WordPress developer India offering premier wordpress Plugin development …

Wordpress developer India offering premier wordpress Plugin development services


WhaTech Channel: Web Design Press Release

Published: Tuesday, 29 July 2014 21:55

Submitted by WordPressplugin Developer WhaTech Pro Trial

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Thewpexperts- wordpress plugin developer

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Make use of the efficient and affordable WordPress Plugin development services offered by TheWpExperts. The company is a pioneer in this field of WordPress plugin development and have successfully delivered hundreds of projects. A team of skilled and experienced professionals work in this organization. The services are offered in complete accordance to the needs of the clients.

WordPress is a content management system that is widely used to create websites that are not only easy to develop but can be effortlessly maintained also. Currently near about 16%-17% of the websites present on the internet are built using WordPress. This open source CMS is very easy to install and configure. Moreover working on WordPress is quite easy in comparison to other website development platforms available. The websites developed using WordPress are very SEO friendly and user friendly that further adds to the popularity. If you also want to use the powerful features of WordPress Plugin development services, then hire TheWpExperts.

Thewpexperts is a design and development company situated in London that specializes in WordPress development. The company is trying to help businesses who are interested to get a unique online image. Thewpexperts offer its services to clients that are located in various countries across all five continents. The developers, designers and testers of this company are highly skilled and have extensive experience. The entire team works with dedication to offer the best result to the clients. Working as per the need and the budget of the clients is the main focus of this organization. No project is big or small, and equal attention is provided to each project .

Here is a list of the top WordPress related services that we offer:

  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Custom WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Custom WordPress Developer
  • WordPress Web Development
  • WordPress Maintenance Services

Benefits of choosing TheWpExperts: We have been successful in creating a niche in the market with the help of our WordPress development services. Here are mentioned some of the top benefits of using our services:

  • Each project is built to perfection
  • Designing and development is carried out by experienced professionals
  • Services available at very affordable pricing
  • Each application is thoroughly tested before making it live.
  • Technical support provided after the deployment of the application also.
  • Maintenance services are also offered.
  • Development is in complete accordance to the need of the clients
  • On time delivery

By using professional WordPress plugin development you can easily manage your own website without any technical assistance. To get an appealing, unique and interactive WordPress web application, use the services of TheWpExperts. The satisfaction of the clients has always remained a priority for our organization.

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WordPress Theme Development: PHPDevelopmentServices Plays A Big Role

WordPress Theme Development: PHPDevelopmentServices Plays A Big Role


WhaTech Channel: Web Design Press Release

Published: Tuesday, 29 July 2014 16:36

Submitted by Vikash Sharma WhaTech Pro

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WordPress Theme Development is an activity that ensures advanced functionality for your website and makes the performance of your business much better. Themes are of significant importance for a website, so always choose a reputed name for custom theme development. One such name that can assist you in an effective manner by fulfilling all your expectations regarding attractive themes is, PHPDevelopmentServices.

Delaware (USA) – WordPress is an important blogging tool used for developing both blogs and websites. It is an open source and has contributed a lot in the development of millions of websites. For providing better advantages to the website, the role of themes is really outstanding. Due to this positive effect on the website regarding traffic and functionality, WordPress Theme Development has become a crucial activity in all the aspects of business. Entrepreneurs are very well aware of the importance of themes, but they lack in selecting the appropriate company or development team that has the capability of creating the unique designs. PHPDevelopmentServices is one option that can help you in resolving all the existing issues quickly easily.

PHPDevelopmentServices has gained the worldwide reputation as a WordPress Theme Development company for a variety of reasons. Developers, the most important asset of any web designing development company, has done a remarkable job in uplifting the status of this respective company. They put every possible effort and use their technical skills to develop the unique themes. The clients of different countries have enjoyed our services and the overall credit for this achievement goes to our team of qualified and technically sound developers. The company works on strict rules regulations where it is clearly mentioned that no compromise is tolerated on the quality parameters. Numerous projects have been successfully completed and delivered without any delay.

What makes us different from others?

We are a leading WordPress Theme Development service provider and there are several factors that make us different from others. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Prices are highly reasonable.
  • Strict emphasis on quality.
  • Use of up to date versions of tools software.
  • Proper testing of modules.
  • Transparency in work.
  • Providing every report to the clients regarding the project’s status.
  • Holds a record of delivering the project within assigned date time.

WordPress Theme Development forms an important part to upgrade the functionality of the website, so that the business owners can enjoy optimized traffic to the website. Choose PHPDevelopmentServices and obtain the much better results.

For more detail, contact us by http://www.phpdevelopmentservices.com/contact.php 

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WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media …

If you run a blog directly through WordPress.com, rather than a self-hosted site using the free software from WordPress.org, you’ll soon have access to an upgraded dashboard and set of editing tools.

The most notable addition is a fixed toolbar for the Post Editor. Now, instead of scrolling to the top of the page to add a link, the toolbar will remain visible above your work. For bloggers that frequently write long-form essays and articles, this should streamline the formatting process on WordPress significantly.

The updated WordPress.com dashboard also comes with a revamped Media Library. It features a new grid view that the company says will speed up finding and selecting your uploaded media. While using the search bar, the Media Library will also remove files that don’t fit your requirements in real-time.

media grid1 WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media Library and better playlists

If you want to upload audio files to WordPress.com, you’ll need to take out a Space Upgrade. Once you’ve done this, the updated dashboard will now let you add artist and album information to your custom playlists. These additional details will then be visible in the audio player that appears in your blog post, giving visitors a better sense of what they’re listening to.

screen shot 2014 07 16 at 4 31 43 pm WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media Library and better playlists
The new additions are part of WordPress 4.0, which the company will be rolling out to self-hosted WordPress sites in the coming weeks.

Featured image credit: Shutterstock

Article source: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2014/07/29/wordpress-com-gets-fixed-toolbar-post-editor-revamped-media-library-better-playlists/

WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor

If you run a blog directly through WordPress.com, rather than a self-hosted site using the free software from WordPress.org, you’ll soon have access to an upgraded dashboard and set of editing tools.

The most notable addition is a fixed toolbar for the Post Editor. Now, instead of scrolling to the top of the page to add a link, the toolbar will remain visible above your work. For bloggers that frequently write long-form essays and articles, this should streamline the formatting process on WordPress significantly.

The updated WordPress.com dashboard also comes with a revamped Media Library. It features a new grid view that the company says will speed up finding and selecting your uploaded media. While using the search bar, the Media Library will also remove files that don’t fit your requirements in real-time.

media grid1 WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media Library and better playlists

If you want to upload audio files to WordPress.com, you’ll need to take out a Space Upgrade. Once you’ve done this, the updated dashboard will now let you add artist and album information to your custom playlists. These additional details will then be visible in the audio player that appears in your blog post, giving visitors a better sense of what they’re listening to.

screen shot 2014 07 16 at 4 31 43 pm WordPress.com gets a fixed toolbar in the Post Editor, a revamped Media Library and better playlists
The new additions are part of WordPress 4.0, which the company will be rolling out to self-hosted WordPress sites in the coming weeks.

Featured image credit: Shutterstock

Article source: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2014/07/29/wordpress-com-gets-fixed-toolbar-post-editor-revamped-media-library-better-playlists/?utm_source=t.co&utm_campaign=Twitter%20Publisher&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=WordPress.com%20gets%20a%20fixed%20toolbar%20in%20the%20Post%20Editor,%20a%20revamped%20Media%20Library%20and%20better%20playlists&awesm=tnw.to_d4gP0

New RhoMobile Suite V5.0 Offers Enterprise App Development Using CSS3 …

About the author: STUART PARKERSON

Stuart Parkerson is the publisher of App Developer Magazine. He has an extensive background in niche technology publishing.

Article source: http://appdevelopermagazine.com/1713/2014/7/29/New-RhoMobile-Suite-V5.0-Offers-Enterprise-App-Development-Using-CSS3,-HTML5,-JavaScript-and-Ruby/

The 16 Best Web Hosting Companies: WordPress Hosting Providers You Can …

The 16 Best Web Hosting Companies: WordPress Hosting Providers You Can Trust

To learn more and to discover what web hosting companies are the best ones, please click the link above and visit the website.

July 29, 2014

Wroclaw, Poland – July 29th, 2014 /PressCable/ — Choosing a WordPress hosting provider has become a major problem for individuals who are looking to begin a home business
of their own. There are numerous discount providers available who can provide
these services on a budget, but many of these budget providers are simply not
holding to acceptable customer service standards.“I was extremely tired with the way
web hosting companies were trying to conduct business today,” said
Luke Glowacki of howtoearncashfromhome.net. “I struggled to find a hosting provider that
would be able to provide a good combination of value and service. I knew that
if I was having problems finding a reliable hosting provider, others would be
as well.”That’s why Glowacki was inspired
to create a website that documents the 16 best web hosting companies. “I
need a hosting provider that I can completely trust so that I have one less
worry with my business,” said Glowacki. “After completing my
research, I didn’t feel like it was appropriate to just use it to my advantage.
It’s good information and everyone needs to know which providers are the best
so the worst ones can be avoided at all costs.”You will find a wealth of excellent information on howtoearncashfromhome.net to help make
an informed decision about the web hosting companies that have the best
reputation. With the research already completed, all of the needs someone has
for a hosting provider can be quickly matched up to the provider that can best
meet those needs. This saves people time, frustration, and hopefully a little
money as well.“My hope is that people and
businesses of any size will find the information that my team and I have put
together to good use,” said Glowacki. “Money is tight for a lot of
people today and free resources are difficult to find.” Anyone can take advantage of theinformation that is found on: http://howtoearncashfromhome.net/tophostingprovider

Contact Info:
Name: Luke Glowacki
Organization: Luke Glowacki
Website: http://howtoearncashfromhome.net

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HTML5 Game Development Company India

HTML5 Game Development Company India


WhaTech Channel: Mobile Application Press Release

Published: Monday, 28 July 2014 21:35

Submitted by PROVAB TECHNOSOFT WhaTech Premium Legacy

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HTML5 is a markup language, used for structuring the contents on the web. HTML5 is cross platform and specially designed to deliver rich media contents. Today, HTML5 development is widely used with CSS3 for dynamic visual effects and compatibility on all mobile devices.

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HTML5 game development has become a buzz word because of the phenomenal capabilities of HTML5 development and its associated cross browser capabilities and scalable vector graphics. High quality games are created and released in HTML5 development environment. Below is the broad overview and advantages of HTML5 game development –


Cross Platform – Main advantage of HTML5 is that it runs on any modern device. Careful thought process is needed to understand as to how the game will respond to various screen sizes and input types. Personalization may be needed in the code to certain extent as per the platform.

Unique Distribution – HTML5 hyperlinks are very powerful. It can be easily distributed across the web and mobile devices. That’s why it provides a seamless platform for game development.

Document Object Model – DOM is a way of defining the interaction of elements within the HTML. Using this along the accelerator (hardware) available, fast HTML5 games can be developed.

We are award winning HTML5 development company. Over the years, we have delivered best in class projects to clients, including responsive websites, HTML5 web applications, games and other custom web projects. HTML5’s mighty multimedia and interactive capabilities can take the project visibility to another level. With its style controls, illustration tools, and rich-media solutions, our HTML5 developers create robust, high-performance cross-platform mobile apps and SEO-friendly, ‘wow’ responsive websites.

Under HTML5 development, we offer following:

HTML5 website development (responsive non-responsive)

HTML5 apps development

HTML5 ecommerce store

HTML5 games development

HTML5 widget development

HTML5 theme Development


For more information:

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Bug in MailPoet plugin exploited to compromise thousands of WordPress sites

Version 2.6.7 of the MailPoet plugin fixes a severe vulnerability that could allow an attacker to take over WordPress sites.

Ongoing exploitation of a severe vulnerability in MailPoet, a popular newsletter plugin for blogging platform WordPress that has close to two million users, has resulted in thousands of websites being compromised or worse, according to researchers with security company Sucuri.

The vulnerability could allow an attacker, without authentication, to remotely upload anything to the website, subsequently enabling malware injections, defacement, spam and other attacks, according to a Wednesday post by Daniel Cid, CTO of Sucuri.

The flaw was discovered by Sucuri and written about on July 1, hours after version 2.6.7 was released to address the problem. However, many users seem not to have acted – a couple of weeks later Sucuri identified thousands of WordPress sites compromised by malware and quickly tied it to the MailPoet vulnerability.

“What makes it so unique is that the malicious payload is being blindly injected which is causing websites to break,” Peter Gramantik, a malware researcher with Sucuri, wrote in a Tuesday post. “The infector PHP code is buggy and it is corrupting legitimate website files. It is targeting not only the core WordPress files, but also theme and plugins files. The result [is] various PHP errors being displayed instead of the normal site content.”

Sucuri deemed the vulnerability to be severe and, in its posts, would not get into the technical details of exploitation, but Cid explained that these recent attacks all begin with the attackers uploading a custom-made malicious theme to the targeted WordPress site.

A successful upload results in the attacker being able to access a backdoor and get full control of the website, as well as creating an admin user named 1001001, Cid wrote, adding that backdoor code is also injected into all theme and core files.

The issue should serve as a reminder to plugin developers, Cid wrote.

“The vulnerability resides in the fact that the developers assumed that WordPress’s “admin_init” hooks were only called when an administrator user visited a page inside /wp-admin/,” Cid wrote. “If you are a developer, never use admin_init(), or is_admin(), as an authentication method.”

Sucuri did not respond to a SCMagazine.com request for comment.

Article source: http://www.scmagazine.com/bug-in-mailpoet-plugin-exploited-to-compromise-thousands-of-wordpress-sites/article/363211/

Best SEO WordPress Site Builder Software Builds Silo Structure Architecture …

Weblify is released at a lower price for a limited time, making it accessible to the masses. Learn about the background to home business and affiliate marketing in general, as the media is interested in the social impact of any product or service.

Thumbnail for 56574

July 28, 2014

Memphis, United States – July 28th, 2014 /PressCable/ — The creators of a powerful software for search engine optimization (SEO) have re-launched the product at a lower price, it is announced today.
Watch this review video:
http://youtu.be/mLCidFHg4TwThe software, known as Weblify, enables internet marketers to set up search engine optimized sites using several time-saving methods. Weblify has been selling well for 4 years.With some clicks of a button, users can set up pages using keywords and collect and spin relevant articles for the web, saving the time and money involved in creating content from scratch. Such implementations, if done well, can help a website to rank high in Google, even making it to page one of search results.There is also the option to quickly collect data on affiliate products on Amazon and Clickbank that fit into the user’s chosen niche market.A demo of the software can be found on the video at the website
Click Here: http://goforvip.com/weblify
In it, the presenter shows how to set up a niche website in less than 10 minutes. Users can also investigate real testimonials from internet marketers who have found success using this software.It is important to note that starting a business from home is not easy. A conservative estimate is that more than 80% of homes businesses fail within 5 years. No software or product can guarantee an income, as income depends on the organization, strategy and level of input from the entrepreneur in question. However, those who possess good business sense and employ ways to outsource or automate tasks can find success, the creators of this software would strongly suggest. Growing numbers of Americans and others around the world are seeking ways to increase their income in the light of economic hardship. This trend can be observed in the plethora of home business online magazines, forums, products and services available on the web. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective business plan where entrepreneurs can market already-tested products and services and use their skills to make sales and therefore commissions, some of which may be as high as 50%. This saves a tremendous amount of time and resources that would be necessary for producing a product, whilst providing income and experience. Both experienced and new affiliate marketers can take advantage of a lower price for the Weblify for a limited time.
Visit for more information.

Contact Info:
Name: J. Carter
Organization: GoForVip
Website: http://goforvip.com/weblify

ReleaseID: 56574

Article source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2082565

WordPress being used by more and more SMEs for CMS: Are devs missing out?

New research from 34SP.com has found that more than half of UK small businesses are using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) thereby “finally blowing away its image as just a blogging platform”, according to a deck prepared by the domain provider.

The vast majority of companies who said they used the open source platform for their CMS were organisations of fewer than 50 employees. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most popular reason for companies using WordPress was its ease of use, and not needing to know HTML skills. This was followed by the ability to be managed from any computer (16%) and a plethora of plugins and extended functionality (16%).

Put simply, for small businesses who don’t need a site with bells and whistles, WordPress has long been the answer, avoiding both the hassle of HTML and calling up their webmaster every time something crashed.

There were other benefits cited by the respondents, including a large – and free – support network, better SEO, and more intricate scalability. The report cites CNN and Forbes, two large news sites which rely on WordPress development tools.

In an age where developers, cloud – digital in general – is facing an ever-increasing skills gap, it’s interesting to note how WordPress is continuing to cannibalise small town developer jobs. But will this continue to be the case?

Despite this report singing its praises, WordPress hasn’t had the best week of it. Last week it was reported that a vulnerability in its MailPoet plugin led to more than 50,000 websites becoming vulnerable.

“This is not something we’re excited to report,” wrote Daniel Cid for Sucuri Security in a blog post, but it turns out the company’s initial misgivings about the severity of the issue were proved right. The backdoor creates a user name of 1001001 and proceeds to wreak havoc in the back end, overwriting good files and spreading malware.

With this, maybe it might give the small business owner more peace of mind by putting together a bespoke solution, as opposed to losing precious data.

So what solutions are there for devs if there isn’t enough work coming in already? The report examined what personal traits WordPress developers hold. According to the researchers, the average WordPress dev is likely to be liberal-minded (98%), educated to degree level (68%), likes a glass of wine (31%) and reads The Guardian (29%).

“Despite its origins as a blogging tool, WordPress has now evolved into a trusted CMS for businesses,” said Daniel Foster, technical director at 34SP.com. “The very fact it was designed as a blogging tool means that it’s simple to upload content and add pages, plus it can be managed from any computer.

“We have actually seen an increase in the number of businesses wanting to host their WordPress site with us, and our research further proves that it is continuing to gain popularity with business users,” he added.

What’s your view on this? Do you see WordPress as a threat or not? You can take a look at the full slideshow here.

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How well do Uber drivers rate you? (update)

Uber’s car service lets you rate your drivers, but it also lets them rate you. The customer might always be right, but some customers are simply jerks — and the system lets drivers know what they might be in for. Until now, there’s been no way to draw out your customer rating from the app, but with a little Javascript magic, courtesy of Aaron Landy, you can cajole Uber’s mobile site into spitting out your rating, out of 5. Log into Uber’s mobile site, then open the console (for Chrome: View – Developer – Javascript Console from the drop-down menu), and paste some javascript code in. The browser will reload, and you’ll need to paste the code again. Another reload, and a popup will offer up your user details and your passenger rating. The hack might even the odds a little: drivers have been able to see how passengers have ranked their rides for a while. It’s like leaving feedback on eBay all over again.

Update: It appears Uber noticed the sudden influx to its mobile site and has now patched the JavaScript ‘hack.’



What’s next for JavaScript?

Today, virtually all enterprises recognise that mobility is fundamental to disrupting markets and gaining a competitive advantage.

The rate at which users adopt new devices and apps, and their demand for continuous streams of innovations and updates, is driving shorter, more frequent release cycles.

JavaScript and Mobile Technologies

JavaScript has the ability to meet the demands of rapid development, whilst simultaneously maximising the user experience, making it a natural fit for mobile development platforms.

It is therefore unsurprising that both Google and Apple have exposed JavaScript application programming interfaces to their mobile development tools kits in order to expand their developer base.

JavaScript and Back End Solutions

Additionally, although not traditionally associated with server-side development, JavaScript’s swift adoption as a back end technology platform via Node.js has made its use central to mobile solutions, fuelled by the cloud.

Through the inclusion of Node.js, programmers are now able to write both frontend and backend in the same language (JavaScript), which makes its knowledge a valuable asset.

What’s next for JavaScript?

Given the evidence, there is strong rationale in believing that JavaScript will become the overriding language in the market. An open language that comes installed on every modern browser that is equally adapted to build both client and server-side apps, JavaScript appears to be an immovable force.

With the next generation of talented programmers expected to be treating JavaScript as their native language of choice its stock only seems likely to rise further.

JavaScript in the Tech Jobs Market

Those who have warmed to JavaScript early have been rightly rewarded in the jobs market as of late. Additionally, the demand from clients to find candidates capable of producing JS work that makes them worthy of the industry vanguard has increased dramatically.

The learning curve required to compete with those at the pinnacle is not insurmountable, and it should be the aspiration of any developer to work on the most challenging projects on offer- and right now those are being built in JavaScript.

JavaScript is definitely here to stay, and if you haven’t considered adding it to your toolkit yet, it’s time you did. To see more on what JavaScript is and how it has evolved, read Rohan’s previous piece on Tech City News.

Got your own question? Ask our doctors using our online form here.

This post was last updated on July 28, 2014.

Article source: http://techcitynews.com/2014/07/28/whats-next-for-javascript/

New Selfies app by creators of wordpress

The company, best known for the free blogging service WordPress.com, is about to get into the ‘selfies’ game, but not with a picture (like Ellen Degeneres) but with a new mobile app. Released a few days ago, seemingly without an official statement or press release from Automattic, Selfies is a new social app available through their official website GetSelfies.com as well as the official market for Android devices.

Although it may seem strange that a Selfies app released from a major social networking company, such as Automattic, hasn’t received the press coverage it deserves, it is not out of the ordinary. According to the FAQ found on the Selfies app official website, the company wanted to see what would happen if they just the program out there.

Working on a new photo app for Gravatar, the developers at Automattic “started having a lot of fun taking selfies” and decided to share the enjoyment with a wider audience.  Currently the Selfies app hasn’t really taken off, being downloaded somewhere in the range of 100-500, but it truly does have the potential to become huge.

Selfies App Android Free Automattic WordPress

With extremely simple controls and user interface the Selfies app lets you easily take a picture of yourself, add a caption and share it with your friends. A mix of Snapchat and Instagram, the Selfies app is the fourth experiment the Automattic company has toyed with. According to the former CEO of the company Toni Schneider, they are working on a number of cross-platform social applications and they won’t stop with the Selfies app. However, no information regarding further projects was released.

Schneider also stated that the response of the public wasn’t what they were expecting (currently with only about 100-500 downloads), thus they will be looking to adding a filtering system to the content with captions, letting people post their photos to a wider network and audience. Currently there is a single public stream of selfies in the app and you can respond with your own captioned selfies to them.

Selfies App Android Free Automattic WordPress Download

Currently the Selfies app by Automattic is only available for free for the Android mobile platform. The sole reason for this is that before it ‘morphed’ into the Selfies app, the service was intended for Gravatar and the users on their blog responded that they would like to see the photo app first on Android.

Do you believe that the Selfies app is too much or do you think it will blow up and become bigger than Instagram/Retrica? What’s next for the world of selfies?

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Article source: http://socialbarrel.com/new-selfies-app-by-creators-of-wordpress/56829/

There’s a new app for Selfies from the makers of WordPress

Selfies can be big news, whether it’s the Oscars or the Tour de France, and now anyone looking for the perfect self-portrait has a new tool to take advantage of: the Selfies app for Android, released by WordPress developers Automattic. The app is still in its early stages and the coders are asking for feedback from users to shape its direction in the future.

At the moment, the app sticks to the basics. You can take your selfie, add an appropriate filter and caption, and post it to a public stream of images. Further down the line the team is planning to add the ability to subscribe to specific feeds. You can respond to any Selfie with another image, something which the developers hope leads to “a fun back and forth” within the app.

“The app is in its infancy,” say the developers on the Selfie FAQ page. “We made an effort to find the ‘quickest time to fun’ in this app — get users to post and enjoy images right away instead of making them go through the numbing series of sign ups, logins, Facebook and Twitter connections, etc that are common in other apps.”

According to TechCrunch, the low-key launch was intentional — it’s something of an experiment from Automattic as it looks to expand beyond its core products after raising $160 million in investment in May. There’s also the option to share your photos on more established social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If the app proves to be a hit, it will appear on iOS as well.

If you’re a keen poster of photos of yourself, give the app a whirl and help contribute to its development.

Article source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/theres-new-app-selfies-makers-wordpress/

An Ultimate HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Now Available for Creating Cool …

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HTML5 Digital Magazine Software

(PRWEB) July 26, 2014

PUB HTML5 now provides different editions of HTML5 digital magazine software to meet varied needs of publishers. This gives publishers the opportunity to select the most efficient solutions for their particular needs and create interactive digital online publications.

With PUB HTML5 tools, users can upload PDF files to their cloud service at no cost. Immediately the PDF files are uploaded, they will be converted to HTML5 flip books. These HTML5 flip books will then be displayed at pubhtml5.com. The advantage of this is that there are millions of people across the world visiting this site and they will be able to read these books on any internet-enabled device such as iPad, Android devices, PC and iPhone.

PUB HTML5 is definitely one of the best digital publications software that is giving publishers incredible online experience.

There are many publishers who are already using the ultimate HTML5 digital magazine software and most of them have given positive feedback to the software. These are some of their reviews: “It is all-in-one digital publishing solution for all businesses, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals.” – Oscar Denny. “Probably the best digital publications software I’ve seen so far. I am deeply impressed by how easily you can turn a plain PDF into a 3D Virtual Book as a beginner!” – Jack.

PUB HTML5 is among the top providers of HTML5 digital publishing solutions for all kinds of businesses, individuals and organizations. They have high-tech publishing software that allows publishers to convert different printed materials, including PDF files, into digital editions by a few clicks. The PUB HTML5 tools help their customers to digitize their printed content at no extra cost. They also offer reliable technical support and help their clients get the best out of their digital publishing tools.

For more information, go to http://pubhtml5.com.

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Article source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/07/prweb12043654.htm

10 Tips for Writing Code in WordPress Posts

In this article we look at 10 tips for writing code in WordPress posts. Depending on the nature of your blog, there might be times when you want to use pieces of code (such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or JavaScript) within your posts. The challenge is to make the code appear as code without being executed.


When you look at the WordPress default editor, you have two options: Visual or HTML. If you use the Visual editor, it will look at code as ordinary text so it will convert (encode) a character into lt;. This will prevent the code from being interpreted by a web browser.

In contrast, if you use the HTML option, none of these characters are converted so if you use HTML and CSS (as an example), this code WILL be recognized by your browser and can cause real havoc with your layout.


Other factors are the version of WordPress, the post editor used, and the types of plug-ins you have on your system. Here are some solutions to the problem:

1.      1. Use code In Posts: A simple way of displaying code is to use the code tag in posts. An example is codesample text/code. With this sample the text will look like a code sample but things can get really messy if you use an actual piece of code.


2.      2. Convert Part of the Code into Character Entities or Extended Characters: To elaborate, if you use the following: codediv id=”menu2″/code, WordPress will think that the code used between the code tags is for formatting.  This could make a real mess of your layout. The way to solve the problem is to convert the symbols into HTML codes. To elaborate the “” symbol is converted into lt;. Following this logic, the code above would be rewritten as: codelt;div id=”menu2”gt;code.


3.      3. How to Write URL’s within Paragraphs: If you write text for a link like this: http://yourassetrecovery.net/?page_id=2, WordPress will turn the text into a link. To solve the problem, change the slashes “/” into extended characters.


Here’s the link rewritten accordingly: codehttp:yourassetrecovery.net?page_id=2/code.  This will solve the problem.


4.      4. Use the pre Tag: The pre tag tells the browser to use a monospaced font and to showcase what is inside the pre tags, exactly as written. If you have long lines of text, you will need to create breaks or the text will run off the page.


Here is an example:



body {

            font:13px Arial Narrow;





5.      5. Problems with Code: One problem you could run into is with the use of quotes in the text. While you could solve that using the pre or code tags, another way is to replace the quotes with their corresponding character entities. So a piece of code written as: div id=”footer”


Would be rewritten as: lt;div id: quot;footer quot; gt;


6.      6. Use Pastebin to Style Your Code: You can copy code into Pastebin and it will style your code for WordPress.


            The upper section of this screen shot is what the code will look like in a WordPress post.


            The actual post in WordPress.

7.      7. Turn the Code into an Image: A simple way of dealing with the problem is to use a program like Techsmith SnagIt to create a screen capture of the code. You can load the image into the post and it won’t trigger any of the problems discussed above.


Here is an example using Adobe Dreamweaver. While a screen capture can preserve code highlighting, it has also produced a microscopic result because of a long line of text. This is easily fixed by changing the size of the user interface then copying the text.


Here is the result.

8.      8. Use GitHub Gist: This is a simple way to share code with others.




Name the file, choose the language, paste in the code, leave ACE Editor enabled, choose the style of indent (2, 4, or 8) and click on either Create secret Gist or Create Public Gist.




The page where you can download the Gist.


9.      9. Make Use of HTML Codes: Check out the HTML Codes page for characters and symbols.




Here is a sample of what you can expect to find.


10 10. Use Fun Character Entities: In this section is a link to more Character Entities, which can look strange on your page. These are bits of code which your browser interprets as symbols.


Here is a sampling of these.



As you can see, setting your code to display properly in WordPress can be a challenge. We have covered many things you can do and in the resources section below there are plug-ins and more which you can access. With these tools your code display problems should be a thing of the past.


Resources and Plug-Ins

·         Writing Code in Your Posts

·         How to Display Code in WordPress Posts

·         TinyMCE Advanced

·         9 Syntax Highlighter Plug-Ins and Services

Article source: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/html5/other/10-tips-for-writing-code-in-wordpress-posts.html

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  • Building mobile app UI with jQuery Mobile using the visual builder
  • Connecting to cloud database
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  • Adding new employe
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Monaca Updates its Mobile App HTML5 UI Framework Now with jQuery Support

About the author: REGEV YATIV

As president and chief executive officer for Magic Software Enterprises, Inc., Regev Yativ is responsible for the company’s business operations in the Americas (North America, Canada and Latin America). Prior to his appointment in January 2008, Regev served as Senior Vice President of international sales for Magic Software. In this position, Regev was responsible for Magic offices and operations in Europe and Japan, and managed the Distribution Network team in charge of Asia Pacific, Latin America and South Africa, guiding Magic Software’s significant growth in those regions.

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WordPress Under Attack Again

The open-source WordPress blog and content management system (CMS) software is widely deployed and is increasingly being targeted by attackers too.

The root cause of a WordPress vulnerability more often than not is an exploitable plug-in, which is what’s going on now with the MailPoet WordPress plug-in. Security researcher Daniel Cid of security firm Sucuri is reporting that a vulnerable MailPoet plug-in is the entry point for malware that is infecting even sites that don’t have MailPoet installed.

The MailPoet vulnerability could enable an attacker to inject arbitrary code on a WordPress server. The security issue reported by Sucuri was fixed in MailPoet version 2.6.7, which was released on July 1.

“To be clear, the MailPoet vulnerability is the entry point, it doesn’t mean your website has to have it enabled or that you have it on the website; if it resides on the server, in a neighboring website, it can still affect your website,” Cid wrote in a blog post. “All the hacked sites were either using MailPoet or had it installed on another site within the same shared account (cross-contamination still matters).”

According to Cid, MailPoet has nearly two million downloads, so the risk of exploitation is high for users that have not yet patched MailPoet.

Looking beyond the MailPoet issue and the risk of unpatched WordPress plug-ins, there is also an ongoing brute force attack against WordPress blogs. In a brute force attack, the hackers try to gain access to a site by automatically trying out a myriad of username and password combinations. The new WordPress brute force attack is a variation on an attack first reported back in March that leverages the XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call) pingback functionality in WordPress to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

According to researchers at the SANS Institute Internet Storm Center, attackers are once again attempting to exploit XML-RPC in WordPress. In the March incident, the attackers were abusing the pingback functionality provided by XML-RPC, which is legitimately used within WordPress to enable content owners to track where their content is getting linked. In the new incident, attackers are abusing the “wp.getUsersBlogs” function, which is intended to provide an administrator with a list of blogs.

There are a number of things that WordPress site administrators can do to limit the risks of the recent round of attacks. The first and most obvious recommendation is to make sure that all plug-ins are updated and fully patched. WordPress also provides a helpful guide on Hardening WordPress that can help mitigate the risk of the brute force attacks.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at eWEEK and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.


Article source: http://www.eweek.com/blogs/security-watch/wordpress-under-attack-again.html