Managed WordPress Hosting Now Available at Trent Studios, LLC

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managed wordpress hosting

managed wordpress hosting

Fort Collins, Colorado (PRWEB) September 18, 2014

The Managed WordPress Hosting service from Trent Studios, LLC, allows the business owner to focus on their business while Trent Studios keeps their website safe and secure. They can rest easier knowing that their WordPress website on Trent Studios’ dedicated server environment is secure, kept backed-up, and up-to-date with the latest software.

WordPress is a content management system and blogging platform. Think of WordPress as website-building software. It’s free and gets installed into the website. It’s not something that’s installed on a personal computer. The appearance of a WordPress website can be changed with what’s called a ‘theme’. The functionality of a WordPress website can be changed by installing plug-ins, such as a contact form plug-in, or a shopping cart plug-in.

Think of hosting as the place a website lives. It’s like the lot a house sits on.

The developers of WordPress, the theme, and any plug-ins installed, release updates from time to time that include new features or security patches. Those security patches are why it’s a good idea to keep a WordPress website kept up-to-date. But before the website is updated, it needs to be backed-up, in case something goes wrong.

There’s more to a secure WordPress site than just keeping software up-to-date. As part of Trent Studios’ Managed WordPress Hosting service, they also make changes to how WordPress gets installed and who, or what, can have access to it. For example, the first thing hackers do to gain access to a website is try to figure out where the log-in page is, and what the username and password is. The default log-in URL is The folks at Trent Studios, LLC, simply change this to something different. They also use strong passwords. A few of the many things they do to secure a WordPress website are highlighted on their website at

If there’s been a breach to the website, they try to find out how the hacker got in and fix it, find and quarantine the injection, and evaluate what can be done to prevent that from happening again.

The reason security is so important is because hackers all around the world are looking for vulnerable websites they can hack into. If a WordPress website has a plug-in that has a known security vulnerability, hackers will find it eventually, and when they do, they may use it to send spam or replace the home page with a Viagra ad.

Just about everybody offers WordPress hosting. But not everybody offers Managed WordPress Hosting or goes to the length Trent Studios, LLC does to keep a WordPress safe and secure. Security is their primary concern.

To learn more about the managed WordPress hosting offered by Trent Studios, visit their website at .

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5 Reasons why Less is More in Web Design

You may have noticed a shift in the digital world recently, where websites and brand identities have been stripped back to a very simple, minimalistic design.

Minimalism has been “in” in the design world for a number of years, but it has only just started to appear on the web. While the trend’s stripped back look and feel might not be right for all applications, there are some principles that can be applied to any design project.

1. Easy Navigation

Having too many elements in a website design can be confusing – and frustrating – for users. Cluttered, busy layouts make it difficult to work out where to go to find the information or functions they’re looking for.

With more people using smart phones and tablets as their primary internet access source, there is a real need for information to be displayed clearly on the smaller screen size and suit the “swipe” style browsing habits of the modern internet users.

2. Faster Reading

Studies have proven that people don’t spend the same amount of time paying attention to detail on digital displays as they do when reading print material. They tend to scan the page quickly rather than taking in every word. Pairing the content back to well written basic copy means that people are more likely to take notice of what the website is trying to tell them.

3. Easier to Keep Up To Date

One way that designers can minimise the wordiness of website copy is to hide older stories. News websites have been doing this for some time, as have bloggers and other digital publishers. Typically a handful of up to the minute or particularly newsworthy articles are highlighted, with older content condensed into a list view.

4. It’s Trustworthy

Just as a cluttered layout can frustrate or confuse users, it can also make them wary about what you’re actually offering. A minimalistic approach can help instil confidence in the organisation as site visitors don’t feel that they are trying to hide anything or go for the ‘hard sell’.

It’s just a simple, ‘this is what we do and how we can help you’ style of approach that makes people feel they can trust the organisation.

5. It’s An Art Form

There is a fine line between a minimalist design and having your website look unfinished. If you’re thinking about stripping back the look of your web page, it’s advisable that you contact a digital marketing agency like Simple to manage your redesign. Professional designers can create the look and functionality you need while ensuring that your website remains on brand with clear messaging.

The old adage ‘less is more’ can translate into a really effective – yet still aesthetically pleasing – web design principle. The internet can be a very busy place with multiple messages being broadcast simultaneously. Taking a clean, simplistic approach is sometimes the best way to make sure that your website stands out.

Have you seen any great examples of minimalist web design done well?

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Get Alluring Website Via WordPress Web Development Service …

Get Alluring Website Via WordPress Web Development Service @ SparxITSolutions


WhaTech Channel: Web Design Press Release

Published: Wednesday, 17 September 2014 16:03

Submitted by Vikash Sharma WhaTech Pro

News from:
Sparx IT Solutions – Web Design Development Company

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If you want to own a robust business website that gives you the flexibility to customize the themes and content to match your needs, then WordPress web development is surely made for you.

17-Sep-14, USA- WordPress web development has gained soaring popularity nowadays as it comes with a wide range of stunning themes and plug-ins that allow you to modify the look and feel of your website as per your business requirements. Sparx IT Solutions, reliable name in the niche of web development, specializes in creating fully customized and unique WordPress websites to give your business a cutting edge.

WordPress is an outstanding open-source blogging tool as well as content management system, which can be customized easily. Powering over 17% of the internet, this incredible CMS is used to create all sorts of websites from simple blogs, to sophisticated and enterprise sites. It combines convenience for publishers and users with underlying product implementation complexity for the programmers. This makes WordPress flexible yet easy-to-use CMS.

Interesting Facts About WordPress That Make It The Top Choice Among People
• Currently, there are more than 69760000 WordPress websites worldwide
• Nearly 20% of top 10 million websites are built using WordPress
• Amazingly, 52% of top technical blogs make use of WordPress
• Moreover, it has been translated into 73 distinct languages

How Sparx IT Solutions Helps You Get The Most Out Of WordPress’ Features!
♦ We offer you multilingual WordPres website that allows you to run your site in your desired language.
♦ Our skilled developers create highly flexible and scalable website, making it convenient for you to organize the content, schedule publications, create drafts and review your posts. You can make the content private or public and even secure your posts pages by using a strong password.
♦ We ensure that every piece of code is in compliance with the W3C standards. This means that your website will work perfectly with all the latest browsers, while sustaining compatibility with different mobile platforms.

We can help you create pages and posts in WordPress, format them with ease, insert media and more. Your content will be live with a single click of button. If wish to embed video gallery, event calendar, Facebook fan page and Twitter feed, we can do it for you, using free-to-use or affordable WordPress plug-ins.

Whether you want to attain a simple blogging site or a complex business website, Sparx IT Solutions is a one-stop-solution for all your WordPress web development needs. Our talented team of professional developers analyzes your business needs and objectives thoroughly to implement them in an efficient manner.

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Sparx IT Solutions - Web Design  Development CompanySparx IT Solutions
Category: Web Design Development

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Looking For WordPress Plugin Developer – Your Search Ends At …

Looking For WordPress Plugin Developer – Your Search Ends At PSDtoWordPressExpert


WhaTech Channel: Web Design Press Release

Published: Wednesday, 17 September 2014 20:31

Submitted by Vikash Sharma WhaTech Pro

News from:

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If you are seeking for an experienced and highly skilled WordPress plugin developer, then give a full stop to your search at PSDtoWordPressExpert because it’s a company that holds expertise in the web development based on WordPress.

Delaware (USA) – WordPress is a powerful blogging tool and content management system that enhances the web presence. Plugins play a crucial role in customizing the functionality of WordPress. The demand of WordPress plugin developer is increasing rapidly and if you are still unaware of the best team of plugin developers, then a place where all your requirements will get fulfilled is PSDtoWordPressExpert.

Why Plugins are important for website?

Plugins form an important part for any website, herein WordPress, as they enables upgrade in the website’s functionality without any change in the core programming. Now, it has become mandatory for the entrepreneurs to go for WordPress plugin developer and get fully-functional WordPress plugins that solve the business objectives. WordPress plugin is a collection of functions coded in PHP and is seamlessly integrated into WordPress website with the help of access points. Plugins act as a modifier for your website and you have to choose professionals for effective WordPress plugin development. There are 33,349 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory and 737,973,474 downloads.

Role of PSDtoWordPressExpert in plugin development

PSDtoWordPressExpert is a reputed name in plugin development as the company has expert programmers, who have enough expertise to add value to your WordPress website and offer the best in class plugins. Going for WordPress plugin developer from this renowned destination, worths a lot to your business growth. It is because this company has a team of professionals, whose skills and the previous records are up to the mark. Our plugin development services provide you numerous benefits in uplifting your business growth. Let’s have a glimpse on a few of our valuable features:-

  • Quality development with guaranteed security: Quality is our priority since the inception of this company and our programmers have maintained this parameter in a very effective manner. Along with quality, we guarantee the security of your valuable data and protects it from all technical errors.
  • Strict to coding standards: The way you code, reflects your level of developing a project. Our passionate WordPress plugin developers are strict to the coding standards and write it according to the latest guidelines.
  • W3C validated code: W3C validation indicates error-free lines of code. Our programmers focus on errors and make it correct immediately, if any, without waiting for the testing team to resolve that error.
  • Proper support: We assist our customers in a proper manner and provide them an active support for resolving all issues that come in their way.

PSDtoWordPressExpert is a leading WordPress plugin development company that offers highly customized plugins for your website. Choosing WordPress plugin developer from this magnificent source is beneficial in all the aspects for you.

For more detail, visit:

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Alfresco partners with Snowbound for VirtualViewer HTML5 integration

Alfresco has teamed up with document viewing technology provider Snowbound Software to integrate Snowbound’s VirtualViewer HTML5 into its collaborative ECM platform, Alfresco One.

The web-based viewer allows end users to view all major document formats including PDF, TIFF, HTML, JPEG and MS Office. Features include a multiple document viewer, text search and a full range of annotation tools. Billed as “zero footprint” tool, VirtualViewer HTML5 works in any browser and requires no additional downloads or plugins.

“VirtualViewer’s configurability makes it easy for administrators to control permission-based access of multiple groups while providing a universal viewing experience regardless of the users’ browser or device,” said Snowbound’s Director of Marketing, Jody Spencer.

Vendors in the tech industry as a whole seem to favor splashy announcements, but Alfresco has a history of quietly creating partnerships that bring simple yet necessary options to its users.

It reflects a culture that former FierceContentManagment Editor Ron Miller mentioned after interviewing company founder John Newton last year. “They want to be ‘simple and smart,’” Miller said. “What that means is they strive to give end users the simplicity they crave. They don’t want to think about managing records or adding metadata, or doing any of the tasks we have always associated with content management products. They just want to do their jobs and let the software take care of all that.”

For more:
- view a slide deck from an Ignite Talk about VirtualViewer
- read the details from Snowbound

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Alfresco’s John Newton looks to future of information management

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Cleaning up WordPress After Your Site Has Been Hacked

Cleaning up WordPress After Your Site Has Been Hacked image 6809856791 75b9f375d5 q1

This is the third post in a series on WordPress security. The story starts when my site was hacked and continued as I diagnosed the hack. In this post I’ll get into how I identified and then cleaned up the malicious code on my site. I’ve never done this before yet I found no good resources on this topic so hopefully this information is useful to those that need to clean up their WordPress site after a hack.

If you have better advice, please add it in the comments; I’m looking to provide the best advice possible.

First of all, let’s get it out of the way. Best practices say the only way to be sure you have a clean site is to do a full reinstall of the site. That requires a fresh install of WordPress, your theme, your plugins, any other software you use AND your WordPress database. I learned this after my site was cleaned so the advice didn’t help me. Not to mention, starting all over and hoping my site will work once you piece it all back together is pretty frightening. With that said my host, Dreamhost, provided guidance and security scans to let me know how my clean up was progressing. If you don’t have a host that can provide help, you’re wise to consider reinstalling or finding a WordPress expert to clean up your site for you.

1. Upgrade, reinstall and remove

In the first post in this series I mentioned that I restored my WordPress site from backups. In my case, I had to do that to get access to the WP admin login. Once your site is running again, you still need to upgrade WordPress and reinstall essential plugins. Notice that plugins need to be reinstalled not just upgraded. Upgrading WordPress is too trivial to describe, just click the “upgrade WordPress” button.

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» Free Webcast: What to Do When the Whole World is Watching: The Brands that Stole the Show During the World Cup

With your WordPress updated turn your attention to your plugins. Take screen shots of your installed plugins as well as those plugins that have settings. The settings should be stored in your database, but I liked having a record of everything before proceeding. With a list of all your plugins, use the administrative console to deactivate and delete all your plugins. Then reinstall your essential plugins.

In my case, my themes were infected and new malicious themes were installed. I removed every theme not in use.

2. Identify malicious code

Now it’s time to understand how extensively your site has been hacked. Dreamhost was good enough to provide a listing of hacked files. I had over 2,700 infected files on my server.


I had over 2,700 infected files on my server.

I used this output to carefully clean up my site. Knowing what was infected was crucial. Had I not have known I would have been stuck and been forced to reinstall WordPress, which I’m told works, but seems scary.

3. Remove unnecessary code

Next, any infected files that you aren’t in use. This will include themes and older versions of your site. Infected themes could be default, those I installed or installed by the hack. I was able to remove the bogus directories with the “rm” command.

cd //wp-content/themes rm -r bogustheme1 bogustheme2

Working off the list of infected files, I kept a log of files I was removing. Just keep ticking your way down the list. You’ll likely find that removing unnecessary directories will go a long way in cleaning up your site.

4. Manual remove PHP

After removing the directories you don’t need, you need to go in and surgically remove the infected php files. By this point, the number of infected files remaining should be in the dozens, not thousands. For the remaining files you can manually remove the infection. My infected php files had base64 code at the top of the file. It was easy to remove since it was actually one long line. I used the universal Unix file editor “vi” to edit the files. “vi” is a weird program and insufferable to get accustomed to. You may have better luck with the tools provided by your hosting company.

Cleaning up WordPress After Your Site Has Been Hacked image php infection 600x386

A php infected php file will contain such code

If you’re tech savvy, you can create a webpage on your WordPress site that will allow you to find all the “base64″ files on your site by using these instructions.

Hopefully you site is now clean. The next post will discuss lessons learned from this awful experience.


If you have ideas on how to clean up a hacked WordPress site, offer them in the comments.

Photo credit: Flickr

This article originally appeared on Marketing Technology and has been republished with permission.

Find out how to syndicate your content with Business 2 Community.

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Give your WordPress site a makeover with the WordPress Theme Lifetime Plan …

CoM_WordPress Theme Lifetime

No matter what you do, a website is a must have. It is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to connect with prospective clients and to stay connected with the ones you’ve already got.

Many people choose to build their websites with WordPress. It’s perfect for blogs, portfolios, marketing, and more. Now you can give your WordPress site an extreme makeover for the better with the WordPress Theme Lifetime Plan at 80% off, just $69, at Cult of Mac Deals.

WordPress is the most popular content management system out there today. Why? Because it’s open source, easy to use, and has many resources available for it, such as themes that make your website pop.

The WordPress Theme Lifetime Plan offers you 25+ feature rich WordPress themes with up to 2 more added every month. Each theme is completely customizable and you don’t have to have advanced programming knowledge to take advantage of these features.

Here’s what you get with the WordPress Theme Lifetime Plan:

  • Unlimited Access to 25+ themes and 1-2 new themes per month
  • Themes Include all theme files, HTML documentation (snapshots and step by step instructions), import demo XML, additional plugins (optional)
  • All PSD files to customize themes
  • Premium support (via forums and email)
  • Free updates and unlimited domain use

Read up on the full details of this deal, including its terms and conditions, here.

Take your WordPress website to the next level. Get the WordPress Theme Lifetime Plan for $69 at Cult of Mac Deals for a very limited time only.

LithiumCard: The Wallet Sized HyperCharging Power Bank

If you need to recharge your mobile device and charge it fast, then the LithiumCard power bank is for you.

The LithiumCard is a portable power solution. Simply charge it up at home and take it with you in case your device runs out of power when you need it most. Plug your phone or tablet into the LithiumCard via Lightning connector or Micro-USB and it will begin charging your device at up to 1% per minute. That means your mobile device will have up to 15% charge in only 15 minutes!

The LithiumCard is stylish, lightweight, and compact. In fact, with it’s ultra-thin design, it can fit in most wallets. Plus you can simultaneously charge your LithiumCard while your LithiumCard charges your device.

Say goodbye to powerless mobile devices forever with the LithiumCard, $39.99 for a limited time, at Cult of Mac Deals.



Allan Blocker is the lead editor at StackSocial;, an e-commerce platform offering flash sales on digital tools, web apps, and tech gear. He sleeps, breathes, and would probably eat Mac apps if it was at all possible. Follow Allan on Twitter @allanblocker.

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PowerUpHosting Announces Affordable WordPress Hosting

Los Angeles, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 09/17/2014 — PowerUpHosting, a Los Angeles based company that offers cheap web hosting, is pleased to announce that they now offer high performance SSD WordPress hosting for the unbelievable rate of only $9.95 per month. “We are very excited to offer the most reliable WordPress hosting available, using the latest hardware and software, while offering the best prices and customer support. We have expert WordPress technicians available to assist our customers 24/7 with any questions or troubleshooting help that they require,” stated PowerUpHosting’s Udit Goenka.

Unlike most companies that offer WordPress hosting, PowerUpHosting includes several features at no additional cost to their customers. Udit Goenka of PowerUpHosting explained, “We provide automated backups free of charge. Our customers select when and how often they want their websites backed up and it is all handled automatically without them having to do anything. This gives them the peace of mind that their data is always backed up fully. We also offer unlimited SSD storage, so our customers don’t have to worry about how much site space they are consuming or how much traffic they are receiving. Our WordPress hosting doesn’t have any fine print. We also keep every customer updated with the latest version of WordPress automatically. Not only is this convenient, but it also provides another level of security.”

With so many benefits of SSD hosting, PowerUpHosting encourages businesses and bloggers alike to look into upgrading their hosting; not only for the money savings, but also for the performance and convenience features. “The hardware and software that we use is far superior to the competition. Not only do we offer a less expensive alternative, but we also include several features such as Litespeed caching and access to level 2 and level 3 technicians around the clock. If that isn’t enough, we also offer a 45 day money back guarantee. Show me one other hosting provider that has this much confidence in their hosting service – I’ll save you some time, there isn’t one! We welcome businesses of all sizes as well as individuals to give us a try,” stated PowerUpHosting’s Udit Goenka.

About PowerUpHosting
PowerUpHosting provides affordable web hosting for those that demand the best hardware and system performance but don’t want to be over charged for it. The company uses newer hardware and SSD to provide the most reliable and affordable hosting for both businesses and individuals that demand the best performance at a very affordable price. PowerUpHosting has a very simple sign up process, which gives customers access to their account in less than 30 seconds, and pricing is as low as $9.95 per month.

For more information about the company’s SSD range WordPress hosting please visit

For more information on this press release visit:

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Pyxl Sets National Web Design and Development Standards

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Award-winning Pyxl Website

Winning five WebAwards for our five submissions is just a nod to our talented team.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (PRWEB) September 17, 2014

Pyxl, a leading digital marketing firm named to the 2014 Inc. 5000 list, announced today that it has won five WebAwards for websites across five different industries. The WebAwards are produced by the Web Marketing Association which is composed of Internet marketing, online advertising, PR, design and development professionals who help set the industry standard. After 17 years, the WebAward program is the longest running annual website award competition dedicated to naming the best websites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for all website development.

“Winning five WebAwards for our five submissions is just a nod to our talented team,” said Josh Phillips, president of Pyxl. “Every member of this team excels in their specified area of expertise, from digital marketing to web development and design, and the group collectively keeps up with the cutting-edge, industry trends. It is this dedication and passion that will continue to push us toward success.”

The WebAwards focus on the entirety of a website, with particular emphasis on the creativity and functionality of the overall interactive experience. Judges score the websites on a scale from 1-10 based on these seven criteria: design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and ease of use. Four sites Pyxl created won “Standard of Excellence” awards, which are given to websites who are setting the standard for the industry. Additionally, one site Pyxl created won the “Outstanding Website” award that recognizes work above and beyond the standard of excellence.

The Pyxl website wins include:

  •     Pyxl website – Professional Services Standard of Excellence award
  •     Carpathia website – Outstanding Website award
  •     My College Path website (Maryville College microsite) – Education Standard of Excellence award
  •     Rainbow Child Care Center website – School Standard of Excellence award
  •     TEAM website – Faith-based Standard of Excellence award

Following a 299 percent growth rate throughout the past three years, Pyxl landed on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies in both 2013 and 2014. With a strong client focus and an integrated, results-driven strategy, Pyxl serves national clients in the healthcare, technology, retail and education industries, including Pilot Flying J, Carpathia, Maryville College, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, ABT Molecular Imaging and many others.

For more information about Pyxl’s proven digital and inbound marketing expertise with a wide range of clients in a variety of industries, visit

About Pyxl, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Pyxl designs and develops custom websites, web applications and mobile apps that balance technology and design with an effective user experience. With offices in Boulder, Colo., Knoxville, Tenn., and Scottsdale, Ariz. Pyxl utilizes its digital marketing experience to help clients meet their digital goals, whether that means developing and implementing a customized inbound marketing strategy, driving traffic through an integrated digital marketing and public relations campaign, encouraging online engagement via social media or increasing sales through e-commerce functionality. Pyxl builds online tools for nationwide brands seeking enterprise level support. For more information, visit

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HTML5 Game Client Developer – WGR – Gibraltar




Position: HTML5 Game Client Developer – WGR
Location: Gibraltar

Odobo’s internal games Studio, Wild Game Reserve, is looking to add an experienced HTML5 Game Client Developer to their ranks. We require someone that lives and breathes the latest specification of HTML5 and JavaScript to create cutting-edge game clients for current and future browsers.

Reporting into the Studio Manager, the ideal candidate should be extremely creative, hands-on, enthusiastic, has an exceptional eye for detail (great games are all about the finer points), and has an appetite for quickly putting concepts together in an effort to bring a final product to life.

Role Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the Game Client Developer are to:

  • Develop enterprise-grade HTML5 game clients (via web applications, not native)
  • Assist with the conceptualization and design of games
  • Rapidly prototype proof-of-concept game ideas and interfaces for usability evaluation prior to full implementation
  • Provide feedback on business requirements, particularly as they relate to browser capabilities
  • Analyze business requirements and subsequently implement those requirements
  • Apply an iterative agile methodology to development to ensure regular milestone deliverables and feedback to both technical and business stakeholders
  • Create well-documented common game library components that can be reused for future games
  • Ensure that best practices are applied to both design and implementation
  • Carry out intensive performance optimisation of game code as to provide the best user experience possible on low end devices as well as minimising the impact on game quality

Candidate Experience and Skillset

  • The candidate must have proven experience in the design, implementation and delivery of web-based game products
  • Understanding of the process from conception to completion is essential
  • Exceptional with JavaScript and HTML5 (including its subset technologies, such as CSS3)
  • Comfortable with 3D-space modeling and advanced mathematical concepts
  • Familiar with cutting-edge HTML5 specifications with particular emphasis on 3D transforms, transitions, and animations
  • Able to work with the Odobo GDK (Game Developer Tool Kit) and where necessary liaise with the server and core team to integrate the client components into the existing infrastructure
  • Experienced with cross-browser debugging and specific nuances – while this position will not be targeting older browsers, it is critical to understand the capabilities of the various modern and impending browsers
  • Designed ubiquitous HTML5 web applications for use on mobile handsets, tablets, and desktop browsers alike
  • Understands mobile-specific capabilities such as the particulars of running web applications on iOS, Android, and Blackberry OS
  • Experience with canvas is optional
  • Experience with 3D game engines and OpenGL is optional, as this position may later require WebGL work
  • Experience with the SCRUM methodology
  • Experience in real money gaming and game development highly desirable

If you are interested in this position apply at

To stay up to date with the latest industry developments and employment opportunities, sign up to our free newsletter, the Daily News Review from Gaming Intelligence.



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WordPress Plug-in Development: 6 Best Practices To Consider

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by Alice knight
September 17, 2014

Plug-ins are essentially the powerful snippets of code that are specifically designed to serve a purpose. These are perhaps the most intriguing attribute of WordPress that allow developers and users to make modifications or enhancements to its functionality, besides its core installation. Currently, there are around 29,000 plug-ins available in the WordPress library. Using these plug-ins, you can customize your site based upon your unique requirements.  

Examine The Optimal Strategies For Seamless WordPress Plug-in Development

  • Use Of Namespacing: There are two distinct ways to develop a WordPress plugin: either as a class or as a set of functions. Remember that the function inside the plug-in are tossed into the global namespace along with other non-namespaced functions. This means that a function with name plugin_init may conflict with the similar function created by someone else at any point. The issue can be fixed by prefixing the name of function with something different or unique. However, it is better to build a class for the plug-in. In this way, all the functions would be namespaced inside the class name and even you can use short and common function names.

  • Access Web Services Carefully: The web is loaded with web services, rendering us everything from the latest tweets from social site ‘Twitter’ to weather forecast and stock quotes. Use of HTTP API is the most effective way for an extension to access the remote data. It handles the request in the background through an efficient remote method. It is just like a one-stop destination for the access of the web service.

  • Load Only Required Data: You would not carry as many things with you for an overnight journey as you would for a whole month vacation. Similar is the case here, load only the necessary things like JavaScript, Stylesheets, and others that are needed for the specific page or the section of a site. Make sure that you do not load the admin scripts at the front-end.

  • Turn ON WordPress Debug: In order to ensure that you are doing the things correctly, it is good to turn on debug as the WordPress debugger finds the error in your plug-in and prevents it from crashing.

  • Avoid Deprecated Functions: There are some obsolete methods in WordPress that may be supported for the current versions but might not be compatible with the future releases. So, it is recommended to check if the specific function is marked deprecated. A link will also be available for the new function.

  • WordPress Function Library: WordPress provides some functions that simplify the programming task. There is a single function for which you may be writing a lengthy code. You can check the function library in order to make sure that you have not written lengthier code than required.  

Thus, it is recommended to consider the above-mentioned strategies before you start with WordPress plug-in development. These will surely help you acquire 100% error-free and secure plug-ins for your website.




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When it rains, it pours! Reddo Mobility introduces an HTML5 app-refactoring …

Written on
Sep 17 2014

1 comment

Gabe Knuth

Last week, Reddo Mobility, formerly called Gizmox, released the latest in a flurry of app-refactoring platforms. If you’ve heard of Gizmox before last week, you’re probably a developer. Their claim to fame for the last seven years has been a Visual Studio plugin that allows you to build web apps with rich, HTML5 driven UIs. Recently, though, they’ve restructured and spun out the “old Gizmox” products into other entities while creating Reddo Mobility.

There’s a lot going on around app-refactoring these days, from PowWow (the co-darling of BriForum, along with Devolutions) and Capriza, not to mention the Citrix Mobility SDK. These solutions have their limitations, though. Capriza only re-factors web applications. The Citrix Mobility SDK requires access to an application’s source code, so it only works on homegrown apps. PowWow works for any Windows or web app, but it does it by reading the window calls from RDP streams which means there’s an extra layer in the mix.

Reddo Mobility’s platform (simply called “Reddo”) runs inside Windows and watches the Windows application controls in between the OS and Presentation layer. Positioned there, it can figure out what the app is trying to tell the OS (and vice versa), then use that information to create a customized mobile interface for the application. It’s not screen scraping or transcoding at all. Rather, it’s intercepting the direct UI calls and transforming it for mobile devices.

Reddo has a designer that administrators can use to map aspects of the Windows app to the mobile interface, as you would expect. In the designer, you can change the flow of an application, break up the application into multiple screens (like tabs), and theme the apps to look like native iOS or Chrome apps. They have a feature called “Smart Suggestions” to help with application flow, too. The designer is also aware of different device types, so you can create the most appropriate layouts for each type of device your users have.

On the client side, nothing is required other than a browser. All the transformation is done on the backend (if you could see the console, you could see the apps being used as if someone were sitting there). Without going completely overboard, I think that the browser-only requirement is probably the most important part of the announcement. Clients are just one more thing to manage, so eliminating them is key to adoption.

As with the other products, there are a few limitations to the Reddo solution:

  1. They are focused on Win32 apps right now, so there’s no help for web apps that aren’t HTML5 or mobile-ready. It’s not impossible, but just not on the radar for this release.
  2. Since the app is running in the session, using this on physical desktops means that someone could watch the console. As of now, Reddo doesn’t have a solution for this. If you’re using VDI, it’s not a huge deal, but if you’re using physical desktops, you’d have to find a third-party solution to lock the console and/or blank the screen.
  3. Highly graphical apps are not ideal for a solution like this. The most appropriate applications are data-centric.

Gestures and UX tweaks are great, but they’re no match for custom interfaces to Windows applications, so I think it’s absolutely fantastic to see this space exploding the way that it is. With these companies identifying and plugging the gaps that others leave, we should see a lot of innovation in a short period of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and others get involved and acquire these companies, either. In fact, VMware recently announced a partnership with Capriza, so you can move them over to the short list. I think we’ll continue to see a lot of activity around this well into next year.


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Wed, Sep 17 2014 8:04 AM

I hope Citrix MA are already on it!!


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iCrossing Introduces ResponsiveAi, a Breakthrough Web Design Tool That …

New Offering Comes on the Heels of iCrossing SearchAi and Extends the Agency’s Proprietary Audience-Based Technology Solutions

NEW YORK, NY — (Marketwired) — Sep 16, 2014 — iCrossing, a leading digital marketing agency, launched Responsive Audience Intelligence (ResponsiveAi), the first responsive web design offering to deliver contextually relevant content and experiences based on anonymous audience data.

iCrossing combined its unique mix of content strategy, creative services, data science and technology development with its preferred agency access to the premium audience data of Hearst Corporation’s over 200 million worldwide users, augmented by client-owned first party and other third party data to develop ResponsiveAi, which allows marketers to custom-tailor site experiences by audience segment, including specific attributes such as age, gender, income, education, and interests.

Using its proprietary technology, ResponsiveAi looks up each site visitor’s audience profile in milliseconds and matches it to the predefined characteristics of a targeted consumer segment. Then based on that individual’s audience profile, it serves contextual site copy and landing page content in real time.

“Conventional responsive web design allows marketers to optimize a site’s content and design across different devices,” said Brian Powley, global president at iCrossing. “ResponsiveAi takes it one step further by responding directly to an individual consumer, and giving marketers the power to deliver the right message at the right moment in that customer’s journey.”

Brands can use ReponsiveAi to accurately target their website content, features and functionality to different visitors based on their audience profile, creating a personalized and more effective website experience. For example, a financial services company can show tips about mortgages for first-time homebuyers to one consumer, while displaying information on retirement to another, based solely on his or her anonymous audience data.

Previously marketers had to rely on “authenticated consumers” — consumers who have established a formal relationship with a company through a registration process — to serve individualized content on their website. However, ResponsiveAi can use data to ‘implicitly’ identify and create audience profiles, including interests, intent, product preferences and history, without the need for consumers to register or log in to the site.

“ResponsiveAi is a breakthrough for responsive web design. Never before have we been able to dynamically target such highly relevant content and features at an individual level without the need for consumers to self-identify through registration,” said Shiva Vannavada, head of technology center of excellence at iCrossing. “Through our use of big data and proprietary technology, iCrossing is able to deliver audience-based offerings that fulfill the promise of one-to-one marketing.”

Recently iCrossing also announced iCrossing SearchAi, the first agency solution to drive audience-based search targeting through Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). Through the use of Hearst audience data, SearchAi creates a more complete picture of who is searching for a given keyword — including elements such as age, gender, life stage, purchase intent, and interests — allowing advertisers to more effectively target specific audiences.

iCrossing’s audience intelligence offerings also leverage Hearst’s Core Audience trading desk, which allows brands to infuse audience insights into their premium media buys and extend their customized messages across the web.

For more information on ResponsiveAi, visit

About iCrossing
iCrossing, recently named a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for global digital marketing agencies, builds connected brands for some of the world’s most recognized companies including Beam Suntory, Inc., The Coca-Cola Company and LG Electronics. The agency combines its expertise in media, creative and analytics to create moments that build close relationships between brands and their customers in real time. iCrossing, a unit of Hearst Corporation, is headquartered in New York and has 900 employees in 17 offices globally. For more information, visit or its social spaces.

More information:
Katie Lamkin
Email Contact
(312) 277-4487

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Kuato Studios teaches JavaScript through gaming

Kuato Studios is using “learnification” techniques
to teach children to code through gaming

The Shoreditch-based startup has created a virtual gaming world for children and teens to
explore through code. 


Founded in 2012 by the investors behind iPhone’s
, Kuato Studios focuses on the “21st century
skills” of problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative learning, as opposed to the “19th
century model” of learning which involves content followed by tests.

Kuato Studios is backed by Horizon Ventures, a Hong-Kong based investment company focused on
telecommunications, media and technology.

Mark Horneff, the managing director of Kuato Studios, has 20 years’ experience at major games
studios, including Ideaworks and Sony where he worked on Call of Duty and Playstation

“Instead of ‘gamification’, which is having the syllabus and adding a game, we are about
‘learnification’, which is applying a game to learning skills,” said Horneff. ”It is about
picking up those 21st century skills, such as exploration and storytelling, and illustrating them
with the subject matter on top.”

Kuato’s games range from dinosaur adventures to monster-crushing girls and robot battles. In its
main game, Hakitzu, which features giant robots, players learn to write JavaScript to choose
weapons of choice. 

All games are powered by Kai, which is a conversational agent to interact with students during
their game play. This can include questions about how to make a character do something or even
questions about the weather around the world.

“There is also a dashboard behind it for teachers to use to personalise the learning experience
and see who is doing well or who is behind,” said Horneff.

“Game play is about igniting creativity. Bad games should not be part of the curriculum, just as
any other bad learning experience should not be part of it. The boys will blow things up without
question. The girls will blow things up too, but they need a purpose first.”

David Miller, director of learning at Kuato Studios, said skills learnt during the games can
easily be shared via social media. 

“It’s important to share these skills with communities, almost as a life CV which you can share
on social media and future employees will be able to see what you have learnt and what you are
capable of,” he said.

In January 2014, Kuato Studios pledged 100 hours of coding sessions to schools across the UK.
Since then it has been introducing schools to the basics of JavaScript. The most recent school
visited was Holme Valley Primary School in Scunthorpe, where it ran a coding session with some year five
students (pictured).

“In the next five years, there will be a shift in the understanding of code, even if you do
not code yourself. It will be about understanding the terms at least, and appreciating
that,” said Horneff.

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JavaScript and SIMD: How together they could bring a new class of apps to the …

Google chairman Eric Schmidt once proclaimed almost all applications would be built using HTML5 – and now it seems the web browser is about to take a step closer to that ideal.

Historically, the browser has struggled to transcend its humble origins serving documents and make the move to handling the advanced graphics processing used in tasks such as games, photo-editing suites and computer vision.

Now work is taking place to bring these sophisticated graphics and signal-processing capabilities to JavaScript, the de facto scripting language for the browser.

The effort is focused on introducing support for Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) operations to JavaScript.

SIMD operations allow the same instruction to be carried out on multiple data simultaneously, which is faster than applying the same instruction to each piece of data individually.

That sort of parallelism is particularly useful when manipulating images – for instance, when adjusting the contrast of a picture, multiple pixels in the image need the same operation applied to them.


While programming languages such as C++ can be compiled to take advantage of SIMD-capable instruction sets in processors, JavaScript engines in popular browsers don’t provide native support for SIMD processing.

However, that support appears to be headed to the browser. JavaScript is based on an official specification known as ECMAscript, a language ratified by Ecma International. The technical committee of Ecma International has backed a proposal to include a native SIMD API in a future version of ECMAscript, possibly version 7, paving the way for its support in the major browsers.

The proposed SIMD API for JavaScript was put together by Intel, Google and Mozilla, and has been shown to deliver orders of magnitude faster performance when executing certain tasks.

For instance, a Mandelbrot set generated using the SIMD API in Firefox Nightly, an experimental build of the browser, was rendered at three times the frame rate achieved when not using SIMD. The speed increase the SIMD API enables in JavaScript code is about the same as the speed-up that SIMD allows in C++, according to Intel benchmarks.



A wide range of game engines, as well as image- and audio-processing and cryptographic software libraries capable of supporting sophisticated applications, could run acceptably in the browser once SIMD support becomes a reality, Intel senior principal engineer Moh Haghighat said.

“Our expectation is that it’s going to have a huge impact on the web domain and bring all these classes of application into the web platform,” he said.

“We look forward to libraries that are really useful in such domains as games, image processing, signal processing, video processing and what Intel calls perceptual computing, such as computer vision among others. They typically are compute-intensive. They are operating on large arrays of data, and SIMD capability is going to help those applications.”

These apps and software libraries don’t have to be written from scratch in JavaScript, thanks to the ability of the Emscripten compiler to port applications built using C++ to run in the browser.

Emscripten is able to take LLVM bytecode generated by compiling C++ and output it as JavaScript. It is capable of generating an optimised form of JavaScript known as ASM.js.

ASM.js is a subset of JavaScript that eschews several dynamic features of the language and in doing so allows JavaScript engines in the browser to make performance optimisations that JavaScript’s dynamic nature would render impossible. ASM.js has been demonstrated running a variety of benchmarks in Firefox only 1.5 times slower than native code.

Emscripten already supports the SIMD API, generating SIMD.js code from C++ code that exploits the SIMD instruction set.

Haghighat said Emscripten had been used to port game engines with “one million lines of code” to the browser, with Unreal 3 already ported and Unreal 4 in the process of being converted.

According to Mozilla research engineer Dan Goman, it is not just a question of porting an application to JavaScript.

“What we’ve found is that it’s pretty easy to get that initial version with C++, to get the very first thing running but what developers typically want to do is to optimise the experience,” he said.

One optimisation is disguising the large amounts of data that needs to be downloaded before some applications can run. Goman gives the example of a browser game using the Unity engine loading in hundred of megabytes of textures. To address this issue, some developers opt to stream in assets on the fly, loading in only as much as is needed for someone to start playing.

The SIMD JavaScript API can be tested using Firefox Nightly and a custom version of the Chromium browser produced by Intel.

While SIMD support is likely to be implemented in the major browsers, it may take some time. The ECMAscript 6 specification is due for completion later this year, although some features are already supported by JavaScript engines in major browsers. However the SIMD API is targeted for inclusion in a later ECMAscript specification, possibly version 7.


The proposed API introduces three new data types, each representing a vector holding multiple numbers. There is float32x4, which can store four 32-bit single-precision floating-point values, int32x4, which holds four 32-bit signed integer values, and float64x2, which holds two 64-bit floating-point values. It also creates new arrays for each of these new data types.

To create an instance of these data types, the developer calls the constructor, passing it the arguments to set each of the values.

var a = SIMD.float32x4(1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0);

var b = SIMD.float32x4(5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0);

The developer can then carry out a range of mathematical functions on these new data types by calling the desired method. Here the variables a and b, defined above as vectors each holding four floating-point values, are added together.

var c = SIMD.float32x4.add(a,b);

The range of functions that can be carried out on these vectors include: abs, neg, add, sub, mul, div, clamp, min, max, reciprocal, reciprocalSqrt, scale, sqrt, shuffle, lessThan, lessThanOrEqual, equal, notEqual, greaterThanOrEqual, greaterThan.

Work on the SIMD API spec is ongoing and not yet finalised.

Article source: resets 100000 user accounts post Gmail password leak incident

Days after it came into light that around up to 5 million Gmail usernames and their corresponding passwords were published on a Russian Bitcoin forum, has stepped forward to secure thousands of its own accounts.

As part of a precautionary measure, Automattic, which operates hosted blogging service, has reset 100,000 user accounts which use a similar password as that found on the associated Gmail addresses list.

The latest move from the content management giant comes after a number of emails on the leaked Gmail addresses list matched email addresses used by bloggers.

Automattic’s Daryl Houston said the pre-emptive measures have been taken to protect users after a number of emails on the list matched email addresses associated with accounts.

Read More: Gmail password leak: Check if your account is on the list

Houston said everyone affected by the password reset has been sent email notifications containing instructions on how they can regain access to their accounts.

Affected ones were asked to hit the Login button on the homepage and make a request for a new password.

Houston added that nearly 600,000 email addresses were discovered on the Gmail list that matched WordPress accounts, but as these users were not immediately vulnerable, so the company decided not to reset their passwords or send emails. The company will however be enabling a notification in their dashboards so that they can assess the security of their passwords at their leisure and with all of this information in hand, he said.

Furthermore, Houston has urged users to use two-step verification to add an extra layer of security to their online accounts.

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The makers of WordPress learned years ago that the ultimate office perk is not …

Tech behemoths and startups alike spend a fortune on creating plush offices with lots of perks. But arguably the biggest perk is allowing employees to work wherever they want, whenever they want.

This is something Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg understood a decade ago when he launched the online publishing platform WordPress. Today his global workforce of 260 still doesn’t operate with a central location (its San Francisco headquarters are nearly always close to empty.) Instead of investing money into office perks, Automattic invests that money into meet-ups for its employees.

Last year at a Lean Startup conference, Mullenweg said the following about the traditional workplace: “We have this factory model, and we think someone’s working if they show up in the morning and they’re not drunk, they don’t sleep at their desks, they leave at the right time. But that has so little to do with what you create. And we all know people who create a lot without fitting into those norms.”

Research indicates employees greatly value autonomy. This is part of what’s driving millennials to leave traditional offices and go out on their own. “It’s a cultural phenomenon,” says Alex Abelin, co-founder of Liquid Talent, a startup that matches creative professionals with local work in real time. “Everything is pointing in that direction. We care more about mobility and independence.”

Automattic started out as a distributed workforce because it was the easiest way to attract the best engineering talent from around the world.

Mullenweg, who took the CEO role in January, spends one-third of his time on hiring and auditions employees before bringing anyone on full time. Automattic hires about 40% of applicants who go through tryouts. “Many of our workers were self-employed or freelance at some point in their careers, which helps them understand how to be self-directed,” he wrote in the Harvard Business Review.

Automattic employees communicate with each other through P2, an online tool similar to Yammer, in addition to Google Hangouts and other services (but mostly avoid email.) Teams meet up every couple of months in a city of their choice, and there are annual all-company, weeklong events. Mullenweg tells Quartz that he’s usually on the road, spending time with different teams around the world. “I’m where the people are,” he says.

Allowing employees to work from anywhere makes it easier to focus on the work itself, without the distractions of office politics. Around 70% of Americans work in open-plan offices, and research shows that the open spaces actually have a negative impact on productivity and overall happiness. In his paper “The Transparency Paradox,” Harvard assistant professor Ethan Bernstein measured the effect of privacy on employee productivity, and concluded that there is a cost to too much transparency. “Privacy is just as important for performance,” he writes in an upcoming issue of Harvard Business Review.

Former Automattic team leader Scott Berkun told Quartz: “We have this belief that most work is not distributed, that it’s local. But people are spending most of their time looking at screens. If you are looking at screens, you could be anywhere.” Still there were moments—about every three or four weeks—during his 18-month tenure when he wanted to “get everyone into a room with a white board” to work on a problem while observing everyone’s facial expressions.

Both Berkun and Bernstein stress that the success of companies like Automattic aren’t necessarily tied to being decentralized or not. Operating remotely is just another way of working. Success is more directly related to the types of people the company hires, including whether they are good communicators, and the underlying power structures at play—factors that influence whether any company sinks or swims. Berkun says that Automattic is “pretty flat, non-hierarchical,” which gives employees freedom to launch product updates whenever they want. Managers (or “leads”) aren’t incentivized with additional pay.

All the benefits of technology aside, the most successful companies trust their employees—whether they’re across the world, or right under the boss’s nose.

We welcome your comments at

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The case for WordPress in the enterprise

For enterprise organizations looking to jump into content marketing, they should go where large media sites and independent bloggers are going – WordPress, the popular content management system and blogging platform.

That’s according to a new report from the Digital CIO Network, affirming that WordPress, beloved among bloggers and content marketers alike, can also be a handy tool for the enterprise.

The group’s argument is that as a free, cloud-based web app, WordPress can help organizations publish a lot of content. However, as enterprise organizations have different needs, Enterprise WordPress Hosting provides extra security controls and technologies for boththe web app and its hosting environment, high capacity hosting connected to Akamai content distribution, and deep domain expertise built into the hosting service.

While it may seem as though WordPress is geared towards basic blogs and small sites, the Digital CIO Network points to a lot of major media sites that use the tool as well. For example, the National Post uses WordPress’ Liveblog add-on, a plug-in that helps journalists cover events in real-time. The National Post newsroom has used the tool to follow the Grammy Awards, U.S. president Barack Obama’s inaugural address, and the Newtown, Conn. shooting.

Other big publishers using WordPress include the BBC Americas, EM Music, and the Metro, as well as TechCrunch, GigaOm, Forbes, the New Yorker, and Time.

What’s especially attractive about WordPress is that it comes with more than 40,000 plug-ins – enough to sate the desires of the individual blogger writing a few personal posts here and there, as well as to work for the enterprise user who needs to push out content and generate thousands or millions of page views.

And with their eyes on the enterprise, companies like Toronto-based Carbon60 Networks have built whole businesses around creating WordPress platforms or the enterprise, designed to host WordPress code, plug-ins, and content while distributing it all globally, masking a customer’s source servers behind caching algorithms and edge servers around the world.

For more, click on the ‘Article Source’ link.

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PSD to WordPress Conversion: Avail 100% Satisfying Service @ CSSChopper

PSD to WordPress Conversion: Avail 100% Satisfying Service @ CSSChopper


WhaTech Channel: Content Management System Press Release

Published: Monday, 15 September 2014 19:34

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News from:
CSSChopper – PSD to HTML

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PSD to WordPress conversion service of CSSChopper is available at the best prices with 100% reliability to takes care of your business and help you make your business a brand value. By catering thousands of the projects, we have gained a reputation as the foremost WordPress web development company.

15-September-2014, Noida (U.P) – With the team of competent and highly skilled WordPress developers, we have offered multitudinous WordPress theme development services across the globe around 90+ countries. Providing the unmatched quality along with 100% satisfaction is the key target of developers while developing the project of our clients. We, an eminent WordPress web development company, render full fledged PSD to WordPress conversion solutions in accordance with your ever-evolving demands. Our excellent services are packed with advanced features and functionality to cater our honorable clients’ top-notch solutions.  

We do have a specialized team of experienced programmers developers to handle your complex business needs proficiently. CSSChopper understands the significance of page loading speed, optimization, W3C standards, and quality of the project. Hence, our WordPress development team implements every essential aspect (described by clients) that can aid you to boost your sales and ROI. Being adept in the creation of optimized WordPress theme development PSD to WordPress conversion services for speed web pages, we assure you to develop deliver the fast loading web pages that are more secure and flexible.

Advantageous Features That Are Furnished With Our Incredible Services

1.We guarantee to cater the cutting-edge and unique theme that are fully optimized and developed in accordance with the clients’ specifications.

2.The entire code of project is coded manually to offer the best services that are compatible, 100% table-less and pixel-precise.

3.Technical assistance via diverse channels with 24/7 availability

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WordPress has gained global existence and it is used not only for developing blogging sites, but also for various types of fully-functional and custom websites. Nowadays, this CMS is popular to develop almost all kinds of stunning websites, whether simple or complex.

CSSChopper is an established WordPress web development company and not restricted to just theme development and conversion, we are also admired for WordPress integration, module plug-in development, maintenance, and more.

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