to Get Substantial Visibility


WhaTech Channel: Web Design

Published: Wednesday, 16 April 2014 20:20

Submitted by Vikash Sharma

News from:

Read: 17 times

Get future-proof PSD to HTML5 conversion service from CSSChopper and get steady growth with the recognition of a reliable name in terms of highly-ended responsive website design.

April 16, 2014: Noida (U.P) – In the buzz world of HTML5 web development, CSSChopper is a preeminent name to deliver visually appealing, interactive, secure and flexible website design. The conversion is our key strength from the inception and our professional HTML5 developers make it possible by fulfilling the complex requirements of clients. The conversion has become the modern way of website design and development to lure and retain a wide array of visitors. We also offer a facility to hire HTML5 developer according to your budget (hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly).

The proficiencyofour 5+ years of experienced dedicated programmers in HTML5 web development, quality of work, innovative blend of proven methodologies, designing capabilities and round-the-clock technical assistance help us gain the trust of our valuable clients. We are also admirable for web application development, web design development, open source web development, PHP framework development and fully customized services.

Why Choose CSSChopper’s PSD to HTML5 Conversion Expertise!

1. Technically Knack:Our professional team of HTML5 developers has the deep technical knowledge as well as proficiency in semantic code markups to deliver the goal-oriented result. All our developers are highly qualified to capable of handling your complex needs without losing quality.

2. Nominal Rates:The cost to hire HTML5 developer is very reasonable at CSSChopper among the others and it can be afforded by all kinds of businesses either big or small. We ensure 100% client satisfaction from the unique web design, pixel-precise code, tableless layout and cross-platform support.

3. W3C Standards Validation:Our expert team strictly follows W3C standards because it is a quality parameter and widely accepted to judge whether the website is good or not. Therefore, always keep in mind this remarkable feature.

4. 100% SEO Semantic Code:We are expert in semantic coding with the feature of search engine optimization, which helps your business to improve ranking. The automatically generated code by system may have some errors or bugs. This is why, we believe in hand-coded markup code.

5. Responsive Design:One of the key features of our excellent services is responsive web design. The website becomes cross-device compatible through this awesome feature and can be accessed on major web as well as mobile browsers.

Our development team is passionate towards their work and bring innovative ideas concepts to cater the clients’ desired project. We at CSSChopper assure for the project progress with HTML5 web development. To attain utmost content, contact us now, we strive hard to deliver the quality standard work within the given time frame.

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This reader mocked Heartbleed, posted his passwords online. Guess what …

(Paramount/CBS Television)

(Paramount/CBS Television)

Here’s a lesson in online security: Passwords are important. They keep your information safe. Crucially, they also prevent other people from impersonating you.

Unfortunately, one of The Switch’s readers learned that the hard way. On a story explaining how the Heartbleed bug could slow down the Internet, a commenter scoffed at the “Heartbleed thingamajig,” arguing that the Internet’s handwringing over security was mostly overwrought:

I couldn’t give a flying fig about the Heartbleed thingamajig. Two years already the thing has been running loose … and not a word of someone crying over its damage. Say … does anyone really know its origin? Russian crackers? Seattle high-schoolers? the NSA? Yahoo’s marketing department?

The reader went on to post the two passwords he uses on a regular basis across all of his main accounts, inviting hackers to

read all the eMail I have. Sneak into my WaPo, NYT or CNN accounts and go crazy making comments in my name. Break-into my Facebook or Twitter profiles and change my hometown to Gas City Indiana, swap-out my avatar with a picture of your nads, make friends with people I don’t know.

Several other readers tried to point out how dangerous this was — to which the original commenter wrote, “Wow … that’s like attacking a brave guy ’cause he isn’t foolish enough to be reckless.”

Predictably, inviting the worst led to the worst.

The reader’s accounts on Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook all appear to have been hacked in short order. The reader’s location on Twitter now reads as Gas City, Indiana, just like the commenter asked, and the account has several mocking tweets. I’ve obscured the reader’s name here to protect his identity, even though he seems intent on getting it stolen.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 14.33.10

“OK, Perhaps putting my password on a national news site is not so good,” the commenter’s WordPress blog reads. “I actually posted my password … on a national news site, as well as bragging that my doors were open and I have no AV [antivirus] software. I see my Facebook was hit first, but perhaps I didn’t think that if someone gets access to my email, they have access to my bank, credit cards, most anything. Ooops!” (Note: the WordPress post is written in the first-person voice, but from the context it sounds more like whomever hijacked the WordPress account was impersonating the reader.)

Now, there are other ways to explain what happened here. It’s possible that this is a hoax — somebody set up fake accounts on these various services and deliberately hijacked them to manufacture a story from nothing. But the lesson is no less valid: Share your credentials online, and you won’t have to worry about getting hacked — you’ll have done all the hard work for the criminals.

The reader did not respond to multiple attempts to contact him.

Heartbleed is about to get worse, and it will slow the Internet to a crawl

NSA denies it knew of the Heartbleed bug

How ‘Battlestar Galactica’ explains Heartbleed

More tech news:

What’s Gnip? And why did Twitter buy it?

Google spells out how (and why) it scans your e-mail

The insanely fast Wi-Fi router you’ll probably never need

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